UPDATED: Teen charged with aiding and abetting blackmail – Alexander

By SNO Staff

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18034589_10154993018855071_1532137530_nAssistant Superindent Gregory Alexander of the Police Public Relations Department, who initially reported that 18-year-old Kershel Louis was charged with blackmail in the nude photo scandal involving a senator, said the charge is actually aiding and abetting blackmail.

Alexander told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today that Louis, a resident of Cas En Bas, Gros Islet, was on Monday charged with aiding and abetting blackmail and appeared in a First District Court in Castries yesterday where she was granted bail in the sum of $5,000 cash or suitable surety.

The charges are connection to the release of nude photos on the internet involving Senator Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, Minister in the Ministry of Finance.

Conditions of her bail include surrending all travel documents, not to apply for any travel documents without the State’s permission, do not come within 100 yards of the complainant, and report to the Gros Islet Police Station on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Louis joins her friend, 18-year-old Curshaby Alexander of Beausejour, Gros Islet, who was charged with blackmail in the same case. It is believed Louis assisted her friend in carrying out the crime.

Curshaby was also granted bail.

Senator Raymond had said at a news conference that he was the victim of an extortion attempt.

He remains part of the Cabinet despite calls from various political and non-political organisations to resign.

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  1. I don't stama when I talk lol like Mr.piere

    Firstly they right to black mail him he have his wife at home I sure he don’t send pictures so for his wife but he want to use his position to fornicate with the young women that don’t know anything about the life he should also be held responsible for his nasty conduct as a minister he should be setting an example these men in position in this country use their positions to destroy ppls homes and go home to their wives like they all good it’s a shame they suppose to set an example for our young ppl from this man down to Stevenson queen to Philip j Pierre it’s a shame he should step down


    • I don't stama when I talk lol like Mr.piere

      The married man suppose to keep his dick in his pants you have no respect for saying wat u say there the man is your lover or u family which one they right to black mail him he too nasty and he is a bitch so who ever that say that deh go f**k your self one sided and I don’t even know the ppl who did that he nasty a nasty big man if I was his wife I would horn him and divorce him and take half half from the scum of society

  3. nice girls like you , you want big man with position. and the nasty women that supporting them, stop selling your children to grown married men. the sad thing is that no grown adult showed these girls a better way but they blaming the minister. which man on this earth would refuse a younger version of Beyonce?

  4. It really hurt to hear a second youngster was charged in this ridiculous but “entangled” harassment/blackmail case. Suffice it to say though, in the end nothing will come of this case; mark my words. The problem with prosecuting blackmail cases is that the person being blackmailed is more often than not quite resistant to testifying to his own unpleasant indiscretions which form the basis of the blackmail. It’s almost as though the “victim” is being tried.

    There are basically two broad types of blackmail; blackmail by an individual who has come to private but shameful information about someone and blackmail by an individual who themselves has been a victim of the shameful actions of someone.

    In the first instance both the blackmailer and person being blackmailed are “villains” in the eyes of the public; whereas in the second type of blackmail, the blackmailer is usually seen as a victim because of the “suffering” that led to him/her having to resort to blackmail.

    To enlighten you on how the second scenario might unfold, I refer you to the Hastert case in the USA. Dennis Hastert was a US congressman and Speaker of the House. He had been withdrawing large sums of money from the bank to pay as “hush money” (euphemism for blackmail) to someone who he was supposed to have molested decades ago. He was charged and fined for offences against the “anti money laundering act’. At age 75 he will now begin his 15 month jail sentence.

    But what of his blackmailer? The blackmailer (male) has not been tried nor charged and will most likely escape prosecution because as a “victim” of molestation the case against him seems “unwinnable”.

    In our St.Lucian scenario I personally see the young persons here as being “victims” also but they have borne the wrath of the press and have been painted as “gold digging”, unscrupulous and morally bereft; grossly unfairly compared to the person who has had the reason to be blackmailed.

    But mark my words that case will be “shelved” as the circumstances leading to the blackmail render the prosecutor’s case unwinnable.

