UPDATE: Police releases report on fatal accident on Barre d’Isle

UPDATE: Police releases report on fatal accident on Barre d’Isle
Jahann Best
Jahanne Best

At about 7 pm, officers attached to the Traffic Department responded to a report of a vehicular accident which occurred at the Barre d’Isle.

On arrival, the officer noticed a blue omnibus, registration number M8171, had ran off the pitched surface of the road and collided into a utility pole on the left side.

The said vehicle was driven by Jahanne Best of Desruisseaux, Micoud. At the time of the collision there were two passengers on board that vehicle.

All three individuals were transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance. Best was pronounced dead on arrival whereas the other two passengers were treated and admitted.

An investigation into the accident continues.


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  1. There is never enough words or enough tears dat cud be shared when one has lost sumone so dear....If u cud see wats going on now dat ure not around then u know how truly loved u are...I'm gonna miss u sigh...rip jahanne


  2. My life feels empty without you here
    My husband, our jay
    I don’t know how to go on without you here
    You were always the strong one

    I feel like I’m in a nightmare
    This isn’t real, it can’t be
    You can’t have left us, you can’t be gone

    How can life go on without you here?
    I feel empty and my heart has broken
    How can people laugh and joke
    How can life be so unfair?

    You were an amazing daddy
    A Wonderful husband
    A strong brother
    A devoted and dearly loved son

    I’ll be thinking of you always
    And I know everyone else will too

    We will miss you and grieve for you
    But I know life will go on
    But we’ll always remember you jay
    Life will never be the same again

    You always loved to be the star of the show
    So I know in my heart where you’ve gone
    I know you’ll be the biggest and brightest star
    And I’ll look there when I need you jay

    I’ll look up to the stars at night
    And try to find you there
    Maybe someday I’ll wish upon a star again
    And someday, I’ll join you there.


    • You are such a hypocrite. You lied to and left him in St. Lucia and told him you not coming down anymore. Also, you didn't even come down for his funeral because you know you overstaying in Canada and they would not let you back in.


      • she is As hypocrite as u for the record i hope u are next .At a time like this let him rest in peace u have no idea what was going on in their lives .... who are u to be so judgmental..


  3. Boy I am so shock to hear this.jay we won't forget you.I remember you on those drum at redeem church.only god knows why.r.i.p


  4. we will all miss u jahanne the students on ur bus rip jahanne we will never forget u memories to remember


  5. Jay all this is so hard to absorb.I can't believe that I wont see your handsome face or your breathtaking smile anymore or you will not be able to laugh with me again.I know you're in a better place but gosh I wish I had one more day with you.RIP Cuz!!You will forever be in my heart.


  6. I just reed the news on facebook, and I am still in shock, I remember Jahanne since he was a child, with his lovely mom: Nurse Best: one of my best friends and my sister!
    Dear Emy:
    I have no words, and we are very sad! My family and I will be praying for you and for Jahanne's soul, and I am pretty sure that he is with our lord right now. Our sincere condolences:
    Dr Ramos


    • you will always be my brother no matter what, how or even where, i will miss him but i will never forget him


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