US says St. Lucia gov’t must take all “necessary corrective steps” on police human rights violations

US says St. Lucia gov’t must take all “necessary corrective steps” on police human rights violations
Combat Rescue Officer Capt. Travis Shepard, center, conducts buddy checks on rappelling harnesses to members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force's Special Service Unit on June 1, 2009, during a subject matter expert exchange on mountaineering and high angle recovery rescue procedures during Operation Southern Partner, La Toc, St. Lucia.
Combat Rescue Officer Capt. Travis Shepard, center, conducts buddy checks on rappelling harnesses to members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force's Special Service Unit on June 1, 2009, during a subject matter expert exchange on mountaineering and high angle recovery rescue procedures during Operation Southern Partner, La Toc, St. Lucia.
Combat Rescue Officer Capt. Travis Shepard, center, conducts checks on rappelling harnesses to members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force’s Special Service Unit on June 1, 2009, during a subject matter expert exchange on mountaineering and high angle recovery rescue procedures during Operation Southern Partner, La Toc, St. Lucia.

The United States (US) Government has said it will remove sanctions on the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RLPF) when the Government of Saint Lucia has shown “evidence” that the Force has corrected its human rights violations,  according to Yolonda Kerney, the US Embassy Bridgetown’s public affairs officer and Embassy spokesperson.

Kerney made the remarks in response to questions submitted to the US Embassy in Barbados by St. Lucia News Online (SNO), inquiring about news last week that an officer involved in the Operation Restore Confidence (ORC) task force – which is accused of extra-judicial killings – was prevented from travelling to the US.

According to the senior law enforcement source, who requested anonymity, the police officer was scheduled to attend a family event in New York, but when he checked in with the airline on August 5, he was told he couldn’t travel based on instructions from the US Embassy.

The cop was advised to contact the US Embassy for more information, the source added.

“The officer noted that while at the airport he saw another police officer who was travelling to the US and he had no problems,” the source added.

SNO inquired from the US whether the officer in question was barred due to his involvement in ORC and whether the names of officers involved in ORC were submitted to the US government.

In response, Kerney said: “The U.S. Embassy does not comment on the interview process, issuance, status, or revocation of visas. As Prime Minister Anthony noted in his March 2015 address on IMPACS report, the Government of the United States of America did invoke provisions of the Leahy Law following the publication of its 2011 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in St. Lucia.”

Kerney continued: “In 2014, Prime Minister Anthony announced that the IMPACS team would investigate allegations of unlawful police killings as outlined in the 2011 Country Report on Human Rights Practices in St. Lucia. Upon review of the IMPACS report, Prime Minister Anthony characterized the findings of the report as “extremely damning,” and noted that the IMPACS investigators recommended that “All police officers involved in the unlawful killings of citizens in respect of the files reviewed must be prosecuted.”

The spokesperson added: “The Government of the United States of America will rescind Leahy Law sanctions when it has evidence that the Government of St. Lucia has taken all necessary corrective steps.”

The Leahy Law is a US human rights law – named after its main sponsor Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont – that prohibits the US Department of State and Department of Defense from providing military assistance to foreign military units that violate human rights with impunity, according to Wikipedia.

SNO also contacted the Press Office of the RSLPF about the officer’s travel restrictions but was told that the Commissioner of Police will not comment on the issue.

Meanwhile, the police officer, who was denied entry last week, is the third known member of the RSLPF to have been denied entry to the US.

The visa of former Deputy Commissioner of Police Moses Charles, who was in charge of operations when the alleged extra judicial killings occurred, was revoked.

Commissioner of Police Vernon Francois, who is now being retired from the Force,  was denied entry to the US to attend security meetings with officials of the United States, though his visa was not revoked.


Between 2010 and 2011, 12 persons were killed during encounters with officers of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. The alleged extra-judicial killings occurred during “Operation Restore Confidence” – an initiative then Prime Minister Stephenson King announced on May 30, 2010 in an address to the nation.

The police operation was in response to an unprecedented wave of homicides and violent crimes between 2008 and 2010, particularly in the northern half of the island.

However the shootings resulted in a backlash for St. Lucia. The United States (US), citing human rights concerns, took action against the St. Lucia police force and the government.

The US ceased all financial and technical assistance to the St. Lucia Coast Guard. In addition, the Government of St. Lucia was banned from purchasing ammunition from the US for its American-made weapons.

Members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force could no longer participate in any training programme sponsored or financed by the United States. Police officers were also denied participation in training activities in the Regional Security System (RSS), once the training programme was sponsored or financed by the United States.

