UPDATE: Pierre to return to court next month

By SNO Staff

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17949813_10208990239705441_423048101_oLeandra Pierre, the 34-year-old mother of three who was charged for killing her children’s father, appeared in a First District Court for the first time on Thursday, April 13.

The 34-year-old was ordered remanded after she appeared for a bail hearing. She is scheduled to reappear in court on May 11, 2017.

Pierre, a resident of Goodlands, Castries, was charged for non-capital murder on Thursday.

She is accused of fatally stabbing 39-year-old Cletus Edward at a residence in Goodland on Sunday, April 9, around midday.

According to reports, the couple had a long history of private and public disputes.

Police said Edward sustained two stab wounds during a “physical altercation”. He was transported to Victoria Hospital via ambulance where he was pronounced dead.

A post mortem examination revealed that Edward died as a result of “cardiac tamponade secondary to stab wound to the chest”

This is the 20th homicide for 2017.

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  1. People kill because of a problem of one of the following: poor anger management or bad temper, to defend against a life threatening event, or for fear of your life being taken by someone who is accustom of beating you, so you retaliated in the heat of the moment. I don’t know why she did it. All I know is as you guys said the children are now without parents and may be in the care of some one who can do them well or more harm.

    Personally, I believe St. Lucia is in crisis because of the increase of those kind of crimes of passion. (I notice someone saying things against God. Are you referring to the same God who made King Herod be eaten up by worms? or the one who made Nebuchednezzar go to the fields for 7 years like an animal? If you think there is no God, what is your INSURANCE if you are wrong?) Cause so far the obeah people and hypocrite christians sins are causing the land to cry out and for evil to overcome good: people need free counseling services, advocates and welfare to ease their burdens. Preaching alone is not the solution. Check any country’s history. Crimes follow evil actions, evil altars, orgies, parading of nakedness for old occultic men or women in our society… Let’s keep it real. What we are seeing is like looking at trees (physical/visible/ e.g. crimes) but not looking at the roots (invisible/spirit realm, e.g. what people doing behind closed doors… what was going on in the home? what’s the history of those persons? Their family history? Values).

    Everybody said their piece and if we put all our pieces together, maybe we can find the answer to solve that crime situation. Because crime is OUR problem; when people act crazy or kill knowingly, that becomes a security issue for those of us who are sane and law abiding. Cursing and demeaning people just adds to bad energy, so let’s say things that aim to help keep us and our children safe. I feel sorry for the children because they are the real victims in this situation. God Bless.

  2. Jomoshamgar Lubumba I

    Lord Jesus Son of God have mercy on us sinners…of whom I am chief!

    There is a pain so utter, it swallows substance up ~ Emily Dickinson.

  3. This woman is a cold murder she Should spend life time in jail you killed your children father with a knife no sympathe for her wicked woman

  4. So the devil made you do it eh, you let him take control of your life long enough to have
    him inject evil in your mind. Are we so blind not to notice the tricks of the evil one?
    My dear Lucian people, find a good church, where the Bible is preached and children are
    taught basic christian values. Listen up__ three children growing up, in a St. Lucia with
    very little love, teased at school,missing Mom and Dad to stand up for them, being picked
    on, targeted on as trouble makers, boy that’s tough; a recipe for fireworks every single day.
    Lord have mercy; my dear people – find a good praying church, sing your Praises to the Lord.

  5. It’s easy to say what we would do; but only time does tell. Separation of these two long time would have been best. Yet to do it , we still have to think what is best for the children and finance. Many of us think, it’s best to stay together for the children’s happiness; now the father is dead, mom in jail and the children heart broken. Pray for them. We are outsiders and they only knows what truly happened. It’s bad for all.


    Honestly speaking!whatever sentence the system will unleash on this woman can never compare to the burden she’ve already brought on herself…i think the massive should pray and help deliver these demands this poor young woman has to endure…real hell on earth….council her and the kids rehabilitate her,the lord can always forgive her once she seek his mercy..for she knows not what she have done til after the fact.please MR BABYLON do it for the childrens sake..they already lost their dad dont send their mom away for life..help integrate into our own society.

  7. Agree with all said, but does the church really help. Correct me if I am wrong. I thought the last homicide in Babonneau, the woman in question is a strong church going individual, but she still tok her own life. So what is really the problem in St.Lucia, it’s appears deeper Han we think. Have faith and believe that God came to safe us all.

  8. Young woman like you killing yo long time boyfriend with a knife senseless killing the children left without their parents

  9. Messed up her kids life.Her poor son forever traumatized.

  10. We can actually drill ourselves to do right if we rebuke the devil on a daily basis through prayer. You tell yourself on a regular basis, what exactly you will do and not do no matter what the circumstances

  11. POOR TI JAB…this is when we allow the devil a strong hold on our lives….really and truly does any of u think this young and able mom wanted this upon her.this is all the work of iniquity.observers please take hid and pray regular.

  12. It is not about having demons inside of you. There is some good in every person. It takes seconds in the moment of anger to make the wrong decision. I cannot imagine what this lady is going through right now that she has caused the death of her partner in a moment of anger. Can she ever find peace of mind for leaving her children without the love, support and guidance of their biological father. It is tough for all the parties affected but God loves us all the same and wants us to seek him. I plead his guidance over this family.

  13. 100% born Lucian

    You do the crime you can do the time…Think b4 you act. Life is too precious.

  14. Anger is the main source of violence,people need to learn how to count to ten,take them selfs out of the situation,talk to someone about the problem,seek advice and help,calm down,and pray,go to the church to seek counsel and help.Because satan will win your soul,then he will leave,look how much trouble,she should have been praying,the demon out.But still anger will make you do serious things.Seek help for youll anger.

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