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BREAKING NEWS: Police investigate homicide #14

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – A man, who was reportedly in critical condition as a result of a stabbing incident in La Pointe, Mon Repos on Saturday, June 2, 2018, has died, police officials have confirmed.

The incident occurred around 8 p.m.

The man, identified as Stephen James, aka ‘2pac’, sustained a stab wound to the neck allegedly during an argument with a known suspect, according to reports.

He was reportedly pronounced dead at St. Jude Hospital.

Unconfirmed reports are that the suspect and his girlfriend have been arrested.

The is the 14th homicide for 2018.

More details later.

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  1. Tell this stupid person stay the hell in his countrym

  2. Some of you are so slow beyond belief, if its not the governments' responsibility to solve high levels of crime then whose problem is it. Yes, citizens have to take responsibilty too but where the hell are the LEADERS in the country and also in that case what is the point of electing a government?

    & I hope those that are saying that the government can't or shouldn't do nothing about high crimes rates are not complaining about high levels of unemployment.

    Stop letting political colours come between common sense. Hypocrites!!

  3. You see we cah live without fire keep the fire burning more purification fi di heart and soul more fire more fire justice and equality fi all burn down babylon cah kool you seee me jah higherfari teach them the key yo killing and the inspiration to burial send fi me gun dem now from dem dis mi wa know how let the mons soul rest in zion haile sellasie why.

  4. Putting other means of punishment might help .... When they kill they go to prison and live a better life than most of us do.... they're taken to doctor's visits and are exempted... They get to have classes... wtf hang them. .. electrocute.... They will never stop . . FOH

  5. My deepest condolences to the family! one should die at the hands of another.

  6. Black people killing each other all over the world. Other races continue to work TOGETHER and advance.

  7. Myself and Barbie where Planning on coming to saint Lucia for one month holiday But barbie is upset she told me that she dose not want to go anymore because of the crime on the island and she cares about us so much instead she wants us to go to London for that one month holiday I totally agree with her she is my wife.

    Barbie wants me to ask you just a few Questions

    1) Why is it that the people on the island do not fear God and Jesus Christ and hail Selassie ?
    2) Why is it that the Government do not lock up all the baddies like send them to prison ?
    3) if there was enough work for everyone then there would be no crime ? true or false

    The people of saint Lucia should love one another and treat each other like Brothers and sisters and should Go to church and pray
    they need to understand that the heavens will bust open and god and his heavenly host will come forth to judge man kind for the sins they have committed
    People of saint Lucia the eyes of heaven is looking upon you all so be Great as Jesus Christ is great and do what is good in the eyes of our God read your bible and treat no man wrongly
    and do not wast your time standing in constitution Park mining people business and gossiping and fighting with one another instead read your bible or local news paper
    support your Government and the local economice

    Barbie said to me that she loves saint Lucia But we will only come visit when crime is at a all time low
    we where planning to come to get married But we decided to call if off maybe next year

    • Yes because all other places in the world are crime spree free, keep your ignorance off the island...we are happy you wont be coming, check the statistics on the death counts so far in Jamaica and Trinidad... Stay away from there too...we will be just fine...

    • I hope your barbie is not blonde. Tell your Barbie that in case she did not know, she is much safer in Saint Lucia than where she is currently. Please I implore you and Barbie to check our statistics and see how many mass shootings we have had in Saint Lucia. How many schools in Saint Lucia have been victims to mass many malls in Saint Lucia have been victims to mass many churches have been victims to mass shooters....I am sure Barbie is more at risk of getting killed in your so called crime free places...than our island. Stop showing off your is very unbecoming. Besides most of you people come to our islands with very little to add to our economy. stay where you are...we will survive anyway!!

    • Go to Trinidad and Tobago, the crime is at an all time low there. Ask the taxi driver to drop you in Laventille. It is a great area to have a wedding. All the best and God Bless.


      The number of stabbings in London far outnumbers what happens in St. Lucia!

  8. 😰siiiiiiigh. His poor mom has been through enough!!!!!

  9. thats y im not into these politics talk ,, every thing is pm?/ y urll so smh that not coming in no where an is that urll taking about gosh

  10. Don't blame the PM them idiot think they can take the law in their own hands have them lock up for life.

  11. Didn't 2Pac die in a shooting in the USA a while aback? Heard rumors that he was in Cuba, but never thought I would have heard he would finally meet his demise in Saint Lucia.

  12. RIP cousin.

  13. Only fasting aND prayer can bring healing to this land. That includes the politicians to turn away from their wicked ways, and humble before the Almighty God. SALVATION FOR OUR NATION IS NEEDED. GOVT AND OPPOSITION TIME TO HUMBLE. HE'LL IS REAL.

    • Don't be dumb there's 0% chance that any politician will change. Apparently you don't know what it takes to be apart of government.

  14. Somebody must a make a pack with satan .so many lives goung down.last year 60 how much will dis yr bring jah u do someting quick

  15. Those asking for the pm to do something..kindly leave some suggestions as to how a human being can change the wicked hearts of another human being.

  16. We have to make ourselves safe ..not any Government.. raise a chd in the way he should grow according with the scriptures and we will have a better country.. when we as parents doesn't teach our kids hiw to pray we breedinh them for rhe devil...

  17. If P.M could stop everybody from killing, then this wouldn't have occurred. Bambi, stop acting like this man is in control of everyone's action

  18. He died on arrival

  19. Explain to me how the pm can prevent people from kill each other

    • askl him that

    • It seems the government is God's and angels, how could the government prevent a man from being drunk at a bar and give trouble and got killed in the process,the bible spoke about these things and they will come to pass, we need to pray and correct what is wrong with our kids

  20. Take control father

  21. Please Mr. P.M do something.

  22. What the hell is going on in the country? If it's not a shooting is a stabbing. P.M you say you would make us safe. Do it quickly because you say you can. So disgusting!

    • Is this Steven Gabriel ?of d b s.

    • Is it the pm who will stop people as to how to control their anger.......smfh

    • Do you really think the pm can make anyone safe, so if u decide to kill someone the pm is supposed to come take the weapon from your hand? Please grow up people, why don’t u kill someone, is it because the pm said don’t or is it a decision you make on your own, stop playing the blame game,

    • How can the pm be responsible,

    • PM will make y’all safe? Nobody can prevent wickedness dummy

    • Quiet there are people who are to wicked and bring death unto their self because they choose to theif other people property and take what doesn't belong to them leaving the owner without and devistated.
      You sow what you reap.

    • and what you expect the PM to do?
      People need to take responsibility for their actions and for their country. dont sit on your ass and complain about it, but when your friend or cousin is involved you dont say or do anything. everyone wants to turn a blind eye and then wait for someone else to come and do something to help or rescue them.

      What you should be more concerned about is that our politicians from BOTH parties are always involved in some argument and contention. Forever arguing with each other, and then calling for unity amongst the people. instead of you saying stupid things like "make us safe" try saying something like bring us together" or "Set the example"

    • What you want the pm to do stan between them, it time to use you brain and stop talking from you all asses.

    • So stupid just don't put it on there and 👎BBM

    • how

    • Don't be dumb. No government has control of the next person to walk down the street to shoot/stab someone. Stop complaining like a child, as so long as human beings have disagreements, altercations will occur out the reach of the"P.M" stop being stupid.

    • Only God can make us safe not Politicians


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