UPDATE: Saadia Byron’s semi-nude body was covered with stones

UPDATE: Saadia Byron’s semi-nude body was covered with stones
The body of Saadia Byron was discovered in this shallow grave near her home in Laborie on Nov. 11, a day after she went mssing.
The body of Saadia Byron was discovered in this shallow grave near her home in Laborie today, Nov. 11, a day after she went mssing.

The search for mother of three Saadia Byron has ended in tragedy.

The lifeless body of the 32-year-old Black Bay, Laborie resident was discovered in a “shallow stone grave” around midday today, Nov. 11, close to her residence, according to relatives and law enforcement sources.

Saadia’s body was semi-nude and covered with stones, sources said.

“The lower body was naked but her bra and top were still on but not covering the breast/s,” an eyewitness said.

“It was a stone grave. They just laid her on the ground and covered the body with stones,” the source added.

Investigators suspect Saadia was raped then murdered.

A post mortem will determine the cause of death.

Byron had been missing since yesterday, Friday, Nov. 10, and after a condom, a stone, human faeces and her underwear were discovered about 25 metres from her residence, relatives, including her mother, Georginia Byron feared the worst.

“At least they should of leave the body for me to see…” Georginia had said in an ealier interview.

Relatives and friends said Saadia was a quiet and friendly person.

A former classmate of the deceased described her death as “messed up and pure wickedness”.

“I know her since we went to infant school together. She was a few years ahead and I usually see her by the road,” the friend said. “When people make up their minds to kill, or whatever they want to do, it’s difficult for anyone to stop this. She was so quiet.”



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  1. I've got a huge feeling that the person is reading this.. each comment about finding justice and sending condolences to the family and even saying rest in peace are being disliked.. hmmm... strange. This is sad. I tried not crying but the tears just can't stop falling. May she rest in perfect peace. Oh Lord have mercy upon us.


  2. What the hell is wrong with this country?
    It is said that she was a victim of stalking but whilst she was alive law enforcement could not stop the stalker. Isn't it illegal to stalk someone? Now she has been murdered there is a swift response by law enforcement to visit the crime scene and arrest suspects. smh.


  3. "A condom, a stone, human faeces and her underwear," a treasure trove of evidence, yet useless to us because we lack the necessary forensic capabilities. I could have asked our past National Security Minister, La Corbs why after 7 years we don't have a functioning lab but we have changed Ministers and now have Hermanguild Francis. Francis has said that he has hooked up the Lab in a partnership deal and its functioning partially (I cannot find one other agency which is not functioning partially).

    Such is the dilemma in St. Lucia where we had two hospitals under construction and after close to seven years we are still being told that we require more money to complete. The problem is not politicians, the problem is us tolerating and giving politicians a carte blanche to reap us off, then protect them from prosecution with our political rhetoric. Such rhetoric as "why pay so much as a million to do an audit of St. Jude?, etc are common tacit protections that we offer politicians.

    Well you know what? I don't mind the country taking a loan of 30 million to investigate and lock up crooked politicians, including those who want to deflect their own investigation by launching one of their own. Since when investigators are required to report secretly to the Government? Something smells fishy in trying to convince the US authorities that you are a self styled "Central Authority" that is empowered to run special undercover intelligence ops on citizens and political rivals. Our law makes no provision for a "Central Authority" neither a CIA."What our Constitution makes provision for is a Commissioner and DPP who is responsible for directing police investigations. Governments don't do investigations they report on matters and if there are probable criminal matters then the Commissioner and DPP gets involved, the government of the day cannot determine the investigation of who it wants, thats a way of targeting people. The role of the executive is not to investigate. If we want to go in a particular direction then change the law. We watch too much American TV without realizing that our legal and political systems are different.

    We will eventually have the best political parties in the world but along with it comes the title of being a failed state.

    Greedy People.


  4. Another Valerie Lorde...Tricia Denis..Donna Joseph ?...
    This is so sickening...plus all those unsolved murders of both males
    and females...no arrests, no updates from law enforcement
    Laborde, stabbed multiple times at his home in Bisee ; the Banker, shot in the head when entering his home; the woman, strangled in a yard in Gros Islet; the woman, on her way home in Bisee found dead outside her house; the young man, strangled and thrown over the cliff by Bordelais; Germaine, beaten to death at Gros Islet; the young man from Morne DuDon murdered in Gros Islet; the young man in Babonneau whose body was found (headless?) near a field; the young man murdered/ body found in playing field at Corinth ;...the list goes on...the Courts technician murdered in Vieux Fort...the young couple burnt in a car in Vieux Fort ;
    Witnesses killed before they appear in Court ???
    Etc., Etc., Etc.,


