UPDATE: Man fatally shot by Ti Rocher shop owner identified

UPDATE: Man fatally shot by Ti Rocher shop owner identified

St. Lucia police have formally identified the male victim who was fatally shot during an alleged altercation at a shop in Ti Rocher, Micoud this morning, Oct. 30 as Andrew Nelson, aka Archie of Ti Rocher, Micoud.

Nelson was allegedly shot by the owner of the shop, who is also a licensed firearm holder, between 7:30 a.m. and 8 a.m.

The shop was opened for business at the time, sources said.

The shooting allegedly stemmed from an argument that turned physical between the two men. The argument was reportedly over items the deceased allegedly took from the shop without paying.

According to sources, the shop owner’s gun went off during the fight, injuring both him and the deceased. It is also alleged that the shop owner sustained a laceration to one of his hands during the tussle.

It is not clear if Nelson got hold of the gun and shot the owner during the fight but law enforcement sources confirmed that the shop owner sustained a gunshot wound.

The businessman’s condition is said to be stable, but our newsroom is unable to say at this time if charges will be filed against him.


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  1. Nowadays its like the OLD WEST Town OF Tombstone, at the O.K. Corral. One man dead,
    another wounded, after a verbal altercation and struggle, the Sheriff says he'll look into it,
    will get back to you later. Doc Holliday did perform autopsy [system loaded with drugs ].


  2. Oh well. As long as you have a firearm licensed or not you will feel empower to use it that's what you got it for. The mare fact that the firearm holder was shot by his own gun one can just assume their was a tussle. All he had to do was file a police report on items taken and not paid for to avoid confrontation. No that's too easy I have a gun so I will threaten his ass into paying instead.


    • You talking nonsense u don't know anything that happened! The deceased slapped the owner first an he was the one exciting himself. The owner took patience before he shot him.


    • The owner did allow him to leave with the unpaid items however he came back and attacked the owner.


    • What an irresponsible and arsinine rant of stupidity. The article has put forward a report of what allegedly happened but it is only an official inquiry in an open forum by those who are trained, that will determine the closest truth. People like you need to keep those unamusing tirades to yourself.


    • Learn how to spell. The word is:"mere"means smallest or slightest and not : "mare" which means a female horse.


  3. all of yall that like to disrespect people and their property yall will learn a lesson. yall like to take people things and dont pay for it and when people ask yall about the things or the money yall want to get on bad worst than the owner. yall like to make people work for yall and dont pay them or give them trouble to get their money. all of yall one day must learn.


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