US group wants Saint Lucian Botham Jean named a national hero

US group wants Saint Lucian Botham Jean named a national hero
Botham Jean, left, and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.
Botham Jean, left, and Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

(CMC) – A Brooklyn, New York-based group is urging the Prime Minister of St. Lucia Allen Chastanet to name slain St. Lucian national Botham Shem Jean a national hero.

Jean, 26, was killed by white female police officer Amber Guyger in his home in Dallas, Texas on September 6.

In a letter to Chastanet, a copy of which was made available to the Caribbean Media Corporation, the Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) said – “Botham is a hero who was killed senselessly by a coward with no value for the lives of different human being. He will forever be a symbol in America for justice against police violence, and for equality, human rights and dignity,” the letter says. “He, therefore, deserves a place in the pantheon of St. Lucian and Caribbean icons.

“Consequently, CGID strongly urges, Honorable Prime Minister, that your government and the Parliament of St. Lucia, to name Botham Shem Jean a national hero of St. Lucia,” the letter adds.

Four days after Caribbean community leaders and members of the clergy in New York demanded justice for Jean, the Dallas police chief fired Guyger.

“Dallas Police Chief U. Reneé Hall terminated Police Officer Amber Guyger, #10702, during a hearing held September 24, 2018,” said the Dallas Police Department in a tweet.

“An Internal Affairs investigation concluded that on September 9, 2018, Officer Guyger, #10702, engaged in adverse conduct when she was arrested for manslaughter,” it added.

“Officer Guyger was terminated for her actions,” it continued. “She was hired in November 2013 and was assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division.”

While the statement offered no new light on Jean’s murder, it came the same day that Jean was funeralized in his native land.

Guyger claimed she took Jean’s apartment for her own and entered by mistake.

Dallas police consequently issued a warrant for Guyger’s arrest for manslaughter and subsequently handed the investigation over to the Texas State police, the Texas Rangers, the highest law enforcement authority in the state.

Guyger was charged with manslaughter after turning herself in to the Texas Rangers.

In its letter to Chastanet, signed by CGID president, Guyanese-born Rickford Burke, said the organisation “became convinced that Botham was a victim of the epidemic of white law enforcement officers killing innocent blacks.”

It says “prima facie evidence established that officer Guyger was negligent, reckless and demonstrated depraved indifference to human life; resulting in Botham’s murder.”

“Decency and success characterized Botham’s life,” CGID writes, stating that he was “the top student of his high school, earning the Spirit of St. Lucia Academic Award.”

Jean attended the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, in Castries, before migrating to the US in 2011 to study accounting and management information systems at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas.

After a brief internship, and graduation from college, CGID says Jean accepted a permanent job in the Dallas office of Auditing Firm, Price Waterhouse Coopers in 2015.

At the time of his death, he was a risk assurance associate at Price Waterhouse Coopers.

“Undoubtedly, he was a young man of integrity who is worthy of emulation,” CGID writes. “He accomplished so much in the 26 years of his life, but had barely begun to live. He had so much more to offer to the world. Yet, he was cut down so senselessly by police violence.

“We cannot allow Botham’s death to be in vain,” CGID adds. “While we fight, in his memory, to convince the United States Congress to reform laws governing authorization of the use of force by law enforcement officers, we believe that additional initiatives should be taken to ensure Botham’s name and legacy live on.”


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  1. Hero, no. Unfortunate victim, yes. This proposal for a "hero" designation would demean actual heroes. This man did nothing heroic, but those who knowingly placed their lives on the line for a noble cause - like NYC firefighters going into the WTC on 9/11 to save people - are true heroes. Or maybe those on United Flight 93 who sacrificed their lives to prevent that airliner from crashing into a building... real heroes. I am saddened that Botham Jean was killed, but a bunch of you people need to let go of the police brutality thing, the police conspiracy against blacks thing, and the guilt by accusation thing. It was a vey, very tragic mistake - nothing more. Most of you won't remember Botham Jean's name in five or ten years. Ms. Guyger will suffer the pain that her mistake took an innocent person's life for the rest of her life.