  5. To all those that will still say he has rights.. Picture saadia as a family member and tell me you don't feel any pain in your heart...but a crime is never a crime until it reaches our door step.so sad


  6. Who ever did this have no mercy and is with the devil satan and will have to pay for this right here on this earth. Must settle their karma and the Father is looking on so be on your guard that this will happen to you or someone in your own family


  7. Oh my we need to come together and pray we need to forget about the prime minister because we st Lucian's put them there to do the right decisions to safe guard us but how can we trust them some if not all they are not of God so how can our nation be blessed.we are in the last days and we need to come together and pray .prayer can make great difference but we need to come together
    When there is a political party meeting you see the whole of st Lucia but if we call for a gospel time just a few.the ministers will not agree to this one because there are so many things they have to do to get where they are .I feel it for the family God be with them strengthen them in their sad time


  8. So sad to heard.how can somebody do that., Its someones sister, mother, cousin ,friend etc..god will deal with u..


  9. My simple question. So where will all the evidence be tested? After all of tax payers money spent to build and equip the forensic lab is it another white elephant? Will the evidence be sent away at additional costs to us? How can the government expect the police to solve crime when they have no proper support services. How will the police make progress even if they were to get a suspect.

    But they already planning for Soleil festival next year. Come on Mr. PM you said you will be different but we getting the same 6 for a 9. The government needs to wake up and prioritize.


    • The government should start setting up a fingerprint capturing system for all St. Lucians...if we had this kind technology and files on residents, then it would make a world of difference in rounding up these criminals...not to mention it would have them thinking twice about the evil they inflict on others.
      Simply testing DNA in the condom found near the crime scene is not enough. What are they going to do? Round up every male in St. Lucia to find a match? A finger print matching system should be on St. Lucia's priority list, instead of focusing on how to flood our island with foreigners and their crappy investments. (Sidenote: are these investors adding value to our island?) Sorry to digress.
      My prayers go out to the family of the young lady. Vegeance belongs to God, but in the meantime, whoever did this, may you have horific nightmares until you confess.


      • So if no investors etc., how are you going to pay for what you are suggesting? Why should our option or the PM's option be to do something "instead" of something, when all things are connected and should be tackled simultaneously? Your objective is just to start a useless political argument. Should we stop eating or managing our businesses to focus on crime?

        You see how stupid politics could make you sound?


        • Awww..did I hit a nerve? My objective is not to create political back and forths sweetheart. If you'd remove your own political blinders for a minute and focus on the real issue at hand, then you'll gain some insight into what I'm attempting to convey. The government borrows money for all soughts of projects, so why is it a problem to suggest they invest in a system which will assist in bringing criminals to justice. Mind your narrow thoughts...I'm not getting involved in the " blame the government game".
          The government cannot stop crime....people are the ones who have to stop behaving like animals. But when a criminal act occurs, where is the resolve? Who feels it?
          This is where the government stops making useless promisses they can't keep. I don't care who's in power (not political at all)...just don't put yourselves in a liars limelight.
          Case in point...the St. Judes hospital which is being mismanaged.
          Again...I am not advocating "row row" as you're suggesting....im advocating change with positive outcomes. Safety over everything. Refer to Maslows hierarchy of needs...safety comes right after the basic physiological needs.
          Don't twist my idea into a political mêlée.


  10. These things will cause people to take the law into their own hands. If it's my family ..the person I would do my own investigation and when I found out who you are... just make sure you have coffins ready to bury all of them.. that's what those assholes want people to begin doing... go and pay your money to have sex it's next to nothing. .. people need to start getting rid of you'll families for you'll to feel how serious the nonsense you'll doing must stop..


    • But isn't that whats going on people taking the law into their own hands? Violence never leads to a solution, it always lads to more violence.


  11. My point is if a murderer is obsessed with someone that they murdered even in death the obsession will show He wouldn't want anyone seeing her naked body when she's alive so he feels obligated to cover her up after he kills her so no one will see her how he did . Naked and forgotten . Check for past boyfriends or lovers


    • I think it is the simple belief that hiding the crime and hoping it would not be detected before it decomposed making the victim difficult to recognize. Not all murders are detected soon after the crime. I could say the murderer is a damn opportunist who took advantage of this female in a secluded place. Not just boyfriends or past lovers but males near and far are potential suspects.