BREAKING NEWS: Ports police officer dies

BREAKING NEWS: Ports police officer dies

A ports police officer died this afternoon at his home in Oleon (Aux Lyons), Dennery, according to reliable sources.

The officer has been identified as 27-year-old Cauis Cassius.

Reports are that Cassius was asthmatic.

A woman who described herself as a close friend said Cassius was a “community activist”.

“He was very helpful. He will not say no easily…. he ws jovial,” she said.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.


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  1. Gone too soon. You are surely missed. No more jokes at work no more you calling me Jean Castries and me replying Jean valley sar ou di la. Seeing your photo on the wall bring nothing but pain, it will surely be different without you at work. Rip dear colleague . Gone but not forgotten


  2. As proprietor of the gym he attended I found Caine a very pleasant well-mannered and honest young ma. I am deeply grieved to hear of his death. May his soul rest in piece


    • Somebody die. A family is grieving...just say RIP uh ......u thought ports police employed by slaspa... aye shiaye tan.... url only like roro


      • This was a simple question seeking clarification as the uniform he is wearing is not that of a Port Police. #NotLookingForAFight


        • Does it matter what uniform he is in?Just remember his loved ones may be reading this so please try to be a little bit more sensitive by offering your deepest condolences. Thank you


        • It's called a ceremonial wear (tunic) and only the flashes are different... this is what port police wear


        • And you know so much to say the uniform he is wearing is not that of a port police.if you knew anything about the uniform you would know who wears what.wrong time for such question.


        • The uniform is known as a tunic. It is a port police uniform. You are given one after completing your training at training school.


    • What really is your point.
      Slaspa manages the port and employs individuals,trained at the police academy and call them port police.they wear these same tunics at parade.this is him graduating from the police training school together with others from the royal st lucia police force.
      I think that's clarification for you.
      Rip pc 75 Cassius


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