  2. People let's settle down Abit,I don't know the young man personally,he sounds almost perfect,well rounded young man,good job parents,but National Hero,I think we are taking this a bit far now,what has To done to deserve this honour? of what benifite is his death to St.Lucia?of to the every day St.Lucian?I believe none at all,yes he was all that, but I don't think he deserves the honor of National Hero.


  3. #QPosts. Come on media just keep on putting out any old stupid shit for the low IQ folks to go along with it.


  4. It's a great initiative! This guy is representing every st.lucian young males and even every schoolchild following the straight and narrow with excellence...every parents dream to see their kid excel with straight A,s,attend some university getting some wonderful job making some good money etc.basically this cudda be anyone's child getting killed for a cause that has the venom to try to justify the wrongful deaths by white police officers on unarmed he is some type of a hero as the poster boy for every st.lucian male and also every black person in the world.he didn't physically fight but even in death he spiritually lets acknowledge honour and respect.


  5. Who' s pushing this political bs? Is this article from CMC where one SLP associate - M Alphonse works? Say no more...


  6. No problem in making him a hero if he is deserving of it. However, we need to wait. We need to wait till all the facts are released. We still do not know everything about Bo. If we believe that Amber Guyger is lying, and his door was not ajar, then he opened it to let her in. She looks like a drug addict, and weed was found in his apartment, we need to wait a little longer when all the court cases are complete. His Pastor said that Bo had immigration issues. People with immigration issues go to great lengths to remain in the US. Do you remember Bruce Tucker. Please let us wait for all court cases to be completed. Only then will we be able to separate the sheep from the goat.


  7. We always seem to miss the big picture just like our leaders who have very limited vision, if any. We fail to see the consequences of giving up our land, for horse shit and we now faiingl to see that this wrongful death is a grave human right violation which has lightened the world and which can be a guiding light for future generations. The heroism is not in what he did, but what he did not do.


  8. I think its fake news. the guy left here at 19, he did not even want to attend our University of the West Indies.

    I heard his professor say he wanted to be a Minister for the church but I heard a family member say he wanted to some day come back in politics as a minister. smh. let him rest in peace and let us pray he gets justice for wrongfully being gun down at his home.

    As a Christian society we dont push the race issue nor do we call people devils...its evident, look we have a white man as our prime minister and we embrace "toes" every Kweyole and new year... woy me jab la.


    • Her son was murdered in what seems a diabolical situation. This mother has every right to express her outrage in language that capsulate her feelings. What has happened to Botham confounds reason or logic. And if this mother sees his perpetrator as the ‘devil’ incarnate to commit such evil let the court disabuse her of that thinking. God forbid if one of you children was slain in similar manner, would you carry yourself in grief with Christian dignity, word perfect in the full glare of the media and caring for everyone’s sensibility? I am a mere mortal and would struggle to handle myself as well as his mother, Alison.


      • 1. There is no such thing as Christian Dignity. That's nonsense
        2. What diabolical situation? This seems to be a mistake nothing more.


  9. They are obviously trying to use the national hero nonsense to further their agenda in the USA so that it can add profile to their cause whatever it is . It's unfortunate that he had to die like that but a hero he is not..... I will be surprised if his wicked mother, the former CARILEC ceo and Government PS doesn't push for this hero nonsense. She had always been a dirty, political SLP hack who fired people at CARILEC just to usher in her political bosses family members. Alison just shut up for a moment and let justice take its course.


    • Well there is an old saying what goes around comes around and karma is a mother 4ker. It pays to be nice with one another especially when we have a little position we must NEVER look down at the less fortunate my Prime Minister is not as stupid as some people think so this Hero thing will NEVER happen.General pig you tell it like it is BRAVO.


