UPDATED: Young man killed after argument over cigarette

UPDATED: Young man killed after argument over cigarette
DEAD: Jamal Federick
DEAD: Jamal Federick

A knife was plunged into the stomach of 19-year-old Jamal Fredereck aka Edo shortly after a heated argument over a cigarrette in Barre Denis with two other young males on Friday around 9:30 p.m., an eyewitness have told St. Lucia News Online.

A resident told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that he was present when an argument developed between the deceased and another young man over a cigarette. He said the alleged killer intervened in defense of the young man.

“Jamal bought it (the cigarette) but the other boy threw it down by mistake, so Jamal was asking him to buy it back. The one who stabbed him stepped in and take the case. But they (Jamal and the suspect) were not dealing so there was an exchange of words,” the witness said.

During the heated exchange between and the suspect, a fight “almost” broke out, the witness said.

“People separated them. Jamal threw a stone but another man said the stone hit him instead of the boy (the suspect),” the witness pointed out, adding that the suspect never hit Jamal during the argument.

After the altercation everybody went their separate ways, the witness said.

“Jamal went back by a shop and buy something. So he sat outside on his phone talking to his friends when the boy came back, made as if he went and buy something inside the shop. On his way back out, he just stabed Jamal in the abdomen and ran. Jamal was lying on the floor and relatives were by his side trying to get him to stay calm,” the witness explained.

Frederick died at Victoria Hospital and became St. Lucia’s 19th homicide victim for 2017 and the third homicide victim in one week.

The suspect is currently in police custody.

A relative of Frederick told SNO that the deceased was not a “bad boy” and described the alleged killer as a “hater”.

“He (Jamal) wasn’t no bad boy eh. He (alleged killer) was a hater. He was troubling Jamal earlier on and he attacked Jamal for a problem dat wasn’t concerning him,” the relative alleged.

Federick was an employee of Du Boulay’s Bottling Company Ltd.


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  1. Please bring back the death penalty. Hang these men all of them. Rapers, murderers and all. Please I beg, hang all criminals.


  2. How many more of our own have to go this way until WE as a nation, citizens, government, judges, lawyers, teachers, parents, all of us realize that something is needed to be done. Enough is enough.
    We just started March. OH MY.


  3. Jesus said if u have hatred in your heart for another person u already commit murder. Flee from sin.


  4. you so bad man u stabbing and running away!!! Please I beg...put this guy away for the rest of his life! smh


  5. In deed the country is in need of divine management. Every citizen have the responsibility of doing their part. But the more so the greatest responsibility i think fall on our leaders. They should hold themselves up in such a way that they could be used as role models for the right reasons. Immoral acts and criminality should not only should not pay it should also not appear to pay.


  6. One thing the government and police can't help you all with is the IGNORANCE... Some of you all just too ignorant in the place. Foolishness alone you all promoting... Just can't behave, You all killing for cigarette, you all killing for woman, some of you all killing for no reason at all. BUT LATER WILL BE GREATER.


  7. Who kills for a cigarette. St Lucia has now become a very unsafe place we need to take a stand and prosecute these criminals also we need to take this up to god. My condolences to the family of Jamal


    • the cigarettes started the argument but as they stated in the article there were problems before that...really people should read before they comment stupidness here


  8. premeditated murder..lets see how the system is going to deal with that.. enough is enough st lucia


  9. @Dp.....Dick and P... kill too. Don't you think? The things I read on this joint boy oh boy........


      • Lol ????... "he was a good boy... he never trouble nobody"

        Might be true.. u never know... just sux when they really r/were bad boys.


    • Lol ????... "he was a good boy... he never trouble nobody"

      Might be true.. u never know... just sux when they really r/were bad boys.


  10. Fyi......Not everyone believes in GOD therefore you should not ask people to put God in their lives. There's a variety of other religions. Get it? Not all Lucians are Christians. Smfh.....


    • whats wrong with saying put God in our lives. dont we need Him. isnt he the one that has u alive today u should really think before writing...PUT GOD IN YOUR LIFE,,,,,,,OUR LIVES,,,, satan has wrapped around his fingers and only GOD CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE


  11. The recent crimes which have taken place indicates that anger management is badly needed in St.Lucia.

    The world places more focus on women issues and " agendas".

    We are calling on the authorities to AGGRESSIVELY place focus on issues and challenges facing boys and men in our country. Give it the same attention that is given to women issues.

    Most suicides , murders, domestic violence is committed by men. Girls do better at school than boys.

    The world CANNOT continue to place issues facing our boys and men on the back burner. It needs to be discussed and handled in the same manner as women issues.

    If we want to reduce on crime, focus on the issues facing boys and men more aggressively.

    It seems at the rate the world is going it seems men will be an endangered species.



  12. R.I.P young man. Whether you were a bad boy or not, no one is allowed to take the life of another.


  13. This is so damn sad...you can just tell by looking at jamal that he is not a trouble maker...this is the grip the devil have over the nation....if you notice most of the murders are not actually ganster style monster killings but just ppl not putting god in their daily lives and allowing satan the longer end of the stick.....my ppl look into it...over a cigarette could have been resolve under any circumstance,do u think jamal would ever wanna die over a $1 smokes or the killer would want that presently on himself over the said situation...SATAN I REBUKE YOU??........??


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