UPDATE: Speaker treated for high blood pressure, discharged from hospital

By SNO Staff

Speaker of the House Speaker Leonne Theodore-John was on Wednesday, Nov. 1 released from Tapion Hospital after being treated for high blood pressure and stress.

She was admitted Tuesday evening, Oct. 31 after she suddenly took ill during the House of Parliament sitting.

According to reliable government sources, the speaker was treated for “high blood pressure caused by a lot of stress” and she has been advised to “rest, take it easy”.

The sources further stated that after a number of tests, the doctors ruled that her heart was in good condition, and she was given medication to bring the blood pressure level down, as well as to be calm and sleep.

Reports are that the speaker was rushed to hospital after complaining of back and chest pains and being unable to breathe properly.

The incident put an end to the sitting of the House.

Government sources said a new date for the next sitting will be decided on soon.

Government officials are now seriously considering bringing the issue of the appointment of a deputy speaker back to the frontburner, sources say.

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  1. These children are probably contributing to the lady's high blood pressure.

  2. Boy the speaker of the house treated for hypertension and St.lucians making this politica"you'll good."I hope that leonne take care of her self get some sleep relax and go on a diet plan possibly an alkaline diet.And leave work at the office dont take its troubled home with you, destress and detox,wish you all the best.

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  4. Leave the pork alone !

  5. very sad is this what our parliament has become. the speaker cannot have a poop, and ti Chas playing hard ball..most of the ministers he has are not performing..where is King , Sarah, spider..list goes on.... it appears Chas and Guy running things wow!!!!!! the other members are not happy with these two why aren't they doing anything about it

  6. Take it to court Allen, take it to court, That's the only way and you go loose.


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