UPDATE: Nadeije Mitchell, 16, appears in Castries court on murder charge

UPDATE: Nadeije Mitchell, 16, appears in Castries court on murder charge
Mitchell (left) and Williams
Mitchell (right)

Sixteen-year-old Nadeije Mitchell of Gros Islet made her first appearance in the First District Court in Castries on Wednesday (July 17) for killing year-old Marjele Williams, also known as Marley and Moon Head, of Gros Islet, according to law enforcement sources.

Mitchell was not required to enter a plea to the indictable charge of murder, but the magistrate ordered that she be remanded in police custody until July 31, 2019, for an assessment and further case management.

The teen was charged with murder by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Gros Islet Police Station on Sunday, July 14, sources said.

She is accused of fatally stabbing Williams on Thursday, July 11, 2019, around 9 a.m.


A post-mortem examination conducted later the same day revealed that Williams died from a stab wound to the heart.

It is alleged that William and the 16-year-old female had a prior altercation/heated argument before he was attacked and stabbed in the chest area. The incident occurred on Marina Street in Gros Islet.

“The suspect walked up to him and stabbed him with a knife which the suspect twisted,” a law enforcement source had told St. Lucia News Online.

“Apparently the suspect and the guy had issues before,” the source added.

The accused, Mitchell

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  1. Do you see the number of people who cannot properly construct sentences. It is quite absurd that we think that the majority of St. Lucians are literate. That's probably why they cannot obey simple traffic signs and other rules. Just maybe.

    SNO I acknowledge that you do not want my post about your ads to be read. However, it gives me one opinion of your product, that you cannot be trusted to relay the truth. Because the truth is something that has to be told whether it hurts you or not. I have seen you answer other people before and you do it when you think you are right.


  2. Judge not less ye be judged. RIP Marley you will be missed. Nadege I know you are remorseful. Here's an opportunity to start all over. The wake up call is real.


  3. That little rat that kill the boy all the time I think is time Justice is fulfilled and I telling u that this boy's family I feel it for them for they tears shall not go to waiste,the prosecutors should allow u to stand trial an let u face the punishment required I am really pissed off with this thing u have been selling your body for yrs now and I hope this is where u stop selling it and to all the other men who were dealing or HV dealt with her I believe this is a wake up call


  4. You want to big woman before your time so much that you feteing as a big woman, you drinking campari as a big woman, you dressing like a big woman, you making bomb as a big woman and you killing a man that giving you talk about not getting paid for the bomb as a big woman going so far as stabbing him in the heart and twisting the knife. Where are your parents to show you the right way and make sure you don't get yourself mixed up in such at an early age? So I guess Chastanet was only talking crap about those single parents who are making and raising monsters on our Island. I for one wish she would be trialed as an adult and given time as an adult because watching her pic and her actions only proves that she was never a child before, while and after she did the act and should never be judged as one. Make an example of her cause if you don't she'll make an example for many of them who are just like her thinking they can do what they want and get away with it. Making bomb at such an early age only to party, buy clothes and petty stuff instead of studying for your C.X.C to further your education to see how far it can take you.


    • Her parents should be jailed. If she 's on the streets at such an early age means that her parents let her down. I don't blame her for using what she has to get what she wants. Very sad indeed.


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