Castries, January 6, 2014 – The Water and Sewerage Company, Inc. (WASCO) is continuing to restore water supply systems around the island following the Christmas Eve trough.

However, the company is experiencing some difficulties in isolated areas resulting from localised damage and problems with mains in a few communities.

Major landslides in Micoud and adjoining communities are hampering WASCO’s efforts to restore water to households. Raw water mains beneath the slides have been compromised and efforts to get to those lines is proving very dangerous for repair crews.

In order to provide relief to residents, WASCO has installed temporary tanks in Micoud, Patience, and Mon Repos near the Health Centre, Malgretoute, La Pointe, La Haut, and Praslin, with the help of the Ministry of Health and the National Emergency Management Organisation (NEMO). NEMO is supplying water to the tanks.

Repairs in Patience, including concreting in some areas to keep the lines in place, are complete and the concrete is now being allowed to cure. Flushing and pressure testing should be carried out by tomorrow, Tuesday, January 7, 2014 to assess the integrity of the lines before releasing water to the tanks that feed the communities of Patience, Mon Repos, Praslin and environs.

Work on the raw water transmission line between the Canaries intake and the filter is complete and the section of the distribution main that was washed away with the old Canaries bridge has been replaced.

A check on the system has revealed a break on the distribution line which will be repaired today, Monday, January 6, 2014. WASCO is also repairing damaged lines in the Canaries village (up to the water meters) before water is released. The six (6) public standpipes that have been providing relief to residents will remain in place until the water is released into the village.

A secondary water intake in Millet has been restored, which will provide an additional 1 million gallons of water per day to the Theobalds Treatment Plant for production. The Cas En Bas pump has broken down affecting the water supply to Cas En Bas and Massade. Significant work is required to restore the pump.

As a result, we have moved the supply to the South-Hill tank to provide interim relief. We are monitoring to ensure the supply reaches all the communities affected. Problems in Labourne and Riviere Mitan will be addressed today, Monday January 6, 2014; and an isolated problem with a water line in Vigie affecting a small number of households, will also be addressed today. In Balata, work is progressing on a damaged transmission line that should be restored today.

In Vieux Fort, Morne Beausejour is experiencing problems because of high elevation and the loss of the Beausejour pump. Yesterday, Sunday, January 5, 2014, water was trucked to fill a 10,000 gallon tank in the community. WASCO is using ‘valving’ on a limited basis to ensure every community is served and trucking to areas in critical need continues but the frequency has reduced substantially.

We thank you for your continued patience and we look forward to a normalised water system very shortly.

We will continue to provide regular updates as the information comes to hand. For up to date information, you can visit us at on Twitter at www.twitter.com/wascoslu or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wascoslu or call 457-3900.


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  1. The water provided to Micoud people by "WASCO, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health and the National Emergency Management Organisation" is brown. Come on "Ministry of Health" you need to do better than that. "Setting up five (5) 1000-gallon tanks[of brown water] at strategic points in the Micoud area" sends a very negative message to residents and is not accommodating. I do hope that this matter can be addressed as quickly as possible. Thank you!


  2. Wasco, we the people of Micoud village seemed to have been left out of your update. Initially I heard 2 to 3 days, later I heard 3 weeks. Could you please provide information for the people of Micoud Village.


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