BREAKING NEWS: Police said Yves James died from traumatic brain injury

BREAKING NEWS: Police said Yves James died from traumatic brain injury
DEAD: Yves James

PRESS RELEASE – Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a thirty three (33) year old resident of Dennery namely, Yves Mitchel James.

During a maritime operation on Saturday, July 22, 2017, about 1:00 a.m. approximately 2.1 nautical miles off the coast of Vieux Fort, a local fishing canoe identified as “Indeblue”, collided with the Marine Unit vessel. Prior to the collision, several attempts were made to stop said vessel, but to no avail.

There were three individuals on the canoe, who were thrown overboard as a result of the collision, who were rescued by officers attached to the Marine Unit.

Of the three individuals rescued, Yves Mitchel James appeared to have an injury and as a result, he was conveyed to the St. Jude Hospital via ambulance. He was pronounced dead by a medical practitioner about 3:33 a.m.

On Monday, July 24, 2017, a post mortem examination was conducted, which revealed that he died as a result of traumatic brain injury evidenced by global subarachnoid haemorrhage” (bleeding around the brain) and cerebral contusion (bruising of the brain) secondary to comminuted fractures to the cranium.

Investigations are ongoing in this matter.


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  1. We vilify all the poor black boys and rejoice at their death, and are quick to label them as traffickers. However, we place the bourgeoisie engaged in trafficking and laundering on pedestals.....yeah only the poor black boy gets arrested. The bourgeoisie trafficker on the other hand gets treated with respect and reverence.....damn hypocrites.


    • where in there was xray mentioned uhn. i didnt see it. oh by the way they slice u open all the way from ur head downwards. in case u didnt know . thats how they got all that information


  2. How can the police be chasing a vessel and and suddenly the vessels collides with the police?Lucian's are very easy to fool does dat make any sense? Anyways all who's pointing fingers and
    talking all kinds of nonsense don't be fooled every dog has its day I hope urll or any of ur family members don't fall victim to the police one way or the other, let the man without sin cast the first stone. R.I.P soldier gone but not forgotten


  3. Did the canoe collide with the Marine Police vessel or did the Police vessel ram the canoe thereby causing the death of the Dennery resident?


  4. OK brothers, let us stop cussing and insulting one another, it does not look good. Lets make your point and avoid the insults and love our neighbors as ourselves.

    For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.

    – Hebrews 4: 12


  5. with every 1 saying there was no shot 2 the head DID YALL EVEN SEE 4 YALL SELF......THE NEWS SAID HEAD INJERY SO YALL BLIV SMH..........SEEING IS BELIVING


  6. Interesting indeed. So what about this bullet story the lady said the doctor told her about. Something not right. The doctor then needs to speak out to clear the air since he/she has been quoted.


  7. Lmfao when will you people learn. So where is this drugs story coming from and bullet to the head?


  8. U know whats f-- up with human's when a poor person selling drugs (weed,crack or hash) it's a problem but when it's the bigger heads it's nun it's OK to them now on the other hand it's a wake up call for these an those that think the drug business is a joke thing think again,cause some niggas jus ain't loyal an loyalty is the game when u at the level they was operating at... Something To Think About,IF A MAN U 50-100 KEYS DON'T THINK DAT WAS ALL HE WAS JUS TESTING U HE HAS MORE SO BE LOYALTY AN WORK ...


  9. Who knows the Venezuelans may already done the harm to him....just thinking


  10. Ok..let's chill everybody....the report said that the canoe collided with the police vessel....let's be real here the cops run into the f-- boat causing the guys death.....and it was delibrate with the intent to.. I guess stop them.. now if it was anybody else who did tthe exact thing that the cops did there causing the death of a innocent man, that person wud be in jail....only in Lucia cops kill and are not more thing did the cops in their report mention anything about getting drugs on the boat....cuz I saw people commenting about that above...SMH


    • It might be so, however the Criminal Code apparently gives the cops that power in which arrest may lead to you dying:

      30.— (1) Any person may —
      (a) with or without warrant or other legal process, arrest and detain
      another person whom he or she knows to have committed an
      indictable offence;
      (b) if the other person, having notice or knowing that he or she is
      accused of an indictable offence, avoids arrest by resistance or
      flight or escapes or endeavours to escape from custody,

      use any force which is necessary for the arrest, detention or recapture, and
      may kill that other person if that other person cannot otherwise be arrested,
      detained, or retaken by any other means.