Responding to the US sanctions, the government secured, through the CARICOM Implementation Agency for Crime and Security (IMPACS), the services of a team of investigators from the Jamaican Constabulary Force to investigate all instances of alleged “extra judicial killings” by members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

The team comprised eight investigators including a ballistic expert, a legal advisor, a data entry specialist, a cyber-crime analyst, and detective investigators.

In a 27-minute address to the nation on March 8, 2015,  Prime Minister Anthony  released the main findings of the IMPACS investigation, confirming that the force worked from a “black list or death list” of persons deemed criminals and officers staged all shooting-death sites to legitimise their actions.

Prime Minister Anthony said the report of the investigators are “extremely damning” and “brings home the extreme gravity of this matter”. He said these findings relate not only to those officers who were involved in the operations, but members of the “high command of the police force” who may have been involved in “covering up these matters”.

Dr. Anthony explained: “The report confirms that the black list or death list referenced by the media, human rights organisations, victims, families and citizens alike did exist. More alarmingly, the investigators report that all the shootings reviewed were fake encounters staged by the police to legitimise their actions.”


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  1. If the report fingered corrupt business persons and politicians, how many, if any have been denied entry into the US? Or were their involvement omitted from the copy sent to the US? Which begs the question is the report referenced by the PM the same one sent to the DPP or the US? WE haven't seen an official copy so how can we tell. With so many allegations of falsified documents now floating around nowadays. Besides the PM himself has indicated that he edited the report, which one? How? And St. Lucians call themselves bright!!!


  2. THEN WHY NOT TELL THE US TO FIX ITS ECONOMIC PROBLEM AT HOME BEFORE LOOKING TO GIVE US ANY ASSISTANCE. St. Lucians are begining to be more self serving than the politicians that have abused them. The US did nothing to St. Lucia but withdrew its assistance and restricted its borders. Since when dats your role to tell the US what to do with its money. EH-dis-quay. St. Lucians are ridiculous. The Us is only challenging your PM on an allegation that he made, are you disinterested in finding out whether it was all made up? With all the allegations of false documents and US Embassy bribery. Come on.


  3. In the safety of your holes yes holes you boast out loud making ridiculous speeches to things you know not about, if cornered and confronted you cry out like frightful children of the night, you cry out for help because you are too weak to face the ongoing slaughter, when help is given you suddenly become brave selfish, proud and arrogant turning on each other like Jackals do, no sense of honor, your reasoning is flawed which means the truth eludes you so you promote hatred giving you a moment of egotistic power in your writing, oh my St. Lucia how my heart greaves to the early years, when your sense of pride and citizenship echoed around the globe we were the children of the land the people the light sadly we are now a race of immigrants strange faces other minds, will the real Lucian stand up and be counted, sadly no more, even that moment will pass. Yes even that moment will pass.


  4. Jerryspringer and bra,both of you went to schools of mules.All you do is to sit there and wait like a lion.What contribution are you making that is better than other people?If you are more educated stopped wasting your time challenging what other people has to say by venting their oppinions.Go and take a sea-bathe.


  5. Listen up people the Us is not agaisnt the police doing their job, all they are saying is that the deadly force used is wrong, of course everyone has rights before you kill someone unless if you're attack, you must read out to them the MIRANDA RiGHT, that's what they're against, there are other ways to do stuff before taking someone life, first and foremost the government have to send the police on exchange programs or seminars to know how to handle crime in the country, its highly wrong to walk up to someone and shoot, but I think that the police is trying eradicate gun violence that why the government not giving a damn with what's going on, they're just laid back.


  6. Oh my God are we a dependent? Or will the US will they take us out of the holes we are now $$$$...... well tell us if the US and their laws are higher than our St Lucia law. Seven of the twelve cases have been done and were worn by the police does that count for them? This is going too far; they would know who worked when deal with it that way and cut having every one in the same boat. It is unfair that all the members of the force not knowing where they stand expect they toe the US/Jamaican rules. The BEST commissioner of police we have see in a few years. I am lost ... but I want MY country back.


  7. American flexing their corporate muscles like a guy once said. He who have no sins casts the first stone! Up to a day like today the USA remain bullies. You who made a comment agreeing to the Americans, please go back and read how many persons under the US Police care who end up dead. This woman who was pulled over for changing lanes without indicating ended up dead. No answer! I will not go any further, do your research…I have no interest in visiting or going to America, why are they such bullies? And poor Kenny have to subdue to big bad america!! I am sorry!


