UPDATE: Hummingbird Air plane veered off runway, SLASPA says in official release

UPDATE: Hummingbird Air plane veered off runway, SLASPA says in official release

planePRESS RELEASE – The Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority (SLASPA) wishes to confirm at approximately 8:46 AM on Sunday, November 8, 2015, a BE99 Aircraft of Hummingbird Air encountered difficulty upon landing at the George F.L. Charles Airport, causing the aircraft to veer off the runway towards the southern edge into the grassy area.

At the time of the incident the pilot in command was the only occupant of the aircraft and no injuries were reported.

Upon completion of the investigation by the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority (ECCAA), SLASPA will be provided with an official report of the incident and will subsequently provide an official update.
Persons scheduled to travel out of George F.L. Charles Airport today are asked to contact their respective airlines for more information.

The Authority wishes to advise that although the runway is currently closed, the airport remains open to serve customers. SLASPA apologizes for any inconvenience caused to the travelling public.


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  1. This is SLASPA at its best screwing up. This minor incident took place at 8.45am today, it is now 6.54pm and this LIGHT aircraft is still on the runway. The most ridiculous thing took place two hours after the planes undercarriage collapsed, (and just for reference this is not a plane crash) some bright idiot cordoned off the plane with caution tape with traffic cones. Really!!!!! In a secure environment on a runway?.
    SLASPA get your act together and stop being a laughing stock. The idiots who pass for engineers managers etc are good for minding people's private business and hindering the progress of others and the country. The person who could have removed this aircraft in record time to have GFL Charles opened had a similar incident and SLASPA chose to sever ties with that individual than build a better relationship with them.
    One would say an investigation has to take place, rubbish, a collapsed landing gear does not take 10 hours to ascertain and write a report. It is not an uncommon occurrence.
    All this for the jealousy of $1.00


    • Well said who ever you are,sounds like myself writing this comment, yes they are all a waste of time there,spent years wasting time and calling it work, and they make no positive improvements over the past 40years or so I've been around the airports, and I've had my fair share of disagreements with them and some their stupidity, but nothing will change,they block each other's promotion with envy, then wait to retire collect a pension from the Government, waste of time they are.


  2. Will flights scheduled to land at or depart from Vigie be diverted to Hewanorra in the interim?
    Here's your real time/real life opportunity SLASPA to simulate the single-airport-for-Saint Lucia recommendation where the G.F.L. Charles Airport is permanently closed.


    • i must agree the island has two airports divert the flight to UVF airport, jeez slaspa use your head


    • It is not profitable for planes to land at VF. The airlines are at a lost if they drop off passengers at VF whilst all their departing passengers might still be in Castries. Also there is a lot of logistics involved on the airlines part. Aviation is a very funny industry with strict regulations. Its not so easy for a airline to divert its plane and passengers.


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