UPDATE: Woman says off-duty officer should not have killed her brother

UPDATE: Woman says off-duty officer should not have killed her brother
Job allegedly tried to rob an off-duty cop who killed him.
The alleged robber.

The sister of a Balata man who was shot and killed while allegedly attempting to rob an off-duty police officer on Friday, July 14, has said that her brother did not deserve to die the way that he did.

Thirty-three-year-old Simeon Job and two other individuals allegedly tried to rob a man who was walking alone in George the Fifth Park. Their victim was a special police constable who was armed and dressed in plain clothes.

Job was shot by the officer during the ordeal and he later died. However, his sister Miranda said what her brother did was wrong but he should not have been killed.

Job allegedly tried to rob an off-duty cop who killed him.

“… I wouldn’t say that the police didn’t have to defend himself but he didn’t have to kill him,” she told reporters.

She further stated, “My brother didn’t deserve to die that way because everybody [has] in their family…somebody that’s…not a well grown seed [and] no matter how hard you try as a parent or as a guardian… to help your child to grow up in the perfect way …it doesn’t happen the way… you want it.”

The alleged robber’s sister.

She believes that the officer could have shot Simeon in his arms or some other non-fatal part of the body, “but not shoot to kill him.”

Simeon reportedly died as a result of a bullet wound to the chest.

“My family isn’t taking it lightly. Well, we at home, we don’t know my brother to be any troublemaker. At home he is a perfect child…[What he did] it’s a bit embarrassing but we didn’t expect him to die that way,” she stated.
Simeon will be buried on July 28, 2017.


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  1. Can't believe the mentally of people a man come n Rob me I should defend myself so get kill well in America shot fist then ask questions so wat if he had da chance to hurt the officer look we kill and answer later so for da sister stand in front of a mic to shouldn't of kill him


  2. A Jombie mate is, doe mind that hood rat crying for that mutant of a brother of hers, she fool of crap, de police should have killed all three.


  3. He was a good boy but he only seems to take pics imitating a gun being fired? Girl!!! Pictures speak 1000 words, now run along your foolishness!!


  4. 1. How many people have your brother robbed
    2. How many people have he killed in the process
    3. How many women have he raped

    If it was someone else he tried to rob and was successful, wouldn't their families be mourning today because of your brother's criminal mind and he out there eating and laughing with you like nothing happened

    Don't cry for the criminals because you don't know the distance they go to kill and rape

    I find most families now supports their children in their unlawful acts and don't care what happens to the victims

    You should have known he was a criminal (thief/rapest/killer) to turn him in


  5. Miranda, I am very sorry for your loss. See, if this was an unarmed young lady like yourself walking alone with no means of defending herself, the morning headline may have been so different. Had it ended up being the rape, robbery and possible murder of anyone else and you didn't have to grieve a loved one, this would be so different. We may not have even known that your brother was a perpetrator.

    Miranda, a criminal is a criminal and self defense doesn't always work the way you think it should. Also remember the a gun is a deadly weapon that can kill no matter where the bullet hits. Sometimes you have to take a life to preserve yours my dear lady. You can't really relate to the experiences of robbery or burglary until it hits home and touches you life personally. Robbery of any kind is something no one wants to endure, be it your home or your person. I know what is first hand so I know the horror. Let us agree here that what your brother tried was premeditated and what happened to him wasn't. The officer didn't murder your brother. Your brother and his gang chose the wrong victim.

    Now let me ask you a few Questions:

    1. How long have your brother been robbing people?
    2. How many people has he successfully robbed?
    3. Do you know whether he has killed or injured anyone in the process of perpetrating these acts?


  6. All u criminals u all better be careful we are going to protect our selves we are tired of u all robbing and killing us enough is enough so people if u all know that u all families does rob and kill people talk to them so when we defend our selves and put one down u all will not come on the media and say he was a good boy the two boys that ran u all better put a stop to your criminal activity because u all might not escape the next time.


      • No. They are angels from Heaven. They are blessings of walking incubators popped out with guns blazing, cutlasses chopping, drugs and all that. When these are dead, we should all sing praises to God.


        • Watchfull , Anon and the rest you lot a angel from heaven cause you so perfect. By killing someone you lot will stop crime. Just be careful befor the dead man femaly don't come for revenge...


  7. Good job officer, shoot to kill no mercy whatsoever. If it was my family I would applaud him just the same, get rid of the waste; thank you officer, one less piece of crap. I don't need to know him to know that no matter how tough things are for you or how bad or desperate it may get, you have no right to decide you deserve more than others. Did the officer put you in whatever situation you're in to resort to robbery? Why should he have to pay for it because he might be better off? Who knows the guy probably has mizzy kids to feed and in debt like many others and just look nice but behind it stressing yet still not robbing.

    There is no guarantee giving him a chance would help him change his ways and not attempt this again rather than see it as a success and escalate to armed robbery, then robbery/murder.

    Lady sit down and go mourn your loss!


  8. Just here reading a whole bunch of shit most of yall said...dont be ashame to say yall hv atleast one person in yall family that is a bad seed an yall still love that person regardless...the girl has a right to mourn her brother's death no matter wat...yall quick to say he right to die...if yall were in her position yall wud say the same things she said...yall sayin things an yall contradicting yall ownselves wen yall day comes smfh...it' s a human dat died not an animal an he damn well have people that loves him regardless to his choice of living his life...most of yall hypocrits...when yall day comes i will be glad to write on yall stories...that very act of defense is one of the reasons why they stop gettin training assistance from the US...god looks at all sin in the same light...no sin is greater than the other...so for yall to stay there an judge a dead man...remember yall are no better...lying..cheating...lusting...gambling i can name a number...they are all the same damn sin...now let he who hv no sin cast the first stone...go reprent of yakk sins an stop watchin an judging others


  9. I agree with the sister....the officer should know that he has to let the bandit stab and kill him. And that the firearm is just for show.

    You right sister....if that what your brother have to do to get money then he right. Who the hell the officer think he is to defend his life. He have to let the man do his ting. Even if he have to die.


    • Yes idiot. With the past violence towards victims as a pattern, the officer should have allowed the three attackers to kill him, and then decide what to do. Your posterior appears to have exchanged places with your addle brains.

      Police get the other two outlaws, dead or alive. Preferred dead. Bring a halt to this crime syndicate. The head may be a very talkative female.