  8. Its nice that the US offers to help the RSLPF but with all the useless killing of black people all over the United states of America they need to fix their shit first before trying to police the world.


  9. United States of America, fix your own issues before you start criticizing us. You are the biggest warmongers that exist in the world today not to mention your domestic issues. How many minorities have to die before your excuse of a President realizes that this is wrong. Go to Kenya to tell the people what to do but you have no idea what to do with your country. RIDICULOUS !!!


  10. They should never remove the sanctions. Government corrupt police corrupt they should put sanctions on them both not one


  11. Let's forget the US here for a minute. Wrong is wrong. Do you people condone what those corrupt policemen and women did? I would not only discipline the police. It was already set in stone by senators and other members of palerment. They too are just as guilty as the police who pulled the trigger. We need justice here people, wrong is wrong. Get it right


  12. The police shootings in the USA Was Not Stage, But Those Killings IN StLucia was stage by the RSLPF there is a big difference, luring someone to a specific place knowing that you are going to kill him is not the right thing to do I don't care whether the person is a criminal or not arrest him and take him to the court of law. That's where the problems lies with the RSLPF they shut them up for a reason dirty cops. Justice for those they killed.jah


  13. say the killings in St.Lucia was sanctioned by the government. It was deemed so because it was done by the Police which is an arm of the state. It does not mean that the government come together and decided to do those killings.


  14. pure bull shit. the USA want to tell us what to do with this officer. what have they done with the officers in the USA who have killed the poor blackmen in last than a year. they were not armed they were not gang related. and this officer are not jailed all the do is leave the force some of them are still at work getting a pay check. most recent shotting is not even a week old a police killed the football player. u cant clean your house but u want to tell somone how to clean their. kenny and his asshole will go with the USA requested all officer here should put their gun and uniform down lets see what happens. why are we celebrating indepedance every year choooops.


  15. Hey ex police. The killings in the U.S. Are not sanctioned by the the U.S. Gov. The ones in St Lucia were.


  16. Yet still the United States sends military aid in the form of helicopters and tanks to Egypt when it's own State Department report condemns that country for egregious human rights violations


  17. If I were the St. Lucian Government I would send the US a list of American Police officers and chief of police that are banned from entering St. Lucia until they clean up their human rights records of police killing innocent citizens!! This would be a way of making a statement if nothing else!


  18. So why should the United States borrow money to give to St.Lucia only to have that money used for state sanctioned murder? If St.Lucia wants to endorse such activities they should use their own money to do so and not aid from other countries. If US security is corrupt, they use their own money to do so and not foreign aid. If you don't like the US that much because of how "corrupt" they are, stay out of the people country. They can be hypocrites with their own money and I don't blame them one bit


  19. During our Teachers College days, if some of us merely agreed with a action we would be called 'yankee Stooge' by K.A. and his so-called revolutionary friends.

    Today, the Yankees are holding a rope with him at the other end.


  20. To be honest,i agree with the US.Stop comparing what is taking place in the US between the blacks and White police officers.We are a very small country compared to thee US.We never had civil rights movements in St.lucia with people like Martin Luther King or Malchom X.Our local police officers are treating its people the same way as those white police officers in America.There was someone before attacking me when i said that,our police officers are dirty not in clothing but in their heart.My problems cannot be bigger than the police in that regard.I don't have no mental issues that can be any deterant in my speech against our local police officers.You cannot hang a person who is under your protection inside of a lock up station.Searching people on the Airport because the person has dreadlocks.Or according to what our prime minister said early they are treating people with hatred.These are human rights issues which should be address before thee Americans can remove those sanctions on our police force.That makes a lot of sense and i fully agree! I would of also have the English,Canada,Australia,Germany,etc prevent our police officers from travelling to those countries the same way as the US.




  22. It goes to show you no island is independent on it own you have to someone which we All know us of a..............wake up st.lucia leaders wake up your actions have consequences for all wake up stop sleeping the world is watching.


  23. Lists of killings[edit]
    List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2015 (listed: 313)
    List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2014 (listed: 623)
    List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2013 (listed: 337)
    List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2012 (listed: 602)
    List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2011 (listed: 166)
    List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2010 (listed: 284)
    List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States, 2009 (listed: 62)
    List of killings by law enforcement officers in the United States prior to 2009 (listed: 213) ask the USA if all these killing by police justify, and didnt violate human rights


    • Their (The U.S.) audacity knows no bounds!! Who are you, US, to speak of police brutality towards civilians, especially blacks. NO SHAME AT ALL...whoa!!


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