Upgrade plans for Hewanorra International Airport on the cards

Upgrade plans for Hewanorra International Airport on the cards
Photo credit: www.panoramio.com.
Hewanorra International Airport. Photo credit: www.panoramio.com.

Plans to re-develop the Hewanorra International Airport are in the pipeline as government is currently in discussion with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for assistance with an evaluation for this project.

Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony announced Tuesday evening during his presentation of the estimates of expenditure for the new financial year that the objective is to have the IFC conduct an evaluation that will include a detailed technical, legal and financial analysis of the airport and a comprehensive assessment of development options. This comprehensive study will conclude with a presentation to government of a recommended transaction structure for the sustainable development of the airport, under a public-private partnership.

Prime Minister Anthony indicated that the airport faces capacity constraints as several flights arrive and depart within a short period of time, resulting in severe congestion in the terminal and the apron – the area where aircraft are parked, unloaded or loaded, refueled, or boarded..

“This significantly limits the airport’s ability to support current and future growth in passenger traffic. The tourism industry is a key engine of our economy. By redeveloping the airport, we will be helping to support our country’s economic and social development.”

“We believe a well-structured public-private partnership could leverage private sector expertise and capital and help our government enhance the quality and efficiency of services the airport is able to deliver for the benefit of the population and visitors to our island,” the prime minister opined.

IFC is expected to present its recommendations to government no later than the end of this year.

These recommendations will allow Cabinet to make an informed decision regarding the public-private partnership and the design of a transparent, competitive tender process to identify a suitably qualified private sector partner to help them in achieve this long-standing goal.

In addition to this, a pre-construction of airport facilities to accommodate a fixed base operator has also commenced, with the signing of a lease agreement and the submission of designs to the Development Control Authority of Saint Lucia for approval.

“I do hope that actual construction of the FBO facility will begin during this fiscal year. The facility is expected to cost about US $2-million,” he added.


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  1. I say upgrade hewanorra and shut down George Charles. One efficient airport for this island is enough(Barbados, Antigua, Martinique are examples). Land that vigie occupies can be used to expand Castries which is bulging at the seams-no space for expansion. This is my proposal as a regular citizen in exile.


  2. The airlines do what they want to do and change the routes etc. so what are we spending money for where are the tourist no money.


  3. how is this project going to be funded. The govt stop the revenue they were generating from that. Are they going to reinstate the tax. I hope the locals don't have to pay this tax, they have already imposed Vat, water increase, reduced salary, what next on us.Kill the poor.


  4. Every budget has covered more training and employment opportunities. I have not seen one report which has focussed on what are the real benefits to the people as against the sacrifices that they have to endure. Everything that a politician promises is like food falling from the sky. We know that in Accounts and economics that there is debit and it goes with a corresponding credit. All what the government does is shift around the burden. That burden is usually placed around the necks of the poor where they have to toil with their blood while the rich get huge tax breaks and incentives in the false name of creation of imployment for the same poor. In fact it is more of a revenue generation for the rich than it is of any advantage to the poor.

    Real growth is the incoporation of investments from outside the country. This can be explained simply for a shop which buys from itself cannot make a profit. This investments will grow the confidence of banks who will afford the country cheaper credit to grow their investsments. Right now banks would not invest in economies which are dictated my percieved mad men who say or do anything at buget time. This kind of economics is unreal and not a sound method. Example with the development of the airport one government gave its assurance that it would have commenced in one way. The other government came and changed everything. What confidence or posture should the banks now have in this project taking into consideration a significant part of our ecomoy would be involved. Economics for Dummies


  5. I have never read so many ignorant comments. People you need to stop being so political. Its all about bringing in revenue for our little island. Most of you need to travel and see the world. There are countries hotter and smaller than ours, but their airports are prepared and welcoming. Ours you are sweating buckets on arrivaland departure( NO AC).Look at this as a positive move and not a political one. We have a beautiful island lets hold our heads up and be proud. Stop being negative


  6. johm 3.16 you cannot switch slots for airlines they set the times they want to come in and out.


  7. They claim that a most of the action happens on the airport in a short space of time. That means the rest of the time the airport remains unused. Hence the reason for redevelopment. Ummm!. Why should you spend hundreds of millions of dollars on such. Why not just switch time slots for a few airlines??


  8. f ing pride, kda, he knew the airport needed to be upgraded but since it was not his government that started it he scraped it, such a douche bag. there is over 50ml in the bank from monies collect from the airport redevelopment tax, he and spit in the mouth pierre said. did you know that by now over 100mil would have been collected towards that project? that would make it almost enough to construct the new terminal. now he wants to upgrade just to get the praise. and that money collected would have come from visitors.


  9. Fucking shame SLP, check how much was collected how much was collected from the airport development tax, & where is that money?


  10. How will the airport development be funded? Tax payers or will this guys eat their shit and reintroduce the Airport Development Tax to release the burden on the Country's finance.


  11. Any body remembers PJ Pierre in 2013 saying that "an announcement will soon be made on this project". THey fought down this project under the UWP and after three years in office nothing in sight. Same story with St Jude Hospital. This Government continues to fail us.


  12. When will the St. Lucian Government understand that the development of this island is NOT about you and your hatred of your predecessors, but about we St. Lucians.

    When Antigua, Barbados and some other Caribbean islands are an advanced stage with the redevelopment of their International airports, we are still stuck in a comatose state playing bloody games with such a critical and vital infrastructure of this island.

    Have a bit of self pride in yourselves and as St. Lucians.

    Don't you fat belly pigs travel and see how modern and well developed other international airports are?

    So why are you playing those games in this country?


  13. Hope this plan takes into consideration that Vieux Fort is already below sea level. We saw what happened during the 'trough' in December- entire area under several feet of water!!!! And if sea levels continue to rise as they have in the past two decades- it won't be long till the sea claims the whole of the airport area.


    • vieux-fort is not below sea level. get it correct. floods can happen if more water enters area than its drainage or river banks can handle.


  14. Wait, hold on - Kenny upon getting back into office discontinued plans by the Gov of SLU (whether UWP or SLP doesn't matter) to raise funds via taxes on airline tickets to completely redevelop Hewanorra. Now, he is talking about a public-private partnership, which we know means Trinidad (private) and GOSL (public). Hewanorra could have been near completion by now if he didn't stop the funding arrangement. Think of all the young men and women in the south who are dying to get a day's work.



  15. Sometimes i really wonder what the hell is wrong with those morons we elect as Leaders.
    No wisdom, no pride no nothing.

    Just a show off to their friends that hey, "I am a Government minister."

    And they constantly make references and name calling every island in the Caribbean in their budget debates.
    However, how many Caribbean islands do you know who make any reference of St. Lucia in their presentations.
    Where is the Pride?


  16. I am so excited, it'll finally happen in 2050. SMFH...it'll drag on until UWP returns to power and then they'll suspend it and restart again, then SLP comes in and suspend it, and voila...it's 2050. God, I'm so pissed off at tout 'politichien.'


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