  5. Let’s be real this’s 2017 ……we are not in the fifties or sixties. Your average 18 year old in this day and age is more diplomatic and computer savvy and extremely materialistic. It takes two to tango ….these were not retarded or handicap individuals. Give me a break the love of money is the root of all evil. By the way I live in the US. However, when I was growing up in St. Lucia I could not bring home a pencil which was not purchased by my parents —I was reprimanded and told to return it immediately.

    Your daughter comes home with cell phone, jewelry, Gucci bags etc. which you did not purchase and by the way your daughter is unemployed. I don’t think the cash fell from a tree. Do you not inquire of your daughter what in Gods name is going on. Do you then begin to conduct your own FBI or CIA investigation.. Where there is smoke there is fire St. Lucia is not that big —people talk. They are all guilty of prostitution and it’s a shame including the John (aka man involved).

    Prayer for the Johns family (the most affected in this scenario)

  6. The law of the land was broken by the young ladies i agree.
    What about MORAL JUSTICE in all of this?
    Are we so blind are we so callous? Are we so brazzen in our morals?
    This is a sad time in the history of ST Lucia. Don’t know when but one thing i know MORAL JUSTICE WILL prevail!

  7. Allen trust me standing by that abuser will come back to bite you in the tail

  8. An 18 year old is an adult, a young one at that, but so is a 32 year old. Both are considered youth according to the official definition. Where do we draw the line on an adult being a youth? In most civilized countries the age of maturity is 21, however St. Lucia has legislated it at 18. According to the Criminal Code:

    Age of criminal responsibility
    26.— (1) A person under twelve years of age is not criminally
    responsible for any act which he or she does which is contrary to law.
    (2) A person of twelve years of age and below sixteen years of age
    is criminally responsible for any act done by him or her unless he or she
    is not of sufficient maturity of understanding to enable him or her to
    appreciate the nature and consequences of his or her conduct in respect
    of which he or she is accused.

    Therefore according to St. Lucian laws a person can be a criminal even before they reach the age of consent. This law’s intention is mainly to determine the mental maturity of persons and not necessarily to prescribe a certain age. Most women have children before the age of 18, in fact in times past they were married long before that age and most times outlived their first and second husbands, gathering considerable wealth. Two young women have been charged with blackmail and accessory to blackmail. If the alleged victim had not been a Minister most likely there would not have been a problem, however the law should not be seen to distinguish people in criminal matters. With that established this now seems to suggest that the opposition to the two being charged rest squarely on political grounds.

    The remedy to such a situation is a legal one, however it has political implications as many people will be for or against the Minister’s resignation. There is no evidence that the Minister has committed any crime so there is no legal impediment to him continuing to perform his duties. However some has argued that the moral responsibility of the Minister has been compromised. Question is do we elect persons to office on moral grounds? Well the answer is still split as many people see it as electing the best man to do the job, since many elected officials in the past have found to be wanting in the morals department. However, the caveat here is that the Minister in question was not elected and was appointed so there wasn’t any chance to do the moral vetting by the moralists. There is no written moral code to refer to in order to create an offence neither determine the severity or consequences of an official moral transgressions. It is all left arbitrarily to the whims and fancies of the politicians and their followers. In addition, the moral case has yet to be substantiated because up to this point we have no evidence that these are actual photos of the Minister. Further if any imaginary moral code was broken it would be mainly because he was married, and who is the victim? His family. Has the family registered their agreement with the alleged infringement? Not that we know of, in fact we have heard that they are supportive of the Minister.

    Now tell me, in such a state of deregulation and chaos which we have allowed to fester do we ourselves past any moral code which we want to enforce on others? If there is no Court and all offences are created within our minds can we then hold anyone accountable or arrest them?

    I find this position to be very incoherent and amounts to an absurdity. It is a situation that is both untenable in law and we cannot make reference to any specific moral rule. If we want morals to be a criteria by which public officials are held accountable then we have to set up a system to do just that. In the absence of the we will still continue to march to the tunes of politicians, which is nearly always unstable and detrimental to our cause.

