Update on roofing project at St. Jude Hospital

By Ministry of Health

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(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The Board of Directors and Management of the St. Jude Hospital have sought to reassure staff and client of their commitment to ensure quality health and safety standards are maintained during the removal of the current fiberglass roof at the George Odlum Stadium.

One glance at the loose sheeting on the roof of the George Odlum Stadium emphasizes the potential hazard to staff and clients at the St. Jude Hospital. Government has contracted the services of Brice and Company to remove the fiberglass sheeting guided by the British standard for demolition agreed to for the project.

CEO of Brice and Company, Eaton Jn Baptiste said the company has met all the requirements of government and St. Jude with reference to the works, including the method statement and insurance certificate. He said his company has the competence and track record to deal with the project having been in the roofing business for the past 18 years.

“So we’ve been around that type of roofing system. Fiberglass is a material that is used with various other materials. There is a percentage in the roof; it is basically a plastic roof. There is a percentage of fiberglass you would find in a regular shingle roof on a house that we remove every day. So we are equipped to deal with it. We have dealt with it before in the past and our workers would always adhere to all the safety requirements where that is concerned in terms of the safety gear, the necessary safety harnesses and so on. We adhere to the procedures where that is concerned fully.”

Based on the work done thus far, the contractor is confident of completing the project in less than half the estimated time.

“We started this about a week ago. We have not had a complete five days of work on it. There have been some disruptions here and there but eighty percent of the work is done. Initially the ministry and the government expected us to be there for about three months and we rather suspect we’re going to cut it in half or a little less.”

Verna Charles, CEO at St. Jude Hospital said there is ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the project by management of the hospital and the contractor.

“Within one week everything was going on fine but half way during the course of the second week we experienced some challenges with our staff on compound and as was reported in the first press release that anything with the project that would compromise the health of our staff, our patients, visitors we would go back to the drawing board and revisit the scope of work and to implement new interventions to ensure the safety of all concerned. So this is what we have done thus far.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors at the St. Jude Hospital, Wayne Harrow said the board remains concerned and directly involved the with works happening on the ground.

“We wish to state also that the health and safety of all concerned is and remains our first priority. The patients, the visitors and off course our professionals who deliver quality health services to our patients. We wish to say that their safety remains our first priority. We will continue to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure that whatever decisions that we take benefits every single person whether you’re staff, whether you’re a patient or visitor. This remains our first priority.”

Minister of Health and Wellness, Sen. Hon. Mary Isaac, Trade Union representatives, Officials from the Ministries of Planning and Labour met with management and staff of St. Jude Hospital on Thursday July 12th to discuss the project. A subsequent walk through was conducted of the entire facility. Management said they look forward to the report of the observations and recommendations from these stakeholders to ensure the safety of staff and clients of the hospital.

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  1. Some Lucian's are problem finders, any thing that government will do they will find a fault.The roof is leaking they were complaining now they fixing it it's a problem, according to Bousquet what you all want Bred.

  2. Work in progress in a health care environment has many hazards: the obvious ones are noise, dust and confinement is limited spaces are stressful to workers, patients and their visitors. A hospital is a place where people have gone to recuperate often with life threatening conditions. I am concerned with the clinical manner in which these hazards are dismissed ‘fiberglass…’basically a plastic… that we remove every day’ from roofs in houses. Home owners can vacate their homes for this to be carried out! The hospital has becomes a factory space. It is no longer a therapeutic space for health. This press release is sugar coating the hazards and stresses workers and patients are subjected to. Some of these hazards may be insidious and long term. I do not think this operation was well thought through.

    • They omitted the fact that the material is itchy, and can affect the skin. Can you imagine breathing small particles of itchy glass ?

  3. I suspect there is slackness as is everything governmental.

  4. You scratch my back, i scratch yours..

    • I am glad to hear that. Such procedure should prevent people from bad talking us.
      I think that we must try and complete the original StJude cause so much time, effort and money has been spent on it. I would not like to see it comes a home for squatters and drug addicts


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