UPDATE: Vieux Fort man chopped during dispute over coconut

UPDATE: Vieux Fort man chopped during dispute over coconut
Sham Sanghanoo
Sham Sanghanoo

A man who was chopped in Vieux Fort on Monday around noon during a dispute over a coconut is currently in stable condition, according to medical sources.

The victim, identified as Sham Sanghanoo, 27, a resident of La Tourney, Vieux Fort, is currently a patient at St. Jude Hospital.

Reports are that Sanghanoo accused a man from his community of stealing one of his coconuts.

Sanghanoo was wounded during an ensuing argument. The suspect then fled the scene.

Medical sources said Sanghanoo sustained a severe wound to his arm and lost a lot of blood.

Sanghanoo was admitted in critical condition but his condition has been stabilised, the sources said.

It is not yet known if police has captured the suspect.

Sham Sanghanoo

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  1. You'll weren't there so shut you'll asses. You'll doe even know wat exactly happen you'll making accusations???Speed recovery tho Bro ???
    Go have a chat with who was really there ?? Thank you very much?????


  2. Even if you pay the man , you can't give the man a nut to drink ? You actually grab the nut while the man was peeling it . Shame on you . Now you're hospitalized and may not even use your hand again.


  3. People please understand it's not the coconut that's is the issue but the level of disrespect, you can't slap someone that you ask to climb a tree for you do all the labour and risk involved and want the biggest. Then when he don't want to give it you assaulted him in the presence of everybody and expect a grown man to stay there and with a weapon in his hand.


  4. When a young man climbs a coconut tree left sham at the bottom comes down and ask for the biggest coconut not expecting sham to slap him up for his own coconut what sham get he have to take he was too indiscret you want to slap somebody with a weapon in his hand because youre iron man uh to bad i dont feel sorry for people like that


  5. There is two sides to a story. When a young man climbs a coconut tree pickes his coconut comes down the tree ask to have the biggest coconut because he climbed the tree not expecting sham to slap him in his face how many times what you expect he had the lust in his hand you really think he would just stay there Nd allow an indiscret sham to slap him up what sham get take they to indiscret when they think they bad how can u slapp up a man with aweapon in his hand neve know the person have in mind


    • A coconut? What next a draw off his cigarette?
      We are a sick society, and we wondering why all the crimes and murders on Helen's doorsteps?
      People please, get real


    • You can start on your own self-improvement programme by first recognising the idiocy of branding an entire nation as "sick," based on the actions of a few deranged miscreants.


  6. wow...this is madness. When are, we going to change our hostility towards our own people. you can feel the tension in the air. The leaders are no dam different. People we must understand that all this nonsense starts from the top and trickle down. Our kids are watching all this and think it’s natural to be this way and we wonder why they do what they do…..simply, because they are learning from US.


  7. Now when they catch this suspect they need to take a couple of his fingers .. one is for touching what wasn't his and the other for chopping the guy. Give these people some kind of consequence that will make them not want to do certain acts


  8. Wow!!! Over 1 coconut. What next. He would have kill him if it was an 10 coconuts. The Police need to do their job, especially with those guys walking around with sacks of fruit and food on their heads. I think you call the jombies on St. Lucia. One empty out my garden in Choisuel, I am here for six months and everyday this guy comes and take as if it his.


  9. Sorry to say but karma would have been a real bitch when no matter how long he spend behind bars. I


  10. But why we Lucians so savage? Come on man, I am a Lucian but every time is a harshay for nonsense. We behaving like wild animals towards our own. Come on man!


    • That is crazy it did nt had to happen like that it very crazy.for way live.to pressious to act like that I hope that man recovery pray. For him


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