UPDATE: Soufriere Hospital fire under control (+VIDEO)

UPDATE: Soufriere Hospital fire under control (+VIDEO)

The authorities are now doing damage assessment following a fire at the Soufriere Hospital on Saturday, Dec. 2 – the second within a month.

Emergency officials received news of the fire at 7:01 p.m. and dispatched units.

While the fire was contained in a reasonable time, the maternity ward was completely destroyed. It is reported that the fire was contained to that unit.


There were no immediate reports of casualties. However, reports are that at least one patient was evacuated.

An official said it is likely that services will be temporarily transferred to the Etangs Health Centre – the same facility that was used after a fire broke out in the records room of the hospital on November 9.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet and colleague Guy Joseph were reportedly among the officials at the scene of the fire.


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  1. The whole dam Town of Soufriere is a tinder box. Earlier in the year buildings were collapsing the more times change the more they remain the same up there I would not even call that a hospital it was more like a clinic. Time for a renaissance is that dam place way it's way overdue. Now you would think in a town with multimillion dollar hotels perch on hilltops overlooking it's beauty one would believe there would be a first world facility just down below if a guess fell hill or is in need of an emergency. One would be fool to believe that they(hotels ) would adopt the clinic because they have a "vested interest" and that the politicians also would engaged them to do so while they were running for office like they gave a dam about the constituency on that level. They all make their monies and to date all you ever read about is the who's who coming there, all the accolades they have achieved but never ever, ever, ever, an official hand over the keys to a new ambulance, or beds, or an incubator or something of great value to the community story, as if to say that would cost them anything. Only Sandals alone give anything. You soon read about them right here just now getting big ups again.


  2. I eh care who disagree, I say Guy Joseph started the fire and come back to the crime scene to assess the damage


    • I think we all could agree you *ucking ignorant. Accusations with out proof or evidence on both sides of the political spectrum makes your statement idiotic, flooish and irrelevant !! GET LOST EMBICEL !!


    • Really ?? you concluded that cause the lights were on, like seriously some of you need to stop posting foolishness. FYI fire causes fall under the following ; Accidental, Natural, Incendiary (arson) and Undetermined.


  3. If individual(s) saying the Government will be knocking and burning the new hospital which wasn't true well the lies turn to a curse. Individuals think before you speak. God bless out beautiful Island.


  4. So the Twins Julius and Vincent were at the scene of the incident? So has Vincent assumed Mary's role. It appears that since Mary had her data privileges regulated [after all she is a data person] she has gone completely off the mill.


  5. These fires needs to be investigated all of a sudden 2 fires within one month. Sometimes is definitely wrong.I smell a rat


  6. The security officers on duty during the 2009 fire at st.judes hospital were clueless. They had no idea how to use a fire extinguisher or even to call the fire department which was a few yardsyard away.


  7. Can't understand, 2009 fire at st.judes , two fires within a month at soufriere hospital? Unbelievable!!! Both under UWP administration. Were these fires deliberately set ? Are there smoke detectors, fire alarm systems. And most of all surveillance and well trained security officers.


  8. this is getting to look more deliberate..maybe an attempt to remove the hospital..and oh look Chastanet happened to be around...nice prime piece of land with sea views...its all for sale folks come and get it


  9. "A government that doesn't hear will feel", has a very sinister undertone. Make sure the people of St. Lucia are not the ones paying for your sins. People be careful who's side you take. I just do not understand, since election night the country is being plagued by higher crime, rape and many fires. Maybe we should get rid of that stupid illuminati symbol built in the vieux fort square.


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