UPDATE: Men held in connection with Saadia Byron’s death released

UPDATE: Men held in connection with Saadia Byron’s death released
The area where Saadia Byron's body was discovered in a shallow stone grave..
The area where Saadia Byron’s body was discovered in a shallow stone grave.

The two men who were assisting the police with their investigations into the death of Saadia Byron have been released from custody pending the result of forensic evidence which is expected to be sent overseas for testing, according to law enforcement sources.

One of the men was released last Tuesday and the other last Friday, sources said.

The body of the 32-year-old Black Bay, Laborie resident was discovered on November 11 in a shallow grave, covered with stones, near her home.

In nearby bushes, a used condom, a stone which appeared to have blood stains, female underwear, and human faeces were discovered, according to Georgeania Byron, the mother of the deceased, in an interview with this reporter a few hours before the grisly discovery was made.

In the meantime, the grieving family of the deceased and residents are eagerly awaiting the outcome of the case, which has garnered national attention and an outpour of grief for the victim’s family.

Many, some of whom are playing the role of judge, jury and executioner in the matter, fear that the case may go down the tubes like those of other victims of rape and murder in the country. They are expressing dissatisfaction with the slow pace of the police investigations into the matter, and are calling on the lawmen to pursue the case with vigour and determination.

Willie Jeremie

Willie Jeremie, a resident of Laborie, said the problem, as it relates to the tardiness on the part of the police in dealing with gender-based violence, is not isolated to Laborie. He said that this case needs urgent attention.

“The entire police force needs to look into this matter very closely. It’s a precedent set by them…” he told this reporter. “A man would say he is sexually abused, they would laugh at him and that’s the end of the matter. A woman, the same thing…”

Chris Byron, the brother of the deceased, said he too believes that the police are too tardy in making headways into the matter, and that he will not say anything more on it as yet.

Another resident, Spencer Emmanuel, said: “I expected the police to be at a more advanced stage in their investigations into the matter.”

In an interview with this reporter last week, Inspector Marcellinus Leonce of the Vieux-Fort Police Station described their investigations into the matter as one of a “complex nature” and that there is a lot of work to be done on the case.


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  1. When you dont have your lab working and unable to even help yourself you are always at the mercy of the outside world of the referral system. Its the hard reality we have been facing with an idle crime lab and still having to pay more money for outside testing. Not only will the police investigations be kept back but where is the financial sense in that.

    But careful. Verlinda Jospeh's crime scene was said to be a treasure trove of forensic evidence. Now after fifteen years the case is not heard and no justice dispensed.


  2. Police can prosecute persons without forensic evidence? You eh see some of you know nothing about the juridical system......fix that first......I think you guys think police just have to arrest people and kill them.....and even then when they take criminals off play, yoll play another cd.....smh at the ST lucian members of CSI


  3. I believe st.lucians watch too much television. There is the notion in their heads that just like on CSI or NCIS and other shows where the crime gets committed, investigated, prosecuted plus commercials all in an hour. First of all lets face the reality of things in St.Lucia number 1 THERE IS NO CRIME LAB ON THE ISLAND and as a result samples have to be sent elsewhere to be tested. Without evidence they can't hold people in police custody indefinitely.Next the backlog of cases is a whole new story by itself as the family awaits justice for their love ones. The country as a whole needs to apply pressure on government to get that so called forensic lab operating efficiently and get some way to address the backlog of cases in the criminal system. Until these things are addressed " swift justice for the victim" will only be a cliche chorus sang every time something horrific like this occurs.


  4. man, I knew it was coming...smh this place here, the police ain't got a clue. No justice for the dead and the living in this society. THE SAGA CONTINUES!!


  5. This is a very sad situation and I'm heartbroken that someone can be so heatless. The Police are just so worthless when it comes to investigating murders in St.Lucia. I can't believe they have't been able to charge anyone on this. The police need to do their jobs, by investigating these crimes throughly, get off their lazy drunk ass and work! If it's drugs they're the first on the scene and then money and drugs goes missing and when it's the life of a human, all they say matter is being investigated. They need to fire these useless officers and bring in true police from US or UK. What a joke in the corrupt police force, can't do their job. Another case goes unsolved. What is happening in our Country? Two men assisting police and now released to go out and rape and murder again? Where is the justice for her and all the other murder victims?


    • There are drunk and useless police everywhere. There are also police officers who are out there working hard despite highly critical and insulting people in society who only see the negative. Should these men be charged without the proper evidence and the case is dismissed the police will be considered even more incompetent. Forensic work and results does not happen in a day it takes weeks. How many unsolved cases exist in the US or UK do you even know. This year the officers have solved a number of homicides or do you not read the news. What is happening in our country? Parents stop hiding some of those children who follow the wrong crowd. We cannot control our children but we want the police to. Our crime situation is a relflection of a Saint Lucian society thT no longer is our brothers keeper. Tell them what they are doing is wrong and for those of you who follow what is wrong stop following and lead your friends to do what is right. Life has its frustrations. Many of us have endless problems and we try our best to do what is right and live well. I can type a whole book and some people will just always be deviant. Well there are consequences to our actions and all who commit crime will pay for it. I believe the person who hurt this poor lady will be found. Any body who saw something, say something. My condolences to the family. God is love the guilty will be caught.


    • Bring in police from the US and UK at what cost ?? and who told you they would be interested ? The tax payers of the UK and the US must pay to train and send their police officers to St Lucia to fight and solve crimes after they already have their own force OK IF YOU SAY SO like they don't have use for those officers themselves in places with higher murder rate like CHICAGO and BRIXTON. Too dam beggy beggy.


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