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Opposition members will speak at the “People’s Parliament” – Opposition Leader Philip Pierre

By SNO Staff

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13344600_10157101269925651_7520351378741485988_nOpposition members who did not speak at the parliament debate as a result of the walkout will make their thoughts on the budget known at a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) public meeting next Tuesday.

Opposition members had walked out of parliament at its June 20 sitting in protest of what it said was “spiteful and vindictive” behaviour by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet.

They also decided not to appear at the June 22 sitting of the Upper House.

“We believe that the way we were treated on Tuesday wasn’t right. We think that the government shows scant respect to the opposition,” said Opposition Leader Philip Pierre.

“We think that the government is using its power in the parliament because of the numbers to muscle us, or to stifle us. And we thought that since we did not partake in the proceedings on Tuesday in the Lower House, our senators should not partake in the proceedings in the Upper House,” he added.

According to Pierre, the opposition members who did not speak at parliament, will be the principled speakers at next week’s “People’s Parliament”.

“We believe that the government had some very important questions to answer in the budget. There were senior ministers, there was a former prime minister who hadn’t spoken …It’s the government’s right to defend their budget. That is not our role. Our role is to point out weakness in the budget and to make suggestions,” he stated.

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  1. Demand respect !

  2. If the leader if the opposition is admitting that they had questions they wanted the government to answer and as a result they will be going to the market step. Who will give them the answer on the market step. Now this time around I really upset with the SLP campaign. Is this going to continue for the next 15 years. This is how it feels when SLP is in power.

  3. trusting God Always

    Regardles of which party that is in opposition you have to do your job good. It is up to the u.w.p"s when they were in opposition the no longer cared about the country because they consider that the had already loose the election.
    Pip you are doing a good job in opposition. If it is not right keep on talking on the people's behalf. Dont do like them in thinking since you have lost the election you no longer care as to what is going on. Without you guys voices St.Lucia woul;d be gone. You guys are preventing them from selling us for pennies. Bravo. God is not asleep. Even if I didnt vote S.L.P. God is using you and your men as the sheep to watch over his flock. Keep it up and dont listen to those bias fools that are saying you have lost election so shut up. Good job guys

    • It amazing that the SLP only know what is right for the country when they are in opposition and this is what you are proclaiming. pip has ask that we build on the foundation the started. Is it the foundation that ST Lucians were not satisfied with when they voted them out? We are getting to know that most of their foundation had no DCA approval. Two thing SLP do.
      1. When in government they do not work
      2. When in opposition (out of government) they do not want to see work.

      You are a LIAR. You are an SLP hack. Sound like you are still crying over the defeat.

  4. OMG nothing can't stop those guys as long as they're in opposition .You hear and see them more as they're in opposition lots of BS.I've said it before and am saying it again this guys do very well in opposition than in government so let them fly their kites. Wish all of u all the best in opposition 4 a very long time.

  5. Put it in writing , what the opposition opposed , that is in the budget and what you think is the best solution to counter the budget idea. Lucians are sick and tired of all you damn politicians, labour or u w p ,.The people of St, Lucia deserve better and need answers. We put you all damn politicians in office to make this island better, but some of you are there to full your pockets , == GUY IDIOT JOSEPH IS ONE OF THEM, === No more talk we want action. The race track in the south is a sham. I know a little about horse racing and derby and no millionaire will take their PRIZE horses to this island because the purse will be too low, just follow the american derby from California to florida and you will understand . I did not even talk about the Dubai and London races . === SO STOP FOOLING THE PEOPLE LET THEM KNOW THE TRUTH ,===.

  6. Pure BS alone!! Behaving like a bunch of warfrats in suits!

  7. SLP stop oppressing the poor people. You'll are wicked. You'll are using them.

    Pip you should no better than that. Don't join the merry gang. What you looking for leadership position. NEVER

  8. When Pip says that the government has no respect for the opposition he must remember that you must earn your respect . That habit of walking out of Parliament and not accounting to the people of their stewardship does not earn respect . Stop this childish nonsense , I don't even sense stratigy in that behavior .

    • Ai, Ai, this comment beats all. Are you asking Pip to stay in the House and account to the people? Well, what do you tell Estaphane, Spider, Kind, and Ezekel, to name a few? They are MINISTERS of the Crown, and yet they purposefully did not account for their stewardship. You mean to say that just because they remained in the House right through, they have served the people well, even though they DID NOT speak ? Are you truly serious when you ask Pip alone to account ? Is Pip a Minister ? Does he make Government policy ? Please check your comment again.

      • The Budget was read and it is available for further/future reading. It was presented by our dear Prime Minister. The budget was put together by all members of cabinet. They are all in parliament. They really do not have to say anything. They just have to do the work. The opposition on the other hand have to tell the people what is wrong with the budget. That they have failed to do. Thinking of it, maybe they had nothing to say since the budget was professionally done. THE WORKER WILL FOLLOW.

        • Well, well, well ! This is the most jackass comment I have ever read ! Are you serious? You clearly do not understand the rules governing Parliamentnor the stipulations of the Constitution. So you are simply making a set of lawless comments. But we cannot run life this way. There must be rules, guidance, traditions and conventions. If you are advocating to throw all of these values and principles away, and simply allow a. Government to do as it pleases, the you. are paving the way for plenty trouble. I will stop here, because I have just read your comment again, and I am convinced that I am talking to a brick wall or a lobster. Why a lobster ? Because the real value of the lobster is in its tail. It's head is full of shells and shit !


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