  9. All those defending the two young women, would you want them to date your sons , not because they probably slept with a married men, but because of how the attempt to get what they want. Because if it is not blackmail, it could get it by any means necessary such as robbery etc.

    So would your readily accept them, as ideal mates for your sons?
    Would welcome them with open arms.

    If your answer is yes, then the 18 year old man who has committed a robbery, or is known to be a thief, would you want him to date your daughter?

  10. Why is he not being punished? This is ridiculous! Those teenagers may have been under age. He is not worthy of a cabinet position.

  11. I want to understand why her travel documents were taken for a ding and abetting when the minister is the biggest fraud and they have not taken his ubaldus yours coming and it won’t be a walk in the park you tarnishing the kids reputation but remember everything in the dark comes out in the light sometime and your wife even more sick because I know in the back of her mind she knows that you are not innocent woman instincts we call it you don’t want to resign because you want to use your powers to manipulate young vulnerable young women nasty man

  12. Yes we call them young ladies children and teen, but do you really believe those girls want to be treated like children, just look at the men they are after, not young boys their age. They are out to destroy families. We don’t know how many men they have done this to, those men will not say anything because they are afraid to have their name publish, all they do is pay up the money. We should never encourage our young girls to indulge themselves in those kind of activities. soon we will find them dead all over the place., they need to learn to appreciate and respect their bodies and its not for sale. When those young girl go to school going to the same school with your children, showing off their expensive phone, jewelries and other expensive stuff showing off in other children face just imagine what example and pressure our children has to face on a daily basis, coming home pressuring poor resents who can afford to give their children their wants, it then become a big problem to control our young people . We keep hearing repents are the one who is not training their children right that’s why our society is suffering, those young we think that are innocent, they are the one training your young girls how to prostitute themselves to get rich quick by using they premature body to get what they want instead of focusing on getting a good education. I am not saying those men are innocent, they need to take responsibility for their action, but the example has to be set. Those girls has to be treated like adults, they started it let it end with them and set example for anyone who will try it again, put the fear of God in them if that’s what it takes to save the others. If they has to be punish to save young girls who had the same intention so be it.

    Pardon gl

    • Exactly.
      That is why when I hear people trying to make a case for them, saying they innocent, they make a mistake, they are not aware of the other young women they set to destroy.
      Because we do acknowledge that they are imperfect, but when we try to soften what they do, that behavior only festers and is spread to other females who feel that the can get away, because society will be lenient towards them. Who knows they might even go so far to say they were raped.

      Let them pay for what they have done, so if any girls, women, boys or men feel that they can manipulate or blackmail someone, THEY WILL THINK TWICE and victims will feel more empowered to protect themselves.

  13. Disgusted to the core

    Both parties are equally wrong butbubaldas keeps playing victim. When he was exploiting the girls he was not a victim at all. If he hadn’t gotten caught they would still be carrying on with their nastiness so I think he should leave the girls alone. What is his punishment for his share in this. They always complain the youth, here was an opportunity for him to punt those misguided girls in the right direction, but guess what, he did like all the other men and took advantage of their foolishness. This thing is wrong on all levels but don’t worry the father doesn’t sleep the girls are getting their earthly judgment nowbut unaldas will be getting his heavenly judgement later.

  14. Our so called ministers ve to stop making bomb wit tax payers money, again wit school children. Dats bull leave our youths alone, dat matter should ve been done with n he should be charged for making bomb…dirty ass minister.

  15. ratvilles finest

    nasty suti

  16. this minister or whatever he calls himself is a piece of $H&T

  17. I hope when all the extortion charges have been applied. He will be dismissed of his position. A man of position engaging in sexual activity with a student. Whether she is 18 and has the age of consent he should have been encouraging her to further her studies. The Family man had other intentions to satisfying himself and his sexual desires. Sick f..entertaining himself with young school leavers. Trying to dust off the shade off of himself. You are suppose to be representing St. Lucia. You all politicians full of shit. Money and power rules.

    • Oh please shut the f.. up! Smh…rhese toung girls must learn! They have no respect for themselves. They are just as bad as he is!

