US: Chilling last words of dad who jumped in front of train with daughter in arms

US: Chilling last words of dad who jumped in front of train with daughter in arms
Fernando . * BelbuenaFacebook
Fernando Belbuena * Facebook

(NEW YORK POST) — The Bronx mom whose husband jumped in front of an oncoming subway train with their 5-year-old daughter in his arms — killing himself, but miraculously not the tot — on Tuesday revealed his haunting final words to her: “With God, with God. Here comes the train.”

Fernando Balbuena, 45, spoke those chilling last words to wife Niurka Caraballo in a phone conversation that sent her running out of the couple’s Grand Concourse home to the nearby Kingsbridge Road station Monday morning, only to find it was too late.

“They [witnesses] speculate he was fighting with someone on the phone, but the only person he was on the phone with was me,” Caraballo, 41, said on Tuesday. “The last thing he said was, ‘With God, with God. Here comes the train.’”

At that moment, Balbuena scooped the couple’s daughter, Ferni, up into his arms and leaped into the path of a southbound 4 train.

Balbuena died, but his daughter escaped virtually unscathed and was able to crawl along the trackbed to the outstretched arm of a good Samaritan.

“They are calling her the miracle girl,” said Caraballo of Ferni. “My daughter was reborn yesterday.”

Though she’s physically fine, Ferni is yet to process exactly what happened, asking for her dad and believing he might still walk through the door.

“Ferni was very close to him,” said Caraballo. “After what happened, she is saying, ‘Daddy is in the hospital. He hurt his stomach.’”

Caraballo acknowledged Balbuena’s long-running battle with depression but said he was on medication and that Monday’s act stunned those who knew him.

“My husband is a serious man, responsible, quiet and reserved,” she said. “He was in treatment, he took his medication. We are all in shock.”


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