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US Embassy issues statement on reasons for deportation

By US Embassy

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Prime Minister Chastanet

Prime Minister Chastanet

PRESS RELEASE – The United States government only deports convicted criminals back to their country of origin in consultation with that country’s government.

In the case of Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, U.S. Embassy Bridgetown sends a letter to local police or other relevant local authorities informing them of the crime for which the individual is being deported, all pertinent information about the logistics of their return, and how local law enforcement can receive more detailed information regarding the criminal history of the individual.

The lead U.S. government agency conducting deportations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), is focused on smart, effective immigration enforcement that prioritizes threats to national security, public safety, and border security. More detail on the agency’s enforcement priorities can be found in the memorandum available for review at this link at

It is the view of the United States that each country has an international obligation to accept the return of its nationals who are not eligible to remain in the United States or any other country.

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  1. I note with special interest that there are a number of persons on this posts giving thumbs down to comments, however, they present no arguments favoring their views. Do we have a case of "sour grapes" on our hands and people opposing for opposing sake? Remember it is your country, your life, your children, your family that you are opposing in favor of another country.

    We have to give right where right is. If the US cautions us as to a bad thing that we are doing to ourselves (or others) or our interests we have to accept that advice. However, just accepting what they say on things that affects us can only be to OUR detriment. America will always be for Americans regardless whether we have close ties with them or not. It is in our interest at this present time to have close links with them because I don't think we receive any barrels from China, Russia or Venezuela. However, that does not take away the right for us to say something when it affects us.

    The US has not issued any favorable press releases concerning the region in a long time, however, they have issued two publicity releases in a month. Good going Chastanet.

  2. just because the it is put in a statement doesnt mean it happens. I know for a fact a cousin of mine was deported for drug trafficking. he served his time was deported. he works in the port police now.
    if it was being done by the embassy, I know the SLP would have issued a statement saying chas was wrong on that part. now the embassy seems to want to make us think they clean like a whistle.
    you damn well know we MUST accept them why would you go through the trouble of informing little us why u sending our package back to us. you simply send them back. full stop. no questions asked

  3. "American Citizen"

    The US Embassy will say whatever they want to defend their mess (what else are they going to do, but defend). The PM is most definitely correct. Some of those criminals were bred and created in the US. Those are being returned to a country they do not even know. What makes it right if someone came to the US at age 5 or younger, grows up to be criminal, created by the slackness of the American system, then returned to the Caribbean just because that person was born there. Now, the Caribbean has to deal with Americas mess. They justify deporting these criminals because that's what they do, but does that make it right? We may have to accept the practice, but do we have to like it? We definitely should not help them defend it.
    There certainly are instances where criminals should be returned to their country of citizenship.

  4. It is the view of the United States that each country has an international obligation to accept the return of its nationals who are not eligible to remain in the United States or any other country.

    actually it is not everywhere accepted.
    at present the EU having difficulties to deport criminals because the home country refuses to take them back.

  5. Yes, and it is very hot in Antarctica right now.

  6. I hope the US is prepared for ISIS and ISIL. While they busy sending "Deportees" home for committed or not, their country is going down the drain. People all over the world know the US has a nasty habit/history of arresting black people in america whether american or not, whether they legitimately committed a crime or not. Let them continue watch black ppl and other country's business while telling them how to govern, what to do etc. Pretty soon they will not be able to handle their own business!


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