UPF to LGBT: There was no hate

UPF to LGBT: There was no hate

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Universal Peace Federation-St Lucia Chapter is very surprised that the LGBT associations and Mr. Charles Bennet would speak of hate.

As an organisation that attended the World Family Congress hosted by CARIFAM on 17th and 18th November at the Johnson Centre, we didn’t see any hate for LGBT persons.

The discussions were about the importance of the family for a prosperous nation; discussions about the LGBT have been very marginal and when there were it was done respectfully and without hate.

There is a mountain of scientific research and study showing that children who grow in loving families succeed better at school, are more sociable and caring, have better jobs, are better paid and succeed better in their future marital life.

On the other side, this research and study also shows that poverty, violence and crime are often related to dysfunctional families.

So, in this regard, LGBT associations, you should appreciate and applaud that Hon. Guy Joseph, Hon. Lenard Montoute and Hon. Sarah Flood took time from their busy schedules to show their care and support about the importance of the family.

LGBT associations, if you want to be part of the debate for a better St Lucia, you should discuss the issues at hand and stop feeling hated or persecuted each time someone has a different opinion than you. Some people may think differently than you, but they are also St Lucians who love their country and want to see a better St Lucia.


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  1. Does it mean that to support LGBT persons one should not be supporters of family life and marriage. Those LGBT people don't seem to have parents which means they were hatched. Christian families and family life in St. Lucia are in the majority here, save your breath. The garbage you guys spew is the reason for your non acceptance. The two ministers are married family men.


  2. these lgbt associations are a cancer to the true definition of family it will just kill the family all together if it is not treated at a early stage


  3. yes i totally agree we are saint lucians and we want to see a better saint lucia and we love our country so stop feeling hated or persecuted when we say NO WE NOT CHANGING THE BUGGERY LAWS


  4. I agree with that statement TOTALLY!! I would go further and say that we should hate the gay practice, does it have anything that we should be proud about? Even gays accept that man was made for women and vise versa so why when this principal is applied that they see it as hate? We don't hate people we hate the behavior just as we should not hate criminals but hate their crime, however for every deviant practice there are personal consequences. So whether you are a criminal or just gay the society will still be affected negatively by your actions. If everyone had to follow the gay bandwagon just because of exercising a right then there would be no children born and society would collapse. It was never even asked of the gay community to uphold the society by reproducing offspring, after you have been absolved of this responsibility you still want to claim hate. Do you as a gay person depend explicitly on straight people for your own survival? If you want to say that gay people also make children then being gay becomes a vice and all such vices are a form deviance even though some such as alcohol and tobacco smoking are legal.

    So if you are truly gay then own up to your responsibility and reproduce and if you are "closet" gay well don't think that the government and people will respect your vice to a point of financing for and accommodating it. And remember nobody attacked you, they attacked a lifestyle. Keep your butt where it belongs. Under the law "straight" fathers cannot even get to visit a child that they supporting financially you want special protection. Man, or whatever you are look here!!!


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