Upgrade to Remy Lesmond Sports Complex underway

Upgrade to Remy Lesmond Sports Complex underway

697d5e3b-b6f4-4475-b790-be2a0a000df9In mid-2015, Minister of Youth Development and Sports, Hon. Shawn Edward promised to begin work on lighting a number of playing fields, including Fond Assau, Dennery and La Fargue. With work already underway at Fond Assau, it was the turn of Dennery this week.

The sod was turned by the Minister and by Member of Parliament for Dennery South, Hon. Edmund Estephane, to mark the approval and subsequent commencement of works at the sporting facility. The Ministry has approved expenditure of approximately $1 million, which will go towards the construction of a players’ changing room, the resurfacing of the field, and the installation of lights. Work gets underway in February and is expected to be completed by July.

The Minister profited the opportunity to confirm the Cabinet of Ministers’ decision to rename the field after the one of the constituency’s former parliamentary representatives, the late Remy Lesmond. First elected to the House of Assembly in 1979, Lesmond was a Government minister, and passed away in 1997 on the eve of General Elections. He is widely considered to have contributed immensely to the development of young persons and the community.

The present MP, himself a former national sprinter, urged residents to utilise the facility not only for competition but for health and recreational benefits.


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  1. Hope there is a maintenance plan included. Facilities popping up all over the place and no plan to maintain them. While the Minister is at it, maybe he can get his colleague the Minister of Health to get the hospital out of the stadium. Such a shame, going on 6 years. Shame, shame, shame.


  2. Only now, Elections round the corner, so you want to show your slate, and try to regain your seat. The people in your constituency should ask for all what they want now, because that is the time you all seem to work, just before elections


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