UPDATE: Shooting of security guard, robbery attempt at Corinth Secondary School

UPDATE: Shooting of security guard, robbery attempt at Corinth Secondary School

Students of the Corinth Secondary School have been sent home following an attack at the institution early this morning (Nov. 22) which left a security guard nursing a gunshot wound at Victoria Hospital, according to sources.

Students were reportedly sent home around 9 a.m. Classes are expected to resume on Thursday, Nov. 23.

Reports are that at least three bandits, some of them with guns, entered the school premises , shot at a male watchman in the security booth area, then proceeded to the principal’s office, the staff room, and the Learning Resource Centre. They damaged several doors in the process.

The bandits also attempted to enter the music room but failed, after trying to use a fire extinguisher to smash through the windows.

Reports are that the bandits stole some items, including computers, but this has not been officially confirmed.

Emergency services received the report at 3 a.m.

Meanwhile, the injured security guard reportedly sustained a gunshot wound to the head/neck region and is reported to be in stable condition.

“The security man is lucky to be alive. They almost killed him. This could well have been another homicide,” a source said.


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  1. Thankfully the security guard is going to be okay, we all know based on what happened in the United States too many times to count that this could have been a lot worse. These criminals need to be stopped, way too many robberies happening now, and the people who buy the stolen goods are just as guilty.


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