BREAKING NEWS: Police investigating alleged robbery and rape incident

BREAKING NEWS: Police investigating alleged robbery and rape incident

A couple in their early 20’s was last evening abducted by about three masked gunmen, taken to Rat Island/Islet beach where they were robbed, the male victim severely beaten and his girlfrend raped, relatives have told St. Lucia News Online (SNO).

The incident occurred around 9 p.m. on Monday, July 10.

According to relatives of one of the victims, the couple had just left the supermarket in Sunny acres and were heading home on a motorcycle when they stopped at a junction off the main road to allow a vehicle to pass. It was shortly after that several men came out of the bushes and held the couple by gunpoint and brought them to the beach where the men beat the male victim severely.

The relatives further told SNO that the bandits then stripped the couple naked and relieved them of cash, cell phones and other personal items.

The female was raped by one of the men.

Relatives said the men used duct tape to bound the hands and feet of the couple.

“They wrapped his face, neck with duct tape…. they were going to kill them… drown them in the sea… she begged for their lives,” one relative told SNO.

After the culprits left, the girlfriend managed to free herself, used some of the clothes left on the beach to wrap themselves up, left the area and sought help from passers-by.

Initially no one wanted to stop to help because they were half-naked, the relative said.

Eventually a male motorist stopped and the female victim requested to be taken to a relative who then called the police.

The couple was taken to hospital.

No one has been arrested in connection with the incident but police are investigating.


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  1. Asiay. They rape the woman. When these fellas raping people,do they ever stop and think: I have a mother or I have a sister. How would I feel if another man just humiliated them like that? Or do we have a population of sociopaths growing in St. Lucia.


  2. “Wow, this guy has it all: the looks, the clothes, the motorbike, the girl and money! I’ll make him a pussy! Can’t do it by myself though, I’ll stake him out with my boys, we’ll be all hooded up and carrying guns ‘cos we mean business. We’ll show that we’re not to be messed with; we’ll leave ‘a calling card, - a deposit of sperm’ inside his woman - how pussifying is that!”

    That man on man violence is a serious challenge for society. Every effort must be made to extinguish this malevolence before it erodes our humanity. There should be no tolerance or hiding places for perpetrators!


  3. Wow. My amazement in this story is that the young man stopped his motorbike to allow a vehicle to come out of an intersection. That I do not understand Y LUCIANS LIKE TO STOP ON THE HIGHWAY TO ALLOW VEHICLES TO COME OUT OF AN INTERSECTION. y?? U HAVE RIGHT OF WAY, U HAVE NO STOP SIGN OR GIVE WAY SIGN INFRONT U. SO DRIVE TO GET TO WHERE U GOING. If he did not stop that would not have happened to him. Now thE big issue for most OF u is the robbery and rape and guns. Ppl when Religious knowledge was removed form our schools we started the crime wave. When lawyers are allowed to sit in our parliament and change no laws to benefit us but all our laws make them rich, We started crime. Most if not all our criminals are out doing crime either because a lawyer got a cheap bail for them or a lawyer help them lv the country or cause they know the laws will do nothing to them if caught. And the guns are mainly brought in by the men wearing the 3 piece suits (lawyers too, cause with more crime more money for them) I am not surprised by the robbery, rape n guns in this country but I am always baffled when ppl stop on the highway just allow a vehicle to come out of an intersection. STOP IT LUCIANS and DRIVE. BRING BACK RELIGIOUS KNOWLEDGE IN ALL SCHOOLS AND START BACK DISTRIBUTING THE NEW TESTAMENT IN SCHOOLS


  4. On our way to Rodney Bay a little before 10:00 pm, we saw these 2 individuals standing on the side of the road. Yes half naked. The guy tried to stop the vehicle, but sorry we didn't know. We were just being careful ourselves, so we continue driving. OMG. I'm feeling so sorry to hear that, with so many things happening now u just don't know when someone seeking help. Sighh.


