UPDATE: Young man in viral torture video identified

UPDATE: Young man in viral torture video identified
Scott Atkins
Scott Atkins

Reliable sources have confirmed that the young man in the recent viral torture videos is a Saint Lucian by the name of Scott Atkins, who is originally from Desruisseaux, Micoud.

Atkins is 18 years old and his last known address was in Agard,  Castries, according to sources.

It has also been revealed that the ‘Shawn’ he mentioned in his video is actually his cousin, and not a brother as was being speculated. In the video, Atkins begs ‘Shawn’ to pay his captors because if he doesn’t they will kill him.

Sources say Atkins was kidnapped in February from Trinidad – not Martinique – and brought to Venezuela where he has been held by his captors ever since.

The gang holding Atkins claims it is owed over $130,000 USD by a relative of Atkins, according to sources.

Relatives of Atkins reportedly received the videos earlier this week and are calling on “Shawn” to pay the Venezuelan gang because the teen is innocent, according to sources.

Police in Saint Lucia are aware of the incident but according to sources there isn’t nothing much they can do.


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  1. Most of you who think this is fake don't know shit about that life. Keep your assumptions to yourself cause it's pointless. You pay for some goods and get some one credit if you don't have the cash to pay all. You then send someone to live with them in Trinidad or Venezuela as a deposit and when you've paid the rest your person comes back home safe. Shawn never paid so the nice time turned into hell and he isn't the first lucia to die that way. Only because phones are every where you guys are knowing about this. Lucians having being dying that way since the early 90s. ( facts) you don't pay your person gets killed. Goods get caught they make your person work for it. Simple, the kid knew very well what the would happen if Shawn didn't pay the balance and he went there voulenterily. You made your bed sleep in it.


  2. Think about this scenario: The Venezuelans were friendly because the deadline for the payment had not passed yet and the deal was going smoothly. When they realized that Shawn was not paying them their money, the same guys who drank and laughed with him became his enemies.
    It is very possible that the place where he was went from luxurious habitation to dreadful torture chamber.


  3. Shawn you an ass if I were you would've give myself up to the police cause we both know there won't kill the lil Yute until there get you all there doing is sending out massages to you .......so let me give you some advise pay the people there rest of the money n look for a 9 to 5 or keep the money n your life on edge 9 to 5 cause Venezuela don't have drugs all the drugs comes from Columbia so we only retails sellers so both Venezuelan n Colombians have to eat including you so think smart bro.....


  4. About time the lucian bobolists learn their lessons.
    People work for them. they don't pay.
    they take things on credit. they don't pay.
    I enh feeling sorry for no one.

    These Lucians leave bad reputations where ever they go.
    Time to clean up.
    We should invite these people over here to clean up Saint Lucia for us.
    Then we'll have no crimes and corrupt politicians.
    Clean up campaign. All must go.


  5. Must the rest of us feel any sadness abou this? If this is not a fake story, it is a wonderful thing to have happened. We need of of those things to happen to our idiots and their families. Sadly, only a few will learn anything good from this story, be it true or false.


    • And their families... why should the families have to pay for the fault of the lost ones who chose to go the wrong way... what if you're doing everything right in your life and this one family member fell by the way side and decided to deal drugs, and in the midst of it you were kidnapped or another family member close to you... would that be fair


  6. If you go onto Scott's Facebook page, you will see he was going to there on a regular basis. He's hugging up with a Hispanic looking chick and posing with some Hispanic looking men. Even his friend list showing you he mix up with them people for a while. So he's familiar with them. I don't have any insider information to know that it's fake or not,but he is in Venezuela for sure. If it's real, he is gonna die.