US 2015 human rights report highlights violations in Saint Lucia

US 2015 human rights report highlights violations in Saint Lucia
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.
St. Lucia police during a patrol. * Photo credit: Telesurv.

The 2015 US Department of State Human Rights Report has highlighted a number of human rights violations in Saint Lucia, the most serious being the long delays in investigating reports of unlawful police killings.

The report highlighted the delay in prosecutions of the officers implicated in the IMPACS report.

It also said, “The investigators completed the report, but it has not been made public.”

The report which was recently released also states that Saint Lucia has issues when it comes to abuse of suspects and prisoners by the police, and continued postponements of trials and sentencing.

It said although the government took limited steps to prosecute officials and employees who committed abuses, the procedure for investigating police officers was lengthy, cumbersome, and often inconclusive.

During 2015, citizens filed a number of complaints against the police, most of which were for abuse of authority.

It noted that while the DPP is responsible for filing charges in such cases, the DPP was unable to monitor their progress due to limited resources.

“Although the government sometimes asserted that it would launch independent inquiries into allegations of abuse, the lack of information created a perception among civil society and government officials of impunity for the accused officers,” it further added.

Other human rights problems included violence against women, child abuse, and discrimination against persons based on their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.


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  1. I ain't bothered with crime its everywhere I ain't bothered with the states cause they just looking for a reason to implement martial law what I am worried about is these blood thirsty police who go unpunished for these crimes some of them take pleasure doin these things it a crime u pay .


  2. And you think that others members of that extended family would not want to retaliate?.
    Such atrocities against humanities, especially totally innocent individuals are reasons for the increase in terrorist activities.
    Those very solders or operatives who want to seek revenge if that was their family members. That is why they quit, along with having nightmares and living in constant guilt for acts they admitted they committed against innocent lives based on false information provided by their superiors.


  3. I witnessed two drone operators on the history channel who quit their because of crimes they say they committed against innocent people based on orders given by their superiors.
    One testified of still having nightmares after witnessing what he did. He ended up killing an eleven year old with his first missile. The second missile ripped an arm and a leg off he dad while blood gushed profusely from his wounds as he attempted to flee to no avail.
    They were simply farming their land to feed their family.


  4. Lack of resources plague most government ministries: both financial and personnel resources, which is truly sad!! Monies are directed to most government ministries to run their offices, but where does it go to? Where does it end up? How are those monies being used? Again, lack of accountability and transparency. The ministry responsible for gender relations gets no support, the DPP office gets very little support, and the list goes on. Man power is a big issue in the most important ministries. Some of our minister's TRAVEL all over the world to attend meetings, symposiums, seminars, etc., with little to show and tell of their "exploits". (Except for Emma and Jimmy who do advertise the outcome of their travels in the name of St Lucia). If the USA (country) and/or the UN (company of nations) criticise St Lucia for what they signed up "not to do" or "to fix up" - they have every right.


  5. What am hearing,we need help from foreign sources in terms of crime? There are a number of countries with more problems when it comes to murder etc etc. These foreign countries per say are abusing other nationalities in their country such as black people. So,how can they have those capablities to handle or change the judicial system for us in St.lucia? Most,foreign countries are targeting blacks trying to coming into their country and used what their system has to offer.How can they make ours better?


    • Of course St Lucia is no exception - some countries are must worse off than St Lucia, and they too get plenty warnings from the USA and the UN. Why? These countries have SIGNED UP to fix up their country, but they do not adhere to their "promise" to fix up.


  6. Bla bla bla i thought charity begins at home big fish!hey fix ur problems first b4 u tell small fry SLU to fix theirs wooow it's d big fish keeping d small fish in check whiles d big fish doing d same bad tings d small fish doing i guess when u large u in charge but when u small d big suppose to make u crawl.


  7. Are these reports falling on death ears? Why is it the St.Lucian government do very little to address these issues. It is government's responsibility.


  8. All what the united states mentioned there they are guilty of it, they torture suspects to talk etc. So this report fits them just as it fits us.


  9. Is it just a reminder of previous reports ? I don't imagine that anyone is surprised by this updated report. I appeal to the US government to help us solve some of our crimes, improve our judicial system and policing and resources for infrastructural development. If we don't get help from foreign sources, I am afraid the more things change, the more they will remain the same.


    • Oh shut-up!
      American police kills Blacks like it's a sporting game and nothing happens to those police officers.
      America can't even solve their own crimes. A country as corrupt, violent and racist like the USA, is in no position to speak on Human Rights, when their police are trained to kill African Americans with impunity.

      You would be too scared to do the crap you do in SLU in the presence of racist white American Police officers in the USA. You would be looking over your shoulder when walking on a side-walk (being Black) in the US.


      • you and i well know thts not totally true. it gets to court and these gys' lawyers get them off.thats the difference. Police kills, they resign and go to court. yes maybe they dont get to jail, bt they get tasked.
        the difference here is that when our police do things to violate our rights, nothing much happens o them.
        everywhere will have crime, every police department will have rogues, but is what systems are in place to deal with it and what measures we taken when these violations occur. so many US cops that resign when they are spotlighted. you never hear that happen here yet.
        likewise, when the pastor say not to adulterate, and he use to fornicate, dont mean he wong to say not to adulterate.


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