  5. have been robbed twice and nearly killed so now I carry a gun ... I'm ready for them to try it again


  6. Question . Why are there so many illegal guns in ST. LUCIA . ? Does the government realize that guns are driving our crime rate to sky rocket on this island .


  7. That beach area from Malabar north-bound through Rat Island up to Choc is totally deserted. The feel of the highway which spans the area is the same because it is by non-pedestrianized. So hardly a chance of alerting a passer-by. But I must say that for this time of night drivers in the area were either very daft or very dumb or very unhelpful or very selfish not to have observed a thing of the "heist".


  8. stop breeding you'll hood rats and ghetto Jombie scum, its ya'll offspring that commits these crimes. Hood rats and ghetto air head clothes pegs bi*ches tie ya'll tubes so for the next 7 to 11 years we will see less of these crimes in St Lucia. I blame ya'll


  9. If the young lady is accompanied by a man and that took place far less if she was alone these fellars to brave and desperate it makes me think twice about walking the streets at night even when i leave work... Smh


  10. Bring back hanging. Start announcing it and start doing it to the guilty ones. you will see how fast crime will stop. they dont play with them in Texas. they go straight to the injection site where they put them to sleep forever. unless we do that, these people will refuse to learn. all caribbean countries should bring back the death penalty. castrate rapists with an injection. its available in the states. start having the balls to deal with crime.


  11. Something don't sound right. Maybe it was the way it was reported I could be wrong but something don't sound right.


  12. The police in St. Lucia is USELESS and CLUELESS about how to conduct proper investigations. Furthermore, they are a bunch of LAZY cops who allow the bandits to get away with their crime.

    My father reported to the police that someone had broken into his house and stole over $1000 US. He suspected who may have done it and informed the police being that this same individual had done this before and made away with his watch and clothes. He went to make a report at the station. The police left without him and got to his home, looked around and went back to the station. They never took photos of the broken window where the culprit entered, nor the jeans that he left on the ground. They never even went to look for the individual in question to search him of ask if he did it.

    What do you expect will keep happening in St. Lucia? The guys know very well that the police cannot do their job and so they are very bold and not afraid to commit crime.


  13. A comatose police and justice system. When there is no crime is because criminals taking a break. Yes the very break kenny begged them for.


  14. This is very serious as a country with its law makers failed to put stringent measures in place to stopped criminal activities in the country.That is already viewed as a crisis.The criminals has overpowered the country.I can recalled in thee 80's when Idi Amin was a dictator in Uganda.It almost sounds the same kind of atmosphere we are experiencing in St.Lucia.These kind of criminal activities will affect our sporting industry.People won't feel safe by going out to do their training.Putting mask on your face to commit crime has its reflected inquest to change our punishment laws to the death penalty.The country will be over populated with dangerous criminals.Rape,is destroying our human life.At any time women are being abused in such a manner as it has been in the presence of husbands and boyfriend's.These are viciously perpetuated to destabilised our social justices in the country.We have found ourselves unsafe to lived in St.Lucia.The beaches are being used as a place where crime has been so frequent upon kidnapping people who were not supposed to be victims of crime in their own country.Trinidad,Guyana and Jamaica are going through the cane fields atmosphere as it relates to crime.Perhaps,we should installed cameras in vulnerable areas such as our beaches to prevent crime from happening in those places.Why,our marine police cannot installed something on the water to transcend some kind of indications that,there are criminal activities taking place on every beach in St.Lucia?It looks like our Police Force are not well equipped.Crime needs to be taken seriously by the government of St.Lucia.Jesus cannot do miraculous things at this pointing time when the crime rate continue to escalate day after day in the country.Pray how you want.It will get worst.The devil also knows the bible in challenging our strongest faith towards right and wrong.So righteousness isn't easy at all.Look at those church leaders who are committing more internal crime among their own members in the church.Religon has also failed us.Jesus don't seem to be the winner the man.Satan is getting more and more powerful in our Christian environment.Reality!!