Who wrote that article?

By Gideon Aurelien

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UWP General Secretary Oswald Augustin (left) and Norbert Williams, the PM Chastanet’s attache at the press conference today, Sept. 17.

(SNO) — An article published in the September 8, 2018 issue of The Voice newspaper with the name Oswald Augustin as the author, may or may not be the Oswald Augustin who is the general secretary of the United Workers Party (UWP).

It is anybody’s guess who the Oswald Augustin is, but the general secretary of the UWP is not making it easy at all for those who want to know whether he’s the article’s author.

That article had so vexed the main Opposition St. Lucia Labour Party (SLP) that its Chairman Moses Jn Baptiste had written to Police Commissioner Severin Moncherry complaining about certain information in the possession of the police being in the hands of Oswald Augustin, the general secretary of the UWP. SEE: SLP complains to police commissioner over UWP letter to newspaper

“We view Mr. Augustin’s statement as a suggestion that in his attempts at getting after political opponents, he has the benefit of access to the machinery and operation of the police in Saint Lucia,” wrote Jn Baptiste in his letter to the police commissioner.

“Such statements by a senior member of the ruling United Workers Party are ominous and should be a source of grave concern to the citizens of our country…,” Jn Baptiste also wrote.

At a press conference called today, Monday, Sept. 17 by his party, the general secretary of the UWP gave nothing away, even when pressed by reporters to irrefutably establish whether he was the one who wrote the article.

“He (Jn Baptiste) should first find out how many Oswald Augustins there are in Saint Lucia before he says it (article) was written by the general secretary of the United Workers Party. And I want to caution him next time he calls or write my name anywhere he better make sure he has facts and knows what he is talking about,” said General Secretary Oswald Augustin of the UWP.

Admitting that he was the Oswald Augustin of the UWP, Jn Baptiste was speaking of in his letter to the police commissioner, the UWP general secretary said Jn Baptiste needs to find out which Oswald Augustin wrote the article in The VOICE newspaper.

“Since he (Jn Baptiste) has written a letter to the police he needs to get his facts straight and find out which Oswald Augustin wrote that article because the last time I check there were five Oswald Augustins, one passed away. He has to be careful who he is talking about.”

So who is the Oswald Augustin who wrote that article in The Voice newspaper?


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  1. Hahahahahaha... Moosah how you like leaks. You all leaking so much but when it's you on the other end you crying. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Take your leak like a man.

  2. The problem with musa is that he never verified the source of the information and subject. A serious error of judgement. His grand standing without certainty of the information make him look very stupid.

  3. This guy is talking to 43% huh?

  4. What's wrong with this jackass ? You know dam well you wrote the article stop taking St Lucians for fools

  5. Come Augustin don't try that. We all know the Oswald that right that letter so don't try that. I am not one of the 43 per cent.

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