Urgent road repairs needed in Union Terrace – UWP member

Urgent road repairs needed in Union Terrace – UWP member
Bad road in Union Terrace.
Overgrown bushes Union Terrace.

Public Relations Officer for the Babonneau constituency for the United Workers Party (UWP) Lionel Ellis is calling on members of the district council to address a number of outstanding issues that are affecting residents of Babonneau.

Ellis told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) in an interview today that one of the major issues facing the community is the state of the roads, particularly in Union Terrace, which he considers to be a relatively new housing area.

“The roads are allowed to go to a dilapidated state, the roads are almost impassable. It has been an issue for a long time now and they have not been touched, they have not been repaired, and they are going from bad to worst on a daily basis,” he explained.

Union Terrace road

While the dilapidated road may be a major concern for the community, Ellis explained there are a number of other issues affecting the area such as high bushes and stray dogs, which has become a struggle over the years.

The public relations officer stated that the compound that was put aside to build a community hall is covered in thick bushes. This project was started by the former District Representative Ezechiel Joseph, but was never completed.

“The community has struggled to get a community hall built so that the young people in the community can have a common ground to communicate together,” he told SNO.

Ellis said they are several things that the district representatives can do to improve the Babonneau community, rather than removing the vendors’ booths.

He is concerned for the residents of Union Terrace and hopes that the relevant authorities can look into the issues, as soon as possible.

“I spoke to several residents and they too are concerned about the number of issue they are being face with,” he added.


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  1. It is not being taken care of. Why didn't we see it on tv? Instead we heard about huts and cemetery. The plan is to get money for the constituency office rather than see about the economic and social needs of our people.


  2. Lionel Ellis busy man indeed! He should really be telling the people why the huts valued between $15000 by a QS cost the taxpayers so much money to build. This is indicative of the things that gone on in Barboneau as revealed in the Village and Town Council Audit Report.


  3. He should come see the roads in Fewee Balata. That road is not even safe for foot passage, a lot of loose gravel and pot holes make it a trip hazard


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