Five shot, one dead; child among injured in Castries shooting

(SNO) – Law enforcement officials have confirmed that one man is dead and at least four other people injured, including a child, during a shooting incident on Peynier Street in Castries on Tuesday afternoon, May 29, 2018.

The incident occurred between 3:30 p.m. and 4 p.m. in the vicinity of the CDC apartments.

A masked gunman man was shot by a law enforcement official. It is not yet known who was the gunman’s intended target.

The identities of the dead and the injured are yet to be released.

“I was on a bus at the time. We all went down when we heard a shot come closer,” a passenger on a bus told our news reporter.

Sources say the shooting may have been gang-related.

Up to late Tuesday evening, parts of the city were blocked off and manned by a heavy police presence.

More details later.





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  1. thanks to the Police Officers who were able to stop that looser from causing more harm. thank GOD you put his sorry ass to sleep quickly. THANK TO ALL THE OFFICERS JOB WELDONE... PLEASE STAY SAFE!


  2. All because of one little girl calling out the other on Facebook, who men like to run to fire for women who love trouble,u DON'T even know the real story but u running to fight to find your death and hurt innocent civilians,men u have an adam Apple for a reason, stop eating woman lies and not every dog that bark u have to answer, cowards live long, now this may birth the worst, it up to the boss men of those group to stop this senseless killing,wise up and the person who started it needs a beating from they boss and boys, put right where right is and wrong where wrong is.


  3. You know what's happening? We have the mentality of followers and not leaders. So that's why we so quick to be part of gangs so we can have another man tell us jump just so we can ask "how high?"

    And of course there will be followers. Not everyone can lead but be a follower without a follower mentality. That way when you see someone jump off a cliff, you can say.... "Nah fam. That one deh eh for me padna. I calm."

    Just my two cents on why the crime situation is what it is. Nothing to do with government. Its the people that's poisoned.


  4. well now people will stop lingering on the bus stop and go home and stop choosing bus especially the school children


  5. was just a matter of time, when the snakes start showing of their heads. We did not need a crystal ball to see this coming.I do not know if the chair or hanging will change the mindset of those vigilantes, but we need to do something and quick. Ladies and gentlemen incidents like this will stop people from investing in the island. if we continue this type of mess we are going to suffer dearly. The world is different, crime and incidents like this travel very far and very quickly.


  6. After the first shots were fired it was amazing to see the number of people flocking towards the scene; including many school children.
    So you had two crowds, one set running away from the gun fire whilst the other was running towards the shooting.
    Are people loosing it? This is not a movie or video game, real bullets a flying, people are getting killed.


  7. Thanks to rapid response of our law enforcement officers. Well done. Sorry others got hurt in the process. Change from all criminal activity youths because more people are armed than you think. They are waiting for you to back up the wrong tree


  8. Poison and Tatsu innocent people got hurt and is politics the two of u want to run
    what about the poor innocent child. if the two of u don't have any thing good to say then better to keep silent
    because no body don't want to hear the shate u to saying there.why the to of u so happy as people got shot in town
    seems the two of u like to encourage violence and are part of the problem.heartless


    • Firstly, learn to spell properly, secondly learn to read Poison made no comment about being happy that innocent people got hurt. Thirdly, get a dictionary and learn the meaning of politics. As the Minister it is his responsibility to put things in place for the safety of the people of this country. He is not a politician he didnt win a seat. He needs to do his job efficiently. Noboady should be afraid to make a comment on a situation. You are a bully everyone has a right to free speech even though you cannot spell or iunderstand english. If you dont like what you read mind your business.


        • yes uh they always quick to diss people about spelling grammar like they have never made a mistake themselves in typing in their entire life. a typo is a typo just get over it. before anything first thing they want to say is about spelling. smdh


  9. what is lucia turn into?? The streets are not safe anymore for our kids to walk anymore, people shooting after innocent people for no reason whatsoever..... When will all this no shit stop....... lets make a change in our country..... A big thx to the police and every emergency personally a job well done....


  10. Not one comment yet applauding the quick response or presence of the police. That have never been heard of before. That is the police being there stopping such madness as have happened before. The maskman was caught on the scene.



  11. Drop these ppl on rat island to hunt each other down uh or if they want to shoot put them in the army!, how is in public they want to do their nonsense!


  12. What kind of madness going on in this place. Bring back operation restore confidence.


      • If there is no need for lives to be taken they will not be, if you live by the gun I vote you die by the damn gun. I'm sure during operation restore confidence not 1 innocent person was shot or killed not 1! We st lucians are too bias and like to cover up too much hence why the problems now


      • The police is one of the biggest problem in at Lucia very corrupt and lack of education fk the police


  13. Shoot out in castries big day time like that. School children on the streets, people going home. What happened after the crime symposium? Nothing just a whole lot of talking. Minister of National insecurity what is being done?


    • what minister have to do with that? you think a minister have to tell grown men they cannot be shooting with masks on like is cops and robbers in broad daylight. Stop waiting on government to fix the issue. its up to lucians to do that!


  14. Son of a gun you'll stupid little assholes must learn.
    Sorry to know that innocent bystanders got hurt in the process.


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