US: Married couple die from coronavirus days apart

US: Married couple die from coronavirus days apart
Phillip Tsai-Brooks, left, and Live Oak Councilman Anthony Brooks.
Phillip Tsai-Brooks, left, and Live Oak Councilman Anthony Brooks.

(NEW YORK DAILY NEWS) — Anthony Brooks, a military veteran and local Texas councilman, died of complications from coronavirus last week, just two days after his husband of six years, Phillip Tsai-Brooks, also lost his life to the disease.

Now, their family is speaking out about the couple’s deaths to warn others that even the seemingly healthy and relatively young can be unexpectedly killed by COVID-19.

“There are two family members we will miss, and will never get back,” Robert Tsai, one of Phillip’s brothers, said to WOAI-TV. “It’s not worth going out and socializing and risking that chance of getting it.”

Back in the middle of March, the 52-year-old Anthony returned from out of town feeling sick, but didn’t take much note of it. A few days later, the 42-year-old Phillip also began to feel sick, and over the next few weeks, both of their conditions worsened. Eventually the two men were both put on ventilators. On Easter Sunday, Phillip’s heart stopped, and on Tuesday evening, Anthony died, too.

“Tony Brooks and Phillip Tsai loved each other so much, and they left this world together,” another one of Phillip’s brothers, Alfred, said to the San Antonio Express-News. “It’s a love story that ended too soon in this world, but in heaven, it will last for eternity.”

Adding to the tragedy is the impact of social distancing measures on the grieving process. Phillip’s mother, who lived with the couple, remains isolated in the house as she recovers from her own case of coronavirus.

“It’s very hard,” Alfred said to WOAI. “We had to arrange for my other brothers that live in San Antonio to stand outside the house while we tell her the news. That’s the heartbreaking side. We can’t go in. My brothers can’t go in and comfort her. She’s standing in the doorway crying.”


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