UPDATED: Man murdered in Bois Patat while heading home from work

UPDATED: Man murdered in Bois Patat while heading home from work

A man was fatally shot in Bois Patat, Castries earlier Tuesday night, April 3, 2018, according to law enforcement sources.

The victim has been identified as 31-year-old Kwame Rampersad of Bois Patat/Morne Du Don, Castries.

He sustained multiple gunshot wounds to his face and neck around 8:30 p.m., and was transported by ambulance to Victoria Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

St. Lucia News Online received photos of the alleged victim, lying on his side in bushes, with wounds to his neck and face.

Residents claimed to have heard up to a dozen gunshots in the community before the victim’s body was found.

A resident, who identified himself as a “friend” of the deceased, said Rampersad was apparently shot on his way home from work.

“Not too long ago he left work for home,” the friend said.

This is unofficially the sixth homicide for 2018.

This killing comes not too long after another young man’s life was cut short over the Easter weekend.

Miguel Geead, 24, was reportedly hanging with friends when he was attacked by a known assailant and stabbed multiple times in Garrand, Babonneau late Friday, March 30, 2018.

He succumbed to his injuries several hours later on Saturday, March 31 at Victoria Hospital.

A male suspect is in police custody.

Reports are that the deceased and the suspect have been feuding for years.



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  1. I ever a ask for u CUS ? ? ? ITS BEEN MORE THAN 12YRS.
    In ♥ my g




  2. It takes a real man to stand and talk about whatever problems they anything else is coward. One day those good for nothing bastards that are committing these murder on our island will come face to face with God I hope they change before it’s too late they have all become a slave for murderwhst a shame


  3. This is sad really and truly sad.
    But the sad truth is that the police will never find the killer / killers. These useless bastards they call police officers.

    But this doesn't seem like any regular shooting. The motive was clearly to shoot this young man to his death. Aiming for his head Taking the mans life.

    Seems like some kind of revenge it's like these persons were waiting for him. They had no right to do what they did. But there is a aide room his a tory we will never know.

    May his soul rest in peace and his family comforted. RIPP Kwame


  4. Stop beating you’ll ass ! That’s what you waiting for , something to talk about. That’s the thing with you’ll people ZAFÈ MOUN !


  5. how many mo must die . that y we havr so many lesbiens cause all the penis rotten.smh


  6. My dear saint Lucian!
    Ask yourselves,: how do the guns get in and what measures can be taken to keep them out of the island?


    This is so sad !! Men keep killing each other. I must add, These are not real men,
    These are coward little boys living in a mans body.

    Why not start to behave like real men. When problems arise stand up , talk like a man
    or move away from the scene, you have two legs can walk with , Just Go !! Go !!
    That proves you are a man of strength and stability.

    Lets stop the shedding of Blood, when you do it, both sides of the family suffers,
    ( YOURS AND THE VICTIM ) don't think they will not find out.
    I'm so sorry those who will be taking lives wont see this to read it.


    • That sad to see what the world is coming to it's all over not only st lucia but to hear this in a small beautiful home like stlucia it breaks my heart I am in so much fear to visit my own country with all the stories I hear and read about . Some day I will decide to visit again


  8. There are always people who know the ones doing these killings, yet they keep quiet. There are often someone who witnessed this brutality, yet they coverup for the murders. Sad.


  9. You just cannot pass a curfew for six murders in three months. Which is two per month. That would be a joke for having a curfew or an abuse of such a measure. Knee jerk.

    A curfew is a serious measure reserved for critical situations. Six murders as bad as it is does not qualify considering the implications of a curfew on a community. Since the murders are spread will it then be communities or then be island wide. Further, how long will the curfew be for or until what level of satisfaction is reached? To reach two or one murder per month? Curfews like states of emergencies falsely drop crime rates for the obvious reasons. When they are terminated crime rises even more rapidly. No real solution.

    The Prime Minister needs to manage and deal with that murder rate. Put all the necessary things in place. Better solution.


  10. The Prime minister need to pass a curfew for at least 1 year....Or bring Martial law to St.Lucia,this is Ridiculous,a poor boy dear God Father not in crime or any suspicious activity coming from work,not roaming the Town gets kill by satanic demonic beings...This is sad an un humane, beastly,unrealistic and unrighteous. ..God the Messiah don't sleep...My condolences go out to his family and friends...The poor guy in his working clothes....doing right trying to survive and paid so dearly....But you'll will be paying soon who ever the person or persons are.


      • I think you know who did this because the comment you answer to is on point. You heartless bastard.


    • Shut up Sharon. Coming and talk about God and demons. The Catholic Church, The Foundation of Christianity, has butchered and tortured more people than any nonreligious conflict in human history. More savagery has been committed in the name of God than in any other cause.

      Also, if I wear work clothes does that make me a saint? This guy gets shot in his face and neck, they didn't even take anything from him. I think its pretty obvious he royally pissed someone off for one reason or another. This does not excuse the crime, but It shows that there is a whole other side to this story.


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