  11. Dire straits does not give anyone the moral authority to engage in the death and murder business of illegal drugs. Therefore, when one of these people die from either wounds, gunshots or gangs or rub-outs, do not expect any sadness or pity. Instead, we should all sing hosanna. We have one less POS on the face of the earth.


  12. Drugs drugs and more Drugs.If i have family or brother,trafficking drugs you get caught by police,not by Cartell or Mafia.Dont call me,easy monies will send you'll to hell.Leave drugs alone just say no satan no,damn no,hell no -,Scott-- Adkins paid or paying the price now.When monies flowing nobody talking,as soon as trouble kick,police involve everybody innocent.Or it was not me my brother is was,a good boy.They catch them with drugs on the seas they innocent not them,no it was my twin.He die no more trouble for police.And sister talking about bullet holes,your brother have legal papers or lermit to carry drugs on the high seas,maybe you getting monies to,your bread'll know what he doing you'll getting drug monies to so now you'll vex,i would arrest you'll to,enablers.Bad seeds.Shut up you'll have no shame.


  13. I have listened to this woman and don't feel sorry for her. She believes that her boyfriend was trying to earn a dollar since times are hard. Can you believe that. ? Trying to justify crime on the basis of survival. Where is the value of trying to earn an honest dollar through honest and legal means?

    The drug trade has crippled this country and will kill it if we were to subscribe to this woman's views. LAZY!!!!!!!!


  14. Exactly my point bambi. Where are the bullet wounds. Smfh. She claiming he went fishing, wasn't two of the men in the boat Venezuelans?. So they went to fish with the Venezuelans? Smfh


  15. Where is the bullet holes the girlfriend is talking about? Worse yet she is calling the police criminals. I think she needs to apologise to the nation for spreading malicious gossip.


    • Agreed! I find the media gave this woman too much airtime to spew her venom. What was he doing with two Venezuelans aboard at the time of night? She now wants to know who will pay for her kids school books she will have to get off her behind to find work. People like her boyfriend are small fry in this drug business.


      • They were lost at sea and he rescued them, that's all.

        Smh, I find that fish story too fishy. Where the fish? They escape during the collision?


    • Shut your a--! and make sense out of nonsense.Do you even know what these medical terms mean? The family is saying he got shot, the police using general terms, you don't see the police covering their tracks?
      How the -? a boat overturn and somebody get injuries to the head? The person didn't hit the water from a certain height. Read the findings again dumb --! Why all the f- brui-ses of the brain if he just overturn in the water? Family said he was shot in the head, the findings are very consistent with that. Read before y'all comment. Police need to stop covering up when they -- up. They should just come out and say, we try to stop them they didn't so we open fire. Case closed! With their blatant lies and disregard for human life.


      • First f all they disobeyed an order to stop when the policed ordered them to on the megaphone. Secondly, they tried to outrun the marine unit. If there was nothing illegal going on, why run?
        Thirdly, there were 2 Venezuelans on board so did they take them fishing too? There was no gunshot wounds on the body. The woman lied and run to the media before the post mortem results were out because she wanted to make the police look bad. They should arrest her 60 year old ass for lying and making false accusations....big woman like you with a know drug dealer and defending crap... in your old age. The man is a know drug runner and she talking crap.


        • It seems you were there??? You sound like an officer, is that what your colleagues told you? Why didn't they state exactly what you are saying in the press release. The story of the other people on the boat begs to differ.


          • you sound like the stupid woman who was on TV talking crap....your mun was a drug dealer so shut your face


      • U obviously did not read the part which spoke of a collision, assistant pathologist!


      • You jackass read to understand. The police said the boats collided. Such collisions at high speed will result in such traumatic injuries. The police vessel is much bigger and heavier than the pirogue the deceased was on. The impact would have surely sent everyone onboard flying like projectiles. This guy apparently got struck in the head in the process. How could he have been shot when there is no entry and exit wound, something consistent with gunshot injuries. Now if there was no entry and exit wounds where is the bullet or the bullet fragments? If that were so the bullet should have been found in what was left of his skull. So retarded, stop looking for what is not there or didn't happen. Simply put, the man died from a blow to the head. One strong enough to crack his skull.


        • You ---! Ask the police to release the brain to the family if they have nothing to hide. That's not the first or the last time the police will be lying to the public and doing what they want and getting away with it.


          • my dear you are in denial. Why don't you release your brain from all the foolishness that you are talking. You know damn well the man was not going fishing at that time.......he just did not collect what he was going to collect at sea yet!


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