Upgrading school before the new term


23 August 2012 – The Ministry of Infrastructure has assumed the responsibility of maintaining the school plants around the island.

In prepration for the reopening of school on Monday September 3,2012,the Ministry will engage in enhancements at several schools to ensure the nation`s children and teachers  have conducive environments to operate.

The Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure Honourable Phillip J Pierre   told the Parliament on Tuesday August 14,2012  that a significant amount of the funds approved for borrowing will be used to improve the conditions at many schools.

“I want to assure the people of Saint Lucia that as a government we are committed to undertaking basic but key enhancements at several schools on the island before the new school year begins.These works are necessary and will be undertaken through the NICE program.There are a number of schools where these renovations are required because maintainance was lacking in the past for exaple the Babonneau Secoundary School”.

Minister Pierre says the conditions at a number of schools leaves much to be disired,however he Government of Saint Lucia will make the necessary investments to ensure better learning and teaching conditions.

In the past maintainace of schools on the island was the responsibility of the Ministrty of Education.


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