UPDATED: St. Lucian woman sentenced after trying to smuggle £52,000 worth of cocaine through Gatwick

UPDATED: St. Lucian woman sentenced after trying to smuggle £52,000 worth of cocaine through Gatwick
Tia Clement
Tia Clement

A WOMAN has been sentenced to two years in prison after she tried to smuggle more than £50,000 worth of cocaine through Gatwick.

Tadia Clement, 23, was stopped by Border Force officers at Gatwick on 5 September after she arrived on a flight from St Lucia.

After searches, officers recovered 291g of cocaine from her person which had been concealed internally – forensic tests indicate the drugs had a street value of £52,000.

Clement, a St Lucian national, was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court on 30 October after pleading guilty to the importation of a class A drug.

Following the arrest by Border Force the investigation and prosecution were carried out by the National Crime Agency’s Border Policing Command.

Carole Upshall, Border Force regional director, said: “This was an excellent seizure and I would like to pay tribute to the Border Force officers who play a crucial role in protecting the UK from illegal drugs every day.

“We work closely with law enforcement colleagues, including the NCA, to prevent drug trafficking and do all we can to put those responsible behind bars.”

Anyone with information about activity they suspect may be linked to smuggling should call our hotline on 0800 59 5000.


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  1. She is not the first and she will not be the last lift goes on.Know one it perfect.God will for give her and she be ok.


  2. The comments we put more hurts our country than what she did cause the shit we put up on there the world is reading not good broadcast for our little country st.lucia just have a think of what I am saying I live England an I do watch what going online here from lucia so let get real people non of us perfect keep the country crime free please an see the benefits cause this country is getting worst on the map soon an we are to small minded cause we all are one nation one people one colour beautiful sea an sand an the most beautiful sunset so please share love an not gossip thanks much


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    • be careful honey what you wish for people we never know when trouble will knock on our door dont spit in the air it might fall back righ io your face.Have mercy on your fellow neighbours


  4. we all do crime in our daily life,we just havent been caught,life goes on...some of us calling kettle black when we are pot on wood fire...we just have to pray an be thankful...


    • She must be your relative, or is it for you she went and sell? Maybe you commit crimes in your daily life.
      I for one have never committed a crime. I have no reason to because i've been working since i was fifteen years old and i'm fifty one and not in the best of health. It's jealousy and laziness that causes these people to do this.


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