UPDATE: Suspect in Micoud homicide released

UPDATE: Suspect in Micoud homicide released
DEAD: Davidson Egarnes

The male suspect in the stabbing death of New Extension, Micoud resident Davidson Egarnes has been released from police custody pending further investigations, according to reliable sources.

Egarnes, 21, sustained a fatal stab wound around 10 p.m. on July 31, 2017 in the vicinity of the Micoud Playing Field.

Police said Egarnes was transported via ambulance to St. Jude Hospital where he succumbed due to his injuries on Tuesday, August 1.

A post mortem examination revealed that he died as a result of a stab wound to the abdomen.

It is alleged that the deceased and the suspect had a history of conflicts between them and that on the day of the incident the deceased attacked the suspect.

Sources say the suspect was released recently without charge.

This was the 33rd homicide for 2017.


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  1. reasons why a person stays behind bars its that the law inforcement officers have reasons to belive that you will fled the country or will not return for court but remember the guy had many reports against king and he did not give the police a reason to come look for him he turn his self in so theese are the reasons for bail or he being out on Streets let not forget when a person persicute another and there are several reports on you them again we are hearing the he got stab with his own knife that also show the law that he had no intention to commit a crime. this am digusted by but we as human need to know bullying playes no roll in life than put our family in pain


  2. I guess the deceased doesn't worth anything buz he was hate by many a troublemaker so the law doesnt care about him but the killer aint better either no justice for the deceased


  3. If he was 'released without charge' does that mean he gave a false confession? No evidence? Was it someone else who did the killing and he was playing macho by admitting to it? What gives?

    We may have witnesses here, but what information does the police have that would cause them to behave in such a manner?


  4. Not guility in the eyes of man, but guility in the eyes of the most high God.Family and friends are mourning the lost of their love one and a murderer has let loose on the streets of Micoud . Shame on St.Lucia


    • Sunshine it was better man tell on the night. Stop pretending; he attack the man if the guy was not strong he would have killed the guy. He was looking for his death, he had too many reports against him at many police stations already. Even his step dad walked out on his mother because he threaten to kill the man for no reason. Such a hard working man, had to walk out on his lady because of that bad boy!!!
      To his bad boy friends "Change your Lives Cause you will end up just like him" don't think you will take advantage of people and they will tolerate it. " Remember everyone has some means of criminality in them, some of us has self control" be very mindful of that!!
      A man who defended himself is let loose!!!
      You have no control over yourself sunshine. Your children will be just like You and Davidson!!


  5. What a way of promoting crime St. Lucia,this is disgusting. One needs to know Thou Shall Not Kill. The final judgement id God,s own.


    • I guess Godly, the suspect should have allowed the rascal to kill and that would have been more pleasing to you. The young man did the right thing to defend himself and in so doing rid society of this demon.

      Only Jesus Christ willingly allowed himself to be killed. He did so only because he knew that he had the power to resurrect. The suspect was bestowed with no such powers.


  6. I asked if he was released on bail only bcuz I can't believe he wasn't charged after admitting to da crime.. It cud be da softest charge in de book he shud receive, cuz he actually killed some one, not 4 getting da fact that it was in self defense.. But anyways, let justice prevail


  7. It's an unfortunate situation but the suspect was only defending himself. If he hadn't defended himself he would be the one dead right now!


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