UPDATE: Inmates involved in BCF incident are behind bars for major crimes – PRO

UPDATE: Inmates involved in BCF incident are behind bars for major crimes – PRO
One of the makeshift weapons confiscated by correctional officers following the bloody confrontation on Wednesday.
One of the makeshift weapons confiscated by correctional officers following the bloody confrontation on Wednesday.
One of the makeshift weapons confiscated by correctional officers following the bloody confrontation on Wednesday.

The three inmates who were involved in yesterday’s incident at Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) are behind bars for robbery and attempted murder, Public Relations Officer Kerwin Albert has disclosed.

The inmate who sustained a non-fatal gunshot wound has been identified as Junior Duncan, who has been on remand since March 21, 2017 for robbery, Albert said.

Duncan was allegedly armed with a 16-inch makeshift weapon. He was shot in the shoulder when he and another inmate allegedly refused to disarm and attacked a team from the facility’s Special Operations Unit.

Travis Lionel is the other inmate who was allegedly armed with a makeshift weapon. He has been on remand for attempted murder since December 3, 2014, Albert said.

Duncan and Lionel are from the northern section of the island, Albert said.

The fracas reportedly started when Lionel and Duncan allegedly confronted another inmate, Donaldson Joseph, when the maximum security Delta unit was opened for recreation yesterday morning around 9:45.

All three men are in their 20s, Albert noted.

Joseph, a resident of Vieux Fort, who has been on remand since September 11, 2013 for robbery, was secured into his cell before he was attacked, however the correctional officers reportedly failed to convince Duncan and Lionel to give up their weapons, which were quite visible.

As a result, personnel from the Special Operations Unit was called in, and after the use of pepper spray and riot shields failed to get the men to disarm, a single bullet was discharged by one of the officers, hitting Duncan in the shoulder.

The men were then subdued and disarmed.

Duncan is in stable condition after being treated by medical personnel at BCF and two officers sustained minor injuries, Albert said.

Duncan and Lionel are expected to be charged for the assault on the officers, Albert added.


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  1. all I want to say is this - this incident has gotten into the heads of the guys who are locked up and one of them will try it again. Looks like the criminals both outside and inside are getting more brave and something needs to be done to bring back good and love because evil will not win. And even though it seems chaotic right now a change is coming. A major change and all who wishes to dwell in evil and folly will have no place on earth.


  2. People are on remand for two reasons: 1. They are unable to meet their bail. Apparently no one is willing to risk their time, effort and money to bail these gus

    2. Bail has been denied by the Court. Bail is being denied by the Court for several reasons. Some of them being 1. They have previous convictions 2. They are a threat to the safety of the people and society as a whole

    Base on my knowledge of these individuals. They belong behind bars. They have a rap sheet longer than our two arms put together.

    So St.Lucians what do you prefer. Do you prefer them to be in society, where they are a danger to you, your children, your neighbour, your friends ect. Or do you prefer them to be on remand behind bar or a threat to you.

    Isn't Crime situation bad enough in this country? Why is it that so many people are lamenting over Criminals at the prison and their human rights. Where do you prefer them> Do you prefer them in and outside your homes or behind bars.

    I am sure all these individuals who are behind bars and there for good reasons. They put themselves there. And if they are still on remand, it means no one (a family member and a law abiding citizen) has come forward to offer themselves as a suretor to bail these guys.

    If they were denied bail. the Court has very good grounds to deny them bail.

    So before you cry about the high prison population, ask your self why are they there. An increase in Crime will automatically cause an increase in the prison rate


    • Being an inhumane creates an untenable society. Only a fool would come to such conclusions. Who would you label as a criminal in St. Lucia? If everybody was arrested for running afoul of the law in St. Lucia, there simply would have nobody left. Are you aware of that fact?


  3. People in jail for so long only under suspicion of committing crime. You cannot hold people for so long without a trial. The State is breaking the law which allows it "reasonable time" to try an accused. So if the State acts like one of the biggest criminals you still want to find out why our society is itself so criminal? But that an absurdity!!


  4. So what a man accused of robbery doing on remand since 2013? SNO or someone in the media please stop reporting and investigate such cases. We want to know whether in 2017, in St. Lucia, a man is held in custody, on remand, for shop lifting a piece of cheese?

    Please we want to know what offences keep people in jail for so long that it may even exceed the maximum sentence for that offence. The State cannot be continuing to have people in jail for such long periods only under suspicion of committing a crime. That's against anybody's human rights and a crime against humanity. While people are being hauled to jail for offences, the State continues to be the BIGGEST CRIMINAL.


  5. This might have been a dry-run orchestrated for a full on prison riot....just saying...the prison has surpassed it's population limits and that's a dangerous working environment for the prison officers.


  6. This is a minimum security play ground facility , and persons should not be on remand for this long . Shame on our governments . Past and present , do not know how to run a prison .


  7. Boredelais ain't no high security facility. ... from la pointe , a correctional officer brought ganja and cocaine in her pads went free . 9 Venezuelans escaped 19 August 2010 up till now nutting on that .


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