UPDATE: Man shot dead at Dennery Fishing Complex identified

UPDATE: Man shot dead at Dennery Fishing Complex identified
Darnely Joseph
Darnel Joseph

(St. Lucia News Online) — The man who was shot in the head at the fisheries complex in Dennery Thursday morning, May 14, has been pronounced dead, law enforcement officials have confirmed. (see videos below the article)

The victim has been identified as Darnel Joseph, also known as ‘Fra’. He is believed to be in his 20s-30s.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service released details relating to the aftermath of the shooting, in a news release.

“The Dennery Fire Station responded to a call relating to a shooting incident at the Dennery Fishing Complex at approximately 10:20 a.m. on Thursday, 14 May. The responding officers found one male individual in a sitting position appearing to be bleeding from his head.

“An examination revealed that the individual was unresponsive and pulseless and sustained a penetrating wound behind his left ear. Further examination revealed that the patient had what appeared to be a fractured jaw.

“He was immediately transferred to the ambulance where CPR was quickly initiated and continued en route to the Dennery Hospital, where he was left in the care of a medical practitioner,” the release stated.

Law enforcement sources said medical practitioners later pronounced him dead.

The motive behind the shooting is under investigation.

No additional information is available.

See videos of the scene (viewer discretion is advised)


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  1. My goodness life means nothing to the criminals,they will kill you no matter the time, the place even though there is witnesses they do not give a rats azz they will take you down. I am so tired of the senseless slaying, we do not know how to reason with one another anymore, to the evil and heartless monster who take the young man down I hope you are caught and brought to the crooked justice system and on that day the Judge is having a freaking bad day and lock your azz up for the rest of your useless miserable life. May you rot in hell.


  2. Hmmm where there is smoke there is fire....Minister comes out about a situation concerning his close colleague at his residents and not too long after this happens? There will be another news broadcast concerning another incident in Dennery. Let me go get the Chinese fan and some popcorn and eh tun!!!


    • I hear the crowing cock say "this has everything to do with what took place at Esteph***'s house. Wow, is this true?


      • The crow pay chew if u don't have nothing gud to say ull quick to add ull 2cents y dont u use sanitizer to clean ur brains before u type cooshoonee


    • St lucians always have to add their 2 cents ask Edmund Estephane to show the video where his colleague went to speak to his "vicious attackers"and he assaulted the rasta guy first then ull will added ull salt and pepper other than that pay chew zort if ull dont have nothing gud to type about an incident.


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