  18. St lucia for you. They preaching, protect the children and our young people; at the same time destroying them . Where is the justice in this case. This man is still sitting in office on tax money, committing crime against our youth and acting like he’s the victim. Throw him out.

    • The young children destroyin themselves they don’t want to take their time n wait for things the only punishment he has is wit God not man but the young girls of today they jus love vanity

  19. so who tell yourll the girl.. the man ? it was only curshaby who did some lucians need to learn how to.. read

  20. Firstly, as a married man; the minister has done wrong. As a public figure he should’ve resisted the urges. All of us have bad within, but what differentiates a good person from a bad one is that the good person is able to suppress the badness within.

    Although the media is giving priority in publicizing this incident, I believe there is a silver lining. Often young girls want to go with older men, for luxury and to enjoy the finer things in life. Stunting on there friends. Social media has shown them that being with someone of status and that has money can provide a easy path to great things. However our society has a hard time in proving to them that the same can be accomplished through hard work and education.

    And this is why I say…

    Arrest them !!!! Charge them !!!!!

    Soliciting your body to get an easy way out, is despicable. Shout out to all the girls burning the midnight oil to achieve things by themselves.

  21. I know these nasty jamette Salop girls. The whole crew is the same. Extortionists, liars, prostituting themselves for glamourous things and tickets to events. But worst of all, they are damn snobbish bullies who like to tease and torment other young women. Two down, the rest will follow. Who really released Ubaldus pics while the first one was locked up? Yall give pretty SALCC girls a bad name!

    • With it all these are not the only ones who are involved and I know all of them who always party together so time will tell

  22. People will be quick to crucify the young ladies but is the man any less guilty? Neither of them is innocent but you continually have these high ranking officials exploiting the youth that they’re supposed to be protecting, but who gets punished, who gets slandered, who gets abused, the youth, while these “protectors” go on with their lives unscathed.
    Nobody sees anything wrong with the way things are going?
    There’s no injustice here?
    The young ladies should not have found themselves in this situation, but would it have gotten this far if the minister had kept his nuts in his pants, have a little more respect for himself and the young ladies?
    He is just as guilty as them.

    • Beverly Expensive

      These young full of tricks and want man with money and position. .they too dirty and viceyees. .bon pou yo

    • The difference with the minister and the girls is that they can be charged cuz in the eyes if the law it’s a crime. The minister however its between him and his God and maybe his wife/family. If we keep crying charge minister or resignation it’s pointless unless a law is established. Maybe now that this situation presents itself something shud be done so in the future both parties are dealt with accordingly…. Until then it remains the young ladies at fault.

  23. Ubaldus ka bool

  24. I think it’s time for this to end he Is just as guilty his is trying to play Vitim when in first place he was not suppose to have had any sexual relations with the young lady where Is your loyalty to your wife .u willing sent nude pics to her and now as your ass burst u want to play Vitim

    • Exactly! that’s just ridiculous. Grown ass man sleeping with lil girls and ruining there lives smh …how about stepping up and do the right thing. Sickening!

  25. Pretty face, nice smile, good teeth and looking damn good! Once your court case over baby I want to date you.

  26. Ubaldus Raymond is an ass.. His wife is a donkey and the system is corrupt..

  27. I think it’s time for this to end he Is just as guilty his is trying to play Vitim when in first place he was not suppose to have had any sexual relations with the young lady where Is your loyalty to your wife .u willing sent nude pics to her and now as your ass burst u want to play Vitim

  28. No disrespect what happen to the minister of government, their must had a connection, give Jack his jacket and jerry his jerican ,that is all am saying, the third chapter of the second book of Timothy verses 1

  29. It’s not that I am being insensitive but why is it that some ladies would not find themselves in this mess. The answer is plain, these understand their worth. You behave or think like a criminal you get treated like a criminal. You be have like a prostitute (wild or tamed) you get treated like one. It does not matter whether the man is a politician, a bus driver or a carpenter. Our you ladies need to be more assertive.

  30. leave the girl alone da man s*lop n he know it just want to use the girls wtf

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