UPDATE: Two men sustain injuries in Gros Islet

UPDATE: Two men sustain injuries in Gros Islet

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that two men, one of whom sustained a stab wound to the neck, were injured in Gros Islet town this afternoon.

The victims have been identified as Josiah Antoine, 23, of Gros Islet, who sustained injuries to his back and left arm, and Hayden Dix, 35, who sustained a stab wound to the neck.

They were transported to hospital via ambulance. Their condition is unknown at this time.

The incident reportedly occurred on Chapel Street around 1:30 p.m. during an alleged altercation.

According to reports, emergency services were called to transport Dix to the hospital, then soon after another ambulance was requested for Antoine.


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  1. Let me make a valuable suggestion. I think that when they guys are in unlawful act like they have been stab or shot they should be kept in police custody because they know who, and what happen to them and why it happen to them. They should b kept so that arrest can be made.


  2. It should be mandatory that the parents especially the fathers of those victims and criminals be investigated for their parenting.

    Too many single mothers in St Lucia. too many men have children with too many women and are absent fathers.

    Now everybody have to pay for their carelessness. Fatherless boys out their searching for belonging and significance, not having been given proper direction and a sense of purpose by the man whose job it was -their Fathers


  3. These young men in St.lucia growing up ignorant and uncivilized !! Just can't behave and sometime is over bullshit they fighting, nothing serious. Useless idiots in society.


  4. When the cat's say he nice will play! No punishment for crime so its a free for all! Shoot,stab,rob, get bail and it goes on and on and on!!! No one gets punished for crime anymore...


  5. From today, Emancipation Day, we must emancipate ourselves from the mental slavery that makes us want to settle disputes with weapons.


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