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UPDATE: Husband of murdered British woman in police custody: police

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – Police officials have confirmed that the elderly male suspect in custody is actually the husband of a British woman who was killed in Cap Estate, Gros Islet on Tuesday afternoon, June 13, 2018.

Anna Mitchell, who is believed to be 60+, died on the spot after sustaining serious head injuries and a stab wound. A source said her head was “bashed in”.

It is alleged that Mitchell was killed during a domestic dispute with her husband, who is reported to be in his late 70s.

Emergency officials were notified of a “head trauma” incident at 4:51 p.m.

This is the 16th homicide for the year.

The couple were known to rent apartments.

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  1. To those of you posting comments who claim to know these people - have some respect. How dare you think it’s ok to air about their marriage if you did know them you’d know she was private and her husband was her world. None of you were there so none of you can comment on what happened nor what mental state either of them were in. And you to imbociles who keep Ranting about if he was a local black man or if he was poor HE WAS BLACK HE WAS DOMINICAN AND THEY WERE POOR again have some decorum and respect and think outside of the box of her REAL family and REAL friends reading this madness! A woman has died we’ve lost 2 people we love and your worried about reputation of St Lucia? KISS MY Butt! This incident happened 2 days ago and already people who claim to be her friend are bad mouthing a situation they know nothing about. So if you wanna Leave comments and pay your respects please go ahead but keep your disrespectful rubbish to yourself. Heaven forbid you never have to read comments like this about someone you love. And for the record we’ve known her over 40 years

    • My dear,
      My best advice to you is to IGNORE those bad minds out there. My grandmother always used to say that the two times in ones life you hear the most LIES is when one gets married and when one dies. People always seems to think that they know your business more than you. They always know what goes on in a marriage more than the coupme. You knew who your friend was and you lived and cared for each other and that's all that matters. Give your self time to grieve. You're in shock, and you still can't believe or understand what has happened. One day you will be able to remember her with a smile on your face. Remember all the happy times and MEMORIES you guys shared. FORGET these IGNORANT, USELESS HYPOCRITES. All they want is their fifteen minutes of fame and They don't care how they achieve it.
      My Sincere Condolences to you. God Bless and take Care.

  2. the news says it was her husband who killed her so if we read the news carefully we will know who the murder is and i thought he was from dominica now im hearing from st lucia , ppl if you dont know the name please add a pic on here i will need to see who he is

  3. Haha! You St Lucians are funny.

  4. please show some respect. the lack of mental health awareness and support on the island is part of the problem. i see all comments but i wonder if ya'll say it to my face or just busy bad minding..... its ok im watching.

  5. If was a local black man he wouldn't have dimentia

    • Bite your Tongue! Who tell you what you saying, Nonsense! I know them personal, The man is a Black Lucian man with dread locks! Keep race out of this. He was ill and abusive!

      • Thank you. He abused her for over 50 years.

        • Mind Ya Business

          Antony I'm seeing this and she is too. She was very good to you and you do this. You have no honour!!! You didn't even know her that long.... Kmt nice first impression I have she would be ashamed.

      • Hello Concerned lady. Have you got any more information on this murder? I live in Essex and I am wondering whether the couple is friends of mine I met in St Lucia a few years ago.

        Can you fill me in with a bit more, please? I would appreciate this very much. I am worried and have been calling around but no one seems to know. No one is willing to assist me. I am reading this blog to find out more.

        Thank you - Do leave a message here for me, please.

      • Mind Ya Business

        Get info from family. Find then leave Bad MIND people alone.


  6. Stop making excuses for these ppl when when they do their crap if was a poor man he wouldn't have dimentia or any other sickness smh

  7. People wait until yall know more details before judging. The man suffered from dementia. Search for demetia patients killing and you will realise that these people do these things and are not even aware of what they are doing

  8. Mhew men

  9. Shame! Just so?

  10. What is the jackass name? I need to know ,they can say the victims name however it's hard for them to murders name


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