  10. People I think the reason they consider him a hero is because of what his tragic death has and may accomplish in the future. His name will always be remembered and associated with police brutality. Laws may be changed because of his killing. Foundations and scholarships have already been set up in his name. His name and his murder was discussed and reported around the world. This has raised awareness for the island. I mean seriously laws may change that will see police approach and treat black men differently across America.
    Botham may one day become as famous as MLK or Malcolm X so yes I see where they are coming from in making the request to make him a national hero.


    • Black people don't get shot by white cops in St. Lucia. Ergo this has no bearing on this country. If the US wants to make him a hero, then sure.


    • No. He will be forgotten in a couple of years. Especially once the evidence shows that it was a mistake and not police brutality.


  11. national hero of what.when we have young men dying in st lucia too. prime minster chastanet. I need justice for my son too .


  12. There's that song that was sang by George jones, that says hero's Dont die. How can someone that's already dead is a hero. After he was shot wrongfully really.


  13. Living one’s life and being slaughtered in the process cannot be equated to heroism. Botham was unaware that that fatal night he was pitted against a municipality. It is the task ahead to get justice from a system which is blind to the slaying of black citizens that will sorely test the mettle of family, friends and legal teams, with countless personal sacrifices and losses, remaining resilient, finding funds to maintain the fight, and possibly after years of fighting a successful outcome might be achieve and that will be a heroic feat comprising of many heroes.


  14. We grieve with him family, his friends, his people, the Jean's not the Mother are wonderful people from La Clery loved by all. But we are taking this things too far. We must demand justice but what makes him a hero, how many people outside of his immediate circle knew him, his mother leaves a lot to be desired cantankerous public servant who had traumatized the lives of many many people during her time in the public service all of a sudden we want to canonize him NO. Let him rest in peace and ask his mother to ask for forgiveness from the traumatized public servants.


  15. Thats whats wrong with America always sticking there nose in other vountries business. Your in put means nothing to those other countries.


  16. You people need to stay the hell out of other countrys business. Your take on anything of another country means noyhing.


  17. So he becomes a hero for what exactly??? So many people with bachelors degrees in accounting and more and they are treated like nothing. Because he has the right last name suddenly he should be elevated so? These people taking their jokes too far and showing their narcicistic ways. Smfh ah national hero!


  18. National Hero........Don't you all think we are taking this a little too far? I know he's a son of the soil but a National Hero he's not,I know you all will curse my azz as much as you want but please educate your self about a National Hero let Bo Rest In Eternal Peace.


    • What makes matters worse, the man died from an accidental killing. But racially motivated people want to make the man a hero to make it look like what was done was an injustice. Some people just want anarchy.


      • This incident did not happen in a hermetically sealed environment free of racism present or historic. You, an outsider who is ignorant of the historical and political reality of Blacks in America or who has (white) privilege that obscure your perception, will find it difficult to understand or empathise with the victimhood which Botham has been cast. If justice does not prevail the ramification of this officer’s action will impact negatively on every black person in America or black person coming to America.


  19. Name an ex-patriot a national hero? We do enough to kiss white people's ass here in St. Lucia, the last message we want send are national heroes leave their homeland to enrich other nations.

    Thanks but a lot of people have died on this soil from injustices who are far more deserving, such as Mikey Fedee who tried to stop the ambitions of corrupt individuals while setting an example the rest of the civil service need to emulate to boost the economic fortunes of the country.


  20. You see you all there making up shat stories. Check yourself. If you have nothing to do, maybe learn to REED and RITE jackasses. Just make up your nonsense n you n that PM that travels the world on lucia's dollars can continue to sink the place.


    • @Timothy........Thanks for a belly full with laughter you too fast to write see who's the jackass now sack way in wo wa bava ha ha ha.


  21. Jean has made great strides for a man of his Age but how can we add him to National icons, so many has done so much and has not been recognised. Our hats off his family butwe can find other ways to mark his life here. LET US FIGHT FOR HIS JUSTICE.


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