UPDATE: Man caught with firearm and ammunition in Castries charged

UPDATE: Man caught with firearm and ammunition in Castries charged
Mc Cartney Beharry (Facebook photo)
Mc Cartney Beharry (Facebook photo)

(SNO) – Charges have been laid against a man who was caught with a Glock 40 pistol and seven rounds of ammunition.

Police said Mc Cartney Beharry, 32, who is from Bisée, Castries, was charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Reports are that Beharry, also known as ‘Mac,’ was the driver of a black Chevrolet motor vehicle that was stopped by police around 10 a.m. on High Street in Castries on Thursday, June 21.

The firearm and ammunition were found in the vehicle during a search by the lawmen.


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  1. Very cool n quiet guy. I'm sure he only has it for protection just like me. It's so hard for a poor man to get a legal firearm.


  2. Having read everything......have anyone noticed that pics of ppl ,their full names and aka's can be found on face book.and tied to an event or crime.but for some reason the murder which happened at Cap Estate, not one pic .not one aka.nothing. not even when the news is given.but when others xomit an offense regardless of the circumstances all information on the person.their lifestyle their affiliates.past or present place of employment is available. I don't know...just an observation!!!!


  3. Thats right. Arrest their cunts. All these and those with illegal weapons. These are the weapons who kill others. Sadd


  4. The comment section is in shambles today, goodness gracious! LOL
    But seriously, some of you guys need to enlighten yourselves with information and facts.
    We can't proceed to do or believe something, simply because this is how we think it should be.
    Laws are in place for a reason, it's how we survive in civility for the most part as a society.
    Some of these comments are just sad. We need to do better my people.


  5. What in the hell is going on in the comment section? First and foremost this did not happen in America. Secondly, St. Lucia is not part of the Bahamas. Thirdly, it's not a violation of his rights because he was carrying an unlicensed firearm and ammunition which is illegal. So what's the issue?


  6. Plain and simple for all you trigger happy constitutional rights claiming idiots...it was an illegal fiream and ammunition?Go back to America with retarted thoughts!!!Hence why your kids are more likely to be shot at school while trying to get an education by your claimed constitutional right gun possessing kids..How many have you had so far?Its ok I'll wait for a response.It is through those same constitutional rights that your people are being slaughtered on the daily..Yes your guns are not illegal but what a mess they have made...??


    • Wait you mean in schools that a resource officer didn't act or the fact the FBI didn't act knowing the person who committed the crimes was going to do something violent due to repeated reports? You have no clue on USA matters. Gun ownership isn't the problem, what is the problem that no one wants to blame since the 80's is the FBI. The FBI has failed many times over from Ruby ridge to Waco to every mass shooting in the fact they had the evidence to convict the person but didn't act till after the person carried out their violent crimes. Hell the parkland school resource officer was found to have sexually harassed one of the shooting victims but still kept his job.


    • How sad it is when your government has control over your life. How many people die at the hands of their government every day, all over the world? You have not felt freedom and liberty. You live in a world where you have to ask someone for permission to come to your aid I case of an assault on your oy your loved ones. The 2nd amendment comes with a price. I am willing to take the risk because I will go down fighting. Yes I carry a Glock everyday.


    • Yes they have. In the hands of evil men who have been taught that all that's good is evil and evil good by a run away culture of ungodlyness. The gun is a tool. It's the heart that kills. Box cutters and a killer heart ended just shy of 3 thousand lives on 9/11. Fuel , fertilizer and a desire to kill ended 168 ppls lives in Oklahoma city with that bomb. Righteous men and women had to use gun over 67, 700 times last year to protect themselves against evildoers. I have a pistol I've used for self defense for 5 years now . It's been loaded every second every day every in and out. It's never shot anyone. How bout we start blaming the liberal courts who stopped the death penalty which empowers criminals to kill knowing that the consequences of such evil is minimal. How bout we talk about the tax incentives for single minority moms which has increased single parent households in minority communities which in turn sees dramatic crime rises. How bout the fact that children get in trouble equally as much when they stand up to their bullies as the bullies themselves which pushes these kids into thoughts of extreme violence. Now do you want to discuss the flip side of gun control and how crime increases after gun control? Don't the Brits have a new campaign out now" save a life turn in your knife "? What's next ? Golf clubs, baseball bats, trees to get rid of limbs or smash down every rock to marble size? Of course you can put a handful of marbles in a tube sock and beat someone to death right smartly with that can't ya governor? But how do you stop a criminal with a gun? Club? Knife ? Sling shot? Rosary? Seems to me that the best way to do that is to shoot the bad guy. Now how about a army? How do you fight back against a government that is oppressive and genocidal? See that's what everyone whose not American doesn't understand. That's what the 2nd amendment is for. Maybe ya'll don't want to get it because we either A whipped ya ass getting our freedom or B you failed in your own revolution back when and are now ashamed to be reminded that we didn't! But its a dumb argument to blame a tool for what the craftsman produces.


    • Another idiot who has no idea of laws and how they work. The 2nd amendment of US Constitution doesn't guarantee the right to have guns. It guarantees the right to possess any tool that you can use to defend yourself from people who want to do harm. That includes a tyrannical government. It says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. It doesn't say the right to have a gun, or a rifle... it says arms... any and all.l, whether it's a stick, a knife, a handgun, or a freaking howitzer.
      If you want the government to tell you everything and anything you can and cannot do, then by all means, stay away from the US...


    • mine haven't I own 18 ,its the understanding of laws,and yes the 2nd amendment does guarantee,the right to own.a well regulated militia[,the people] being necessaryto the security of a free state,the the right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. pitch forks,muskets,knives .guns


  7. St. Lucia is NOT America! This was not a violation of American constitutional law because it didn't happen in America. Jesus! I love my guns as much as the next guy, but the American Constitution is not GLOBAL law. People need to start using their brain.


    • Finally, someone who has more than a second grade education responded to this article. I wonder what part of the US they think St Lucia is located, the Florida Keys?


  8. Jesus Christmas. He was caught with an un licensed firearm which is an offense. What is so hard to understand about this The law is the law.


  9. What was illegal about him having it? How stupid are these sheep talking about one less gun... There's more than 2 for every human in this nation, if your thought is to reduce qty you're lost beyond help.

    So far it sounds like an illegal search and seizure of a legal firearm, how about some real reporting for once!