UPDATE: Stabbing incident at Gros Islet funeral

UPDATE: Stabbing incident at Gros Islet funeral
Suave Walcott
Suave Walcott

Police are investigating the stabbing of a young man at a funeral in Gros Islet on Monday afternoon.

The victim has been identified as Suave Walcott of a Castries address.

Police said he was attacked and stabbed while attending the funeral service for one of two young males who died in a recent motorcycle accident at the Castries waterfront.

The stabbing occurred in the vicinity of the Catholic church in Gros Islet, between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m.

The police transported Walcott to the hospital.

His current medical status was not immediately clear.

This is the second reported stabbing for Monday afternoon.

A male resident of Anse Ger, Micoud sustained stab wounds to the neck and elbow around 4 p.m. in his community.

He was hospitalised but his medical status is not known.



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  1. He had already stabbed the boy first for carnival so they retaliated... All of them can go for me alone.... Troubleakers alone


  2. I think with these young people there has been a massive failure in parenting and absentee fathers. and the women did not have time to look after these kids and no father figure. they were more interested in themselves and not the kids they gave birth too. i cant imagine one of my little cousins going down this route. they would know how disappointed and shamed we would be for them. if these boys had good parents who cared and who tried their best to help them even while having little, i think we would not have these antisocial behaviours now.


  3. Jackass youth of today all they know is war and crime. Them war dogs are killing and hurting for nothing but useless shate just to say I bad. I bet if their mothers use to hot up their asses when they were growing up instead of talking shate he's just a little bit troublesome things would have been much better. A kind of ugly, screwed up faces, nasty looking, don't know how to dress, smelling, don't know how to talk if it's not violence and curse words in their conversations and wickedness on their minds veh negs. And the thing is all of them looking alike as if they are getting paid to look so. Go and get a job and a life ya'll worthless excuse for human beings.


    • And you think a beating would of stopped this from happening? How foolish can st lucians be acting like getting a job here is so easy. Instead of discriminating and insluting the young man he could be you tomorrow it takes a split second to lose everything.


    • Smfh get ur facts right before opening your smelling ass not every young guy is worthless what makes you think he doesn't have a job


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