US: Professor teaches three-hour class with student’s baby on her back

US: Professor teaches three-hour class with student’s baby on her back
Dr. Ramata Sissoko Cissé
Dr. Ramata Sissoko Cissé

(FOX NEWS) — One empathetic college professor in Georgia has been praised as a “saint” after giving a helping hand to one of her students who unexpectedly couldn’t find a sitter for her young son during an 8 a.m. biology class.

Taking matters — and the child — into her own hands, the professor carried the boy on her back for the duration of the three-hour lecture so the baby’s mother could focus on the course.

Though the educator’s good deed has gone massively viral on Twitter, her daughter said that the act of kindness is just one small example of how big her mom’s heart is.

Dr. Ramata Sissoko Cissé is an assistant professor of biology for anatomy and physiology at Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, Yahoo Lifestyle reported, and knew just what to say when a student contacted her on Sept. 18, anxious that she couldn’t find a sitter for their morning class the next day.

“She asked if she could bring the baby with her to class because she had missed a class already and did not want to be behind,” Cissé, 51, told the outlet.

“I know the student is very smart and ambitious. She really wanted to learn.”

Without missing a beat, the following morning the professor offered to hold the young woman’s son when she saw her struggling to take notes during the three-hour lecture with her baby on her lap.

According to Cissé, it was simply her “mother’s instincts” that kicked in.

“In my native Mali, we used sheets and other pieces of fabric to securely carry babies on our backs,” she said. “My natural instinct was to find a way to secure the baby and I was standing next to a rack with a clean lab coat.”

The little guy was safely strapped to the teacher’s back, where he peacefully slept for nearly the whole class.

Moved by the story, Cissé’s daughter Anna took to Twitter later that day to share a heartwarming photo of her mom’s good deed.

“My mom is my role model. Her student couldn’t find a babysitter today & being the true African mother that she is, taught a THREE hour class with the baby on her back & fed him,” she said.

“I’m so blessed to be raised by a woman who loves the world as much as her own children,” Anna added.

In the days since, the touching image has since gone viral with over 11,000 shares and 58,000 likes, with many of Cissé’s students chiming in to sing the praises of the caring professor.

Anna, meanwhile, said the story is just one “authentic” example of her parent’s compassionate nature.

“She cares about a stranger on the street in the same way that she cares about her dearest friend,” Anna, a student at the University of Georgia, told Fox 5 DC.

“Her love doesn’t discriminate and if you have ever interacted with her, you’ll know that.

“She feels as if that is the natural reaction that anyone would have when put in that situation. And I think her reaction speaks to her character more authentically than anything I could describe.”

Despite all the hype, Cissé said that pitching in to help her student was simply the right thing to do.

“My decision to help out this student was driven by the school culture with a student’s success being foremost. We do all we can for the student to be successful,” she told Yahoo.

“I did not want to see her struggling, because as a mother, I know how hard it could be.”


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