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UPDATED: Male seriously injured in chopping incident

By SNO Staff

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Victoria Hospital

(SNO) – A young male was hospitalised in critical condition as a result of a chopping incident that occurred in La Croix Maingot on Monday, May 21, 2018, according to reports.

The victim has been identified as 25-year-old Casey Laurent of Barres Denis.

A source told St. Lucia News Online that Laurent was taken to Victoria Hospital via ambulance with “serious injuries” inflicted by a cutlass-wielding assailant.

The source said he was “unresponsive” on arrival at the hospital.

The incident is said to have occurred around 1:45 p.m.

No further information was available.

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  1. That a Beast,not a human being...How a human being ,can pick up a cutlass,or any dangerous life threatening weapon,or object to infict bodily harm on another human being is a beast...Now,you'll laws to passive St.lucia thats a heinous crime...The victim life now critical condition...'"Control your Temper" they not listening...Now this attrocious,Beastly act should come with a life sentence,even if the victim survives...A cutlass is a deadly Weapon,next to a gun to a knife,ice pik what ever weapon of choice these demons choose..Youll laws must change,bodily harm with a cutlass or any other weapon should automatically be ife imprisonment..

  2. Sad...


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