Saint Lucian man allegedly said he was ‘awoken by demons’ — and bludgeoned Fla. woman to death with pipe

Saint Lucian man allegedly said he was ‘awoken by demons’ — and bludgeoned Fla. woman to death with pipe

(PEOPLE) – A 40-year-old man allegedly expressed remorse for killing a Florida woman, saying “he killed an innocent person that was his friend” after being “awoken by demons” early Saturday morning, according to an arrest report obtained by PEOPLE.

Lesley Satenay, from the Caribbean island nation of St. Lucia, is behind bars on a second-degree homicide charge, accused of beating Krystal Phillips to death with a pipe.

It was unclear Tuesday if Satenay had entered a plea to the charge against him. PEOPLE was unable to reach his attorney for comment.

Police were called to Phillips’ Eatonville home on Saturday after someone reported seeing a woman face-down, with blood pooled around her.

Officers arrived to find Satenay standing on the front porch, with blood on his pants and feet, according to the arrest report.

Satenay allegedly told police that “the devil was inside his room,” and that he “hit the devil with a [B]ible,” the report states.

Officers recovered both a large pipe and a Bible from the scene. Both, authorities allege, were covered in blood.

The killing occurred in a bedroom and Phillips was dead on arrival, according to the arrest report. While it appears she died from blunt force trauma, her cause of death is still under investigation, the report states.

Satenay spoke to police about the killing, and allegedly told them he thought demons were inside his room. He allegedly said he used a frying pan and a knife to attack “a big person” in his room, striking the person — who according to the report appears to have been a figment of his imagination — with three blows, the report states.

Satenay thought that Phillips had left after he went to bed, and allegedly told police he was “awoken by demons,” prompting him to attack her, the arrest report alleges.

Satenay also allegedly told police he had had a long-standing relationship with Phillips, describing her as his friend who “did not deserve to die,” according to the report.

Satenay is being held without bail at the Orange County Jail.


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  1. It is a matter of the foreign substance people use. "this is the demon speaking in his head.' sorry for the family of this lady. RIP


  2. I knew leslie growing up ,a good kid. may the lord give you strength bro and may the lord give your parents strength in this time God condolences go out to the young girls parents may the lord strengthen them especially.


  3. Certain heights make one see things that don't exist. It like living in an unreal state.


  4. St Lucians are liars. They do their cruel acts and blame everyone. He is now trying to blame on evil. Oh well if he believe in it then it shall come and get him.


    • I wonder if the statue of the Archangel Michael is still in the Immaculate Conception Church, down town Castries. It was there in my childhood. –You know the one with the image of a white man - the angel, sword in hand, striding a black man -the devil, outstretched on the ground about to be slain. The devil is not a figment of his imagination or any delusional St Lucian. I will disagree with you that St Lucians are liars. The devil is a dangerous social construction that we need to exorcise from our psyche to be spiritually alive and not to be riddled with self-hate.


  5. I know Leslie we grew up in Denney, he was the sweetest kid. I can't believe that happened. Praying for you bro.


  6. It is not sad. You have no idea who is tied to whom. Not because you do not believe in something that doesn't mean it does not exist. Its just sad that he tired to fight a supernatural thing physically...


  7. Most St Lucians believe in the supernatural and it is a hard shell that is impossible to break with religion or common sense. The ‘lust so’ answers from authorities such as parents, priests, teachers, maintain closed minds unable to pose insightful questions that lead to growth.


    • He would be insanity if the belief in demons was not widespread in the culture. If most St Lucians believe in the manifestation of demons is it sound to deduce that most St Lucians are mad? How many believers encounter demons which results in the death of another human being is another matter.


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