‘Third’ man in Barbados drug bust fails to secure surety, remanded

‘Third’ man in Barbados drug bust fails to secure surety, remanded
Prescod in handcuffs.

(NATION NEWS) – The third man in the drug case involving the directors of Goddards Enterprises was remanded this afternoon after he failed to secure a surety.

Walter O’Neal Prescod, 55, a sailor, of 107 Emerald Park East, St Philip, had been granted bail in the sum of $450, 000 and his wife spent the afternoon hunting for a surety.

She was unable to secure any and he was remanded to prison until Monday when he will reappear in court.


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  1. Always has to be a racist in the mix. Prescod is a convicted drug smuggler having been sentenced to 12 years in jail for the same offense back in the early 2000’s. He apparently served at least 6 years so most likely he was back to his old ways. If you were nabbed at the same time and were most likely innocent, would you bail out the person that got you in this mess?


  2. That just shows the white boys look out for their own kind. Sad they couldn't assist to bail you out. Now you know if the deal had gone through what you expected to get was very little . I hope its a lesson learnt in your sailor life.


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