Leading T&T business Excellent Stores opens branch in Saint Lucia

Leading T&T business Excellent Stores opens branch in Saint Lucia
The business will be housed at Johnson's Centre in Rodney Bay.
The business will be housed at Johnson’s Centre in Rodney Bay.

(SNO) — One of Trinidad and Tobago’s leading department stores has set up shop in Saint Lucia.

Excellent Stores Limited has announced that Saint Lucia is its first location outside Trinidad and Tobago. To celebrate this occasion, the company is holding a grand opening ceremony at the Johnson’s Centre, Rodney Bay on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018.

Excellent Stores, which has been serving the twin island republic for over 60 years, operates nine outlets which includes six retail branches, a seasonal store, an online store, and now the branch in Saint Lucia.

The company, which employs over 300 people, said its success and customer loyalty is driven by its pricing policy which provides the “most affordable prices for excellent quality goods, equating to true value for money”.

Johnson’s Centre in the day.

The company added that its is a household name that offers the widest selection of consumer-packaged products throughout T&T.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, the company’s Managing Director Franco Siu Chong, and Lenard Montoute, parliamentary representative for Gros-Islet, and Minister of Equity, Social Justice, Empowerment and Human Services, are scheduled to deliver remarks at the launch.

Excellent Stores was founded by Siu Joy Chong of China and his wife Hong Ling Chong after he arrived in T&T in 1937.

Ten years later the couple began their first business venture after purchasing and operating a shirt factory on Charlotte Street, Port of Spain.

By 1958 they established The Excellent Trading Company variety store which first opened on Henry Street, Port of Spain, followed by Excellent Stores Limited in 1989.


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