UPDATE: Suspect in brutal chopping caught on video still not caught

UPDATE: Suspect in brutal chopping caught on video still not caught

12282761_1075672992465815_1333758412_nPolice have disclosed that the suspect in Saturday’s vicious chopping in Piaye, Laborie is still at large.

Acting Superintendent George Nicholas told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today (Nov. 23) that the victim is Martin Manley, who is still at St. Jude Hospital in Vieux-Fort.

Nicholas said the perpetrator is known.

On Sunday, a day after the incident, a 16-second video surfaced on social media of Mathurin being mercilessly chopped on the road by a male.

The incident reportedly occurred around 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

A Piaye resident alleged that a heated argument over a female turned physical – and bloody.

“The story is that Martin confronted the suspect about an issue with Martin’s female friend. During the confrontation I heard words were exchanged and Martin slapped (the suspect), though some people say the man throw the first strike. However, the suspect went for his machete and started chopping Martin,” a resident told SNO.



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  1. Why is he hiding now ? The bright lights emanating from the passing vehicle, nor the barking dogs could have stopped him. I guess he was in a chopping mode. We need to learn from this. Chill people. Don't let yourselves to be taken by the devil and to regret later. Think before you act. My God . My kids. My mother. My job. My girl. My future. It's too late for him now, therefore, I recommend smoking him